BSOD new build while graphic intensive

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    BSOD new build while graphic intensive

    Good day everyone,

    Last wednesday i got all my pc parts together and build it, when booted it
    worked perfectly. Installed windows and Nvidia drivers (first.. then motherboard.. yes perhaps its stupid)
    didnt do much on it, just happy it worked.

    Thursday i bought battlefield 1 and played it online with some friends. Still my pc worked perfectly, played for atleast 2 hours straight without any problem whatsoever.

    Well then, things started. Friday i woke up, booted my pc and it didnt work anymore. What happened
    is that it was in a reboot loop. It started, no screen and no bios screen. Leds on the fans go on, the msi
    logo and leds from the gpu went on. The fan on the cpu went on. But the boot took like 2-4 seconds and
    restarted. And it kept going on and off. Note though, the ez debugging tool flashed on cpu, then to dram and back to cpu very quickly and went off. When i got home i took my second ram and reseated it, and for some reason my pc could boot again and windows worked.

    As far as i can see, the temps are great, 65c max on GPU (on furmark 1080p 4x msaa in about 6 minutes, fans go harder so it stayed most of the time like that. CPU with afterburner was max 60 i have seen.

    Now, when i play games like BF1 i can play for like 3 minutes and i got BSODs, all different errors. The weird part is, sometimes it actually still works. i had 3 times i could just played again for 2 hours straight without any problems at all. When i restart my pc (off and 2 hours later on) it has the same problem. I thought perhaps it only is with BF1 but also with games like Planet Coaster. NOTE: When the pc doesnt BSOD the game auto sets everything on high, when PC does BSOD, it is set to medium?

    I just used furmark to stress my GPU, and i got bsod in like 1 minute, when i do furmark now (while typing) it doesnt and just finishes a benchmark. Also when i got bsoded with furmark and restarted the pc (it froze) it immidiatly got bsod when windows loaded up.

    Things i have done:
    Deinstalled MSI afterburner
    Reseated everything (apart from CPU i have no spare paste)
    DDU and reinstalled graphics drivers
    Turned off (on startup) Realtek audio drivers
    Used different sort of usb slots
    checked if everything is connected correctly and firm in pc
    memory check (from windows) no problems
    did a bios update (as it would help with memory)
    repaired games
    used ccleaner to clean registry

    I have no clue what to do, maybe the dump files and other stuff will help you out.


    EDIT: just ran memtest86+, already 92672 errors. Going to test rams in each slot now
    EDIT2: the errors were both ram installed, slot 2 and 4 (what manual says) testing both rams in 4th slot (because of the problems on friday and when i reseated that ram in slot 4 it worked again) when both pass in 4th slot more then 8 i do check in 2nd slot Both.
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    windows 10 professional version 1607 build 14393.969 64 bit

    Hi iDemor,

    The debugging has indicated memory as you have found.
    The logs are in a foreign language. I am unable to read them. If possible please repost using English.
    When evaluating memory run memtest86+ version 5.01 for at least 8 runs with one ram in slot one. Keep testing each ram in slot one. This may take hours so plan to run it overnight.
    Memtest86+ - Advanced Memory Diagnostic Tool
    For the ram tests please use the snipping tool to post images into the chat. You must be able to differentiate RAM problems vs dim/mobo. Once the ram one by one is tested in dim one you can retest the ram in dim two etc. Its the process of elimination. And then test combination of ram. But if one ram displays any errors plan to replace it.
    The troubleshooting so far is limited as I was unable to read the logs. Again if it is possible please repost in English.
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    Thank you for responding,

    Yesterday i quick tested the ram, together in the slots that the manual says. 2 rams in slot 2 and 4 gives me a ton of errors. Now im testing both stick separate, 1 stick gives me errors on 2nd pass (about 2500+ errors, then it freezes) in slot 4, im going to test the other stick in the same slot to see if its the mobo or stick. But i need to do it all again cause my girlfriend maybe switched them (they were laying on a piece of wood, didnt touch the gold plates thankfully) i will post results when i have them.
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    Im kinda stuck tbh.. problem is, when i putt ram 2 in slot 4, it 2 times immediatly errors (first time test 9 1 error, second time test 8 192 errors) but when i put it in slot 2 it works perfectly fine (5 pass stille running now). When i put ram 1 in slot 2 OR 4 it also works.. so i cant find the problem if stick or slot..
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    windows 10 professional version 1607 build 14393.969 64 bit

    How many ram slots are available to check? Just 2 and 4?
    Ram 2 in slot 4 there were errors.
    Ram 2 in slot 2 no errors.
    Ram 1 in slot 2 or slot 4 no errors.
    If you ignore all passes < 8 runs what are the results?
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    Sorry for being little bit confusing.
    Ram 2 was the ram that got my pc in a reboot loop (see opening post) i tested them both 8 passes in slot 2 and 4. Everything clean except for errors with ram 2 in slot 4. But just a hour ago i tested Both rams in slot 4 again and Both got errors. Im playing bf1 for 1 hour now in slot 1 and 3. No problems so far. Guess its the slot 4. Going to return the mobo tomorrow. Hopefully it stats like this
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