Bsod after playing demanding games for a while

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       20 Sep 2017 #51

    The basic thing is after a time things go wrong a classic sign of something overheating. Which you say does not happen running the iGPU.
    You can still damage a GPU and shorten it's lifetime by too high a temperature for long periods of time within ratings. A lot of cards over run Graphics memory chips and the GPU. If those components are not specially selected then damage is more likely.

    Like I said, underclock or under run at 50% GPU usage, or something and see what happens. That is just about all you can do.

    Graphic Cards contain billions of components so there is no way of a user isolating the problem within that Card.

    You would like to think you have not damaged it, sure, but that is just wishful thinking.
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  2.    20 Sep 2017 #52

    If I knew 100% sure it would be the GPU I would replace it, but since I'm not sure yet and tests aren't showing anything faulty or broken, I'm just not sure. If it's overheating, and I got the max amount of case fans, then what can I do ?

    I do know that there are 2 kind of fans. Static Pressure and Air Flow. Static Presure blows harder which is good to have against components like a CPU cooler? I've a feeling that my only exit fan is a Static Pressure, while my 2 intakes are iirc Air Flow.

    Would it be advised to change certain fans? Like a air flow ones in the back so it can get air out faster?
    Also turning the PSU fan downward would maybe help a little? I'm not sure if there are any experts here for what fan to use to improve airflow etc? I could make some screenshots and maybe you have advise for me on that ?

    If I'm certain that it's solved, then I could start looking to buy a new GPU. The only games that have this issue so far were Life is Feudal and Ark Survival Evolved which both require alot for my GPU. Maybe buying the 1060 with 6GB memory and replace the 960 with 4GB would solve it as 4GB might just not be enough for those 2 games to process it all ?
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       21 Sep 2017 #53

    As Prime95 crashes I'd guess there is a likely chance the CPU is bad. 0x124 & 0x101 combination has often resulted in a bad CPU.
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  4.    21 Sep 2017 #54

    Not sure if it helps but everytime I shut down my pc after it's been on for several hours, I get a crash message for a split second.
    I believe it contained several 0's in the code but it's too fast to read. I will try and remember to make a video of it so I can read it.

    Purchase isn't that long ago, so if it's the CPU I should still be able to get a new one from the warranty.

    According my components should work without issues together. But is there a change that the CPU ( since it's quite new on the market ) is too good for the motherboard or anything ? Specs are on my profile.
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       21 Sep 2017 #55

    They work together as in they are compatible, but we're talking about a faulty part.

    'Too good' is something that doesn't exist with hardware, it either fits or doesn't.
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  6.    21 Sep 2017 #56

    So currently we expect the CPU or GPU to be faulty. Only 1 test failed which was a CPU test. Before I contact the shop, I will give the crash code that I get when I close my pc (will hopefully be tomorrow morning). It might give some valueable information.

    Edit 24/9/17: So far, the issue with closing the pc hasn't happened. Will keep trying.
    I also got a bsod while playing For Honor for less then 2 hours. This only happened twice now with this game while I've been playing it daily for a few months.
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  7.    24 Sep 2017 #57

    After recording me closing my pc for the last couple of days, I've finally managed to make a screenshot from the error popup given when closing my pc which hopefully confirms your diagnostics:

    "As Prime95 crashes I'd guess there is a likely chance the CPU is bad. 0x124 & 0x101 combination has often resulted in a bad CPU."

    The attachment is in Dutch, but a rough translation would be:

    explorer.exe - application error

    The instructions on 0x00007FFB16C6DED4 refers to memory on 0x00007FFAEEEF2DB8. The memory cannot be read.

    Press OK if you want to close the program.

    Does this confirm any issues on the CPU ?
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       24 Sep 2017 #58

    It doesn't confirm issues with the CPU, such messages could be caused by many things including but not limited to hardware (in 1 word), drivers and programs.
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  9.    24 Sep 2017 #59

    axe0 said: View Post
    As Prime95 crashes I'd guess there is a likely chance the CPU is bad. 0x124 & 0x101 combination has often resulted in a bad CPU.
    The error I got, that code, does fall between/on/around the combinations you said here? (Sorry, I don't understand pc's that far with combinations). So as you said, often results in a bad CPU? Not 100% sure but most likely. Anyways, I've contacted the shop today for warranty and hope to have a respond soon. If the bsod's still happen afterward I might buy a new GPU as well.
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       25 Sep 2017 #60

    The register of the CPU holding the address that contains the instructions has simply a bad pointer, probably something using a bad pointer that provided the CPU with this instruction.

    0x124 = hardware error detected by a core of the CPU while the core was running instructions
    0x101 = core hang
    Hope you see it now :)
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