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    windows 10 professional version 1607 build 14393.969 64 bit
       28 Aug 2017 #61

    The Memtest86 and the Memtest86+ version 5.01 have produced conflicting results.
    So you need to perform testing to differentiate faulting RAM from good RAM.
    The problem are false negatives.
    The Memtest86 has found faulty RAM.
    Each of the software has different algorithms for RAM testing.
    It is impossible to test all RAM with 1 software as some part of the RAM has to always be in use to keep the system functioning.
    Switch now from Memtest86+ testing to Memtest86 testing as this software found faulty RAM.
    Memtest86 found errors when all RAM modules were tested at 1 time.
    So test each RAM module 1 at a time in the same DIMM for 8 or more passes using Memtest86.
    This is by process of elimination.
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  2.    28 Aug 2017 #62

    When I ran memtest86 I had all the ram modules in because I didn't realize I was supposed to do it one at a time.

    i ran it one at time when I got memtest86+
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  3.    28 Aug 2017 #63

    Is it possible that the first round of testing was faulty due to the fact that I A) was using the wrong version of the software and B) had all the ram in at the time?

    ive tested every stick and every slot with the proper software and found zero errors so is it possible the first software is just faulty
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    windows 10 professional version 1607 build 14393.969 64 bit
       28 Aug 2017 #64

    The RAM testing is always done first with all RAM in the DIMMs unless there is 32 or 64 or 128 GB of RAM. With testing at 1 - 2 hours / GB RAM it could be 1 week without use of the computer. In these cases we test 16 GB at one time. There is single and dual channel motherboards/RAM so testing 2 RAM at the same time in these cases allows this dual channel to be tested.

    If RAM fails when testing multiple modules the malfunctioning RAM module or DIMM needs to be found. We then test 1 RAM module at a time to differentiate good from bad RAM. If the RAM pass when tested 1 at a time we then look for DIMM / Motherboard problems.

    The Memtest86+ testing found no problems with the RAM. The testing was done for 8 passes. Malfunctioning RAM is sometimes not found until passes in the 20's are done.

    The Memtest testing found errors when all 4 RAM modules were tested at 1 time. So now Memtest testing will be used to see which of the RAM modules or which of the DIMM produced the errors.

    For testing that will be testing 1 RAM module at a time in the same DIMM. If all RAM pass when tested 1 at a time the RAM will be moved to the remaining 3 DIMMs to perform testing just link you had already performed with Memtest86+.

    So when the testing is completed for each there will be RAM testing for all RAM modules tested simultaneously, all RAM modules tested 1 at a time in the same DIMM, and all DIMM tested 1 at a time with the same RAM module.

    Hopefully this testing will differentiate good from bad RAM. We are looking for an explanation of the Memtest displaying errors in the first image that you posted into the thread.
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  5.    28 Aug 2017 #65

    Okay so I turned on the test and I noticed that at the bottom of the screen it says pass 1/4.

    it appears this testing software won't allow for 8 passes unless it just keeps going after it hits 4 of course
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    windows 10 professional version 1607 build 14393.969 64 bit
       28 Aug 2017 #66

    When it completes that is fine.
    Please post an image of each result.
    There is a lot of testing ahead to find the faulty RAM or DIMM or Motherboard.
    If you find faulty RAM when tested 1 at a time then we will be making significant progress.
    If the testing does not detect faulty RAM when tested 1 at a time the next step will be to test the dual channel capability.
    The RAM can be OK when tested 1 at a time.
    Each DIMM can be OK for single channel but faulty for dual channel.
    So after Memtest86 testing of 1 RAM at a time the next step will be dual channel testing.
    For dual channel capability you will test 2 RAM modules at the same time and when the testing is completed you will rotate the 2 RAM modules in the same 2 DIMMs.
    If that does not produce the errors then move the same RAM modules to the next 2 DIMM and repeat the rotation if there is no errors then keep 1 RAM in place and move the other RAM back to 1 of the previously tested DIMM.
    There are multiple combinations. The testing will be by trial and error to find the faulty combination.
    It will be very important to keep track of each RAM and each DIMM tested and each DIMM that was not tested by the combinations.
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  7.    28 Aug 2017 #67

    Attachment 150869

    Okay test one finished and said press any button to view summery, this is the summery.

    next stick is being tested now
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    windows 10 professional version 1607 build 14393.969 64 bit
       28 Aug 2017 #68

    Okay keep track of which RAM was tested 1 by in 1 in the same DIMM.
    Once the 4 tests are completed for the 4 RAM and the 1 DIMM the combinations will be harder to keep track off.
    If you find faulty RAM when testing 1 at a time that will be significant progress.
    If not then move onto combination testing.
    Please use easy to mark tape to place on the RAM and number the DIMM so that the combinations are able to be documented.
    Once you start the combination testing it can be the following:
    RAM 1 RAM 2 RAM 3 RAM 4

    RAM 1 and RAM 2 in DIMM 1 and DIMM 2
    RAM 1 and RAM 2 in DIMM 3 and DIMM 4
    RAM 1 and RAM 2 in DIMM 1 and DIMM 3
    RAM 1 and RAM 2 in DIMM 1 and DIMM 4
    RAM 1 and RAM 2 in DIMM 2 and DIMM 3
    RAM 1 and RAM 2 in DIMM 2 and DIMM 4

    The above should capture the errors.
    If not then you will test all 4 RAM again simultaneously to get a printed report.
    Then other combinations of RAM and DIMM can be made if needed.
    It's a trial and error testing.
    Unfortunately time consuming.
    At least some of it can be done while you are sleeping.
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  9.    29 Aug 2017 #69

    I'm going to finish testing tomorrow, so far the only thing that shows errors is when all 4 sticks are plugged in.

    i was looking around online and from what I've found it seems that could point to bad settings as the individual slots and sticks don't throw any errors?

    is it possible that when I replaced the hard drive some settings got changed? Or is it possible to be caused by the apparently outdated bio bios?

    ill obviously finish testing first but I was just curious if you thought that was possible as when I test with one or two sticks it shows zero errors, heck when I tested with all 4 stick in on memtest86+ it still showed zero errors so I don't understand why it is that a different version of the exact same software would show errors with all 4 sticks in when the other version didn't.

    the ram has never been replaced or touched, never had any issues with it or any errors to suggest it was having problems, in fact up until last month when the hard drive failed the tower had never had any problems at all.
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    windows 10 professional version 1607 build 14393.969 64 bit
       29 Aug 2017 #70

    The tools are different. They are different software.
    They have part of the name, memtest86 in common but they have different algorithms.

    In order to get faster working RAM the older single channel was changed to dual channel and higher.

    So when the RAM is tested 1 at a time it is only testing the single channel.

    It takes testing 2 or more RAM at the same time to evaluate the dual channel.

    So in order to find the problem the optimal testing method needs to be applied.

    If you had not accidentally ran memtest86 instead of memtest86+ we would be doing other things and thinking that there was no RAM / DIMM /MB problem.

    So if you eventually find out that the RAM / DIMM / MB are problematic it was your luck in choosing the other software.
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