Windows 10: BSOD MACHINE_CHECK_EXCEPTION during every game

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  1.    13 Oct 2017 #61

    Is this is?

    Like I said I dont really have a way to back up everything to other storage devices. Also, how would I check for bluescreens with only windows installed? It only happens with certain games and applications like furmark, basically demanding applications?
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    windows 10 professional version 1607 build 14393.969 64 bit
       13 Oct 2017 #62

    In the bios there should be information about the 3.5, 5, and 12 voltages.
    PSU - Test DC Output Voltage - Windows 7 Help Forums
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  3.    13 Oct 2017 #63

    This should be it
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  4.    14 Oct 2017 #64

    So am I gonna need to get some external hard drives or something to back everything up and then do tests or what should I do
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    windows 10 professional version 1607 build 14393.969 64 bit
       14 Oct 2017 #65

    These are some options:
    1) backup all important files to another drive (now and in the future)
    2) backup all important files to the cloud (now and in the future)
    3) make a backup image of the drive using Macrium: (now and in the future)
    Macrium Software | Macrium Reflect Free
    4) place the backup image onto another drive (now and in the future)
    5) create a restore point (in the future when all of the troubleshooting is completed)

    The above steps are useful in case you get failure too boot, unexpected upgrade problems, and malware such as ransomware.

    For troubleshooting if you can clean install Windows most of the confound factors will be removed and the hardware with minimal software can be better evaluated.

    The alternative is to use the computer in safe mode for a significant period of time to see if you do or don't get bsod or other problems.

    With the clean install 'vanilla type" method there needs to be time to evaluate the stability or instability (without any updates, with updates of Microsoft drivers, with Microsoft updates of non-Microsoft drivers, slowly installing drivers, hardware testing, etc.)
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  6.    14 Oct 2017 #66

    Ahhh this is a really horrible situation. I was really hoping the bad RAM was the reason for it. What is strange though is that with just the 1 RAM inside, the BSOD are far less frequent, I only had 1 since. While with both inside, it was happening multiple times a day. Now it just happened with GTA 5 but games where it happened all the time are fine now. I might need to get an IT guy or something because this is far above my capabilities.
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  7.    24 Nov 2017 #67

    I backed up important stuff to google drive and reinstalled windows
    I started copying some stuff back from google drive and when I downloaded my "Documents" folder the PC froze (cursor and everything) and I had to reset which is the first time that happened while not gaming. I deleted that folder, could it be something in there? Or is it more likely a faulty piece of hardware. I didnt even install any drivers back yet
    EDIT: Freezes are happening as often as ever while gaming, even after the reinstall. I wish I knew which PC part to replace at least
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    windows 10 professional version 1607 build 14393.969 64 bit
       24 Nov 2017 #68

    If you can back up all of the files onto another drive and make a backup image then you can start with a "vanilla type" clean install.
    This will be a clean install without windows updates.
    If there are no bsod, freezes, display artifacts, temperature problems then move to windows updates.
    So far there are only Windows installations of non-Microsoft drivers.
    Then monitoring for a period of time to observe stability or instability 1 driver is added.
    Then after a period of time the 2nd driver is added.
    This can take 2 weeks to look for stability / instability /freezing /display artifacts, temperature problems etc.
    If the vanilla installation still has freezes then it will be part removal to look for the malfunctioning component.
    If you can perform a "vanilla type" clean install this may produce the needed information.
    The time period is important to be able to monitor stability / instability.
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  9.    25 Nov 2017 #69

    I dont know what a vanilla install is. I went into reset this PC and remove everything. I got a freeze before I even installed anything.
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  10.    25 Nov 2017 #70

    After this reset it is happening much more often, even with games that arent demanding at all. I would post the zip file with logs but dm_log_collector isnt working for me now, it says that it created the zip file on my desktop but it didnt.
    The common theme between these Blue screens is that google chrome is on in the background, Ill try not using it for a while
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