Windows 10: BSOD ntfs.sys and ntoskrnl.exe crashing (System Service Exception)

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  1.    04 Jun 2017 #1

    BSOD ntfs.sys and ntoskrnl.exe crashing (System Service Exception)


    The story so far of my problem can be found here:

    Tl;dr: got a brand new PC, crashing constantly, at the moment I'm on the clean installation of Windows 10 Pro N and haven't touched anything installation-wise. Still crashing. Installed just a few of troubleshooting programs from the linked thread.

    I'll also most likely switch to the standard edition, so clean reinstall is inevitable. Not that I have anything to lose anyway.

    Thank you in advance.
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       04 Jun 2017 #2

    Hi Juteee,

    Welcome to the 10forums :)

    I'd recommend to remove all RAM sticks except for 1, for testing purpose. The tests we recommend for RAM testing takes days to finish with 32GB.

    The first things I would suggest are
    - a BIOS update, a quick look shows improved system stability in either of the updates.
    ROG MAXIMUS IX HERO | Motherboards | ASUS Global

    - a RAM test, the BSODs are caused by a memory access violation.
    - Driver verifier, all stacks and instructions are similar which would point to a bad driver.
    A driver is trying to compare data from the registry, due to the memory violation the system crashes.

    BSOD ntfs.sys and ntoskrnl.exe crashing (System Service Exception) Diagnostic Test BSOD ntfs.sys and ntoskrnl.exe crashing (System Service Exception)

    Run MemTest86+ to analyse your RAM. MemTest86+ - Test RAM - Windows 10 Forums

    Note   Note

    MemTest86+ needs to be run for at least 8 complete passes for conclusive results. Set it running before you go to bed and leave it overnight. We're looking for zero errors here. Even a single error will indicate RAM failure.

    Make a photo of the result and post it.

    If errors show up you can stop the test, remove all sticks but 1 and test this single stick in each slot for 8 passes or until errors show, switch sticks and repeat.
    If errors show up and you see them a lot later, no problem, the errors don't affect the test.

    BSOD ntfs.sys and ntoskrnl.exe crashing (System Service Exception) Diagnostic Test BSOD ntfs.sys and ntoskrnl.exe crashing (System Service Exception)

    warning   Warning
    Please make a backup of your important files and get your rescue media or create one.
    Please create a restore point.

    Please follow this tutorial to run driver verifier.

    Driver verifier stresses your drivers and will crash your pc if any driver fails due to a violation.

    Driver verifier should be performed for a max of 48 hours, or when you have a bluescreen, whatever comes first.

    If driver verifier has found a violation and you can't get back into windows normally, try to boot into safe mode and reset in safe mode driver verifier, or in the troubleshooting options open command prompt and type verifier /reset.

    Note   Note
    Your system will act very sluggishly while driver verifier is enabled, this is normal as your drivers will be being subjected to heavy testing in order to make them crash.
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  3.    04 Jun 2017 #3

    Hi axe0!

    Thank you for the warm welcome and thank you for responding!

    I had already started the MemTest86+ right after I posted here, since I figured from the other posts that you'll likely ask me to do that, which led me to a new problem which I previously thought was due to crashes. So... yes, the process was taking quite a while and all that, so I turned off the monitor as to not risk burn-ins or such. Few minutes later, when I went to check up on it, I turned the monitor on and it wouldn't display anything cause it wasn't receiving any signal from the motherboard. As I mentioned, this thing happened before, but I thought it was cause PC crashed while I was gone and was stuck in some loop or something. I doubt it crashed during MemTest86+ since the program itself says it uses nothing but RAM for the test, and I saw quite a few of those monitor threads around. That obviously presents a problem cause how am I going to check up how the test is going if I can't even make it to display information on the monitor. I'm going to install BIOS update now and wait for your answer.

    Also, I'd appreciate if you could explain a bit further how you want me to test the RAM? Just one stick once, one stick per slot, each stick per slot (which is 16 times), or one stick per slot plus the rest of them once (which seems the most logical one, provided they all work normally)?

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    I was thinking about the one stick before I thought about the memory test, when I added the memory test I forgot to edit the one stick part

    Normally when I suggest to remove all but one stick, it is because the user doesn't have the amount of time required to run the test with all sticks, so to make it easier the user removes all but one stick and runs the test a few times when possible.
    If you have the time for it, you can ignore the part about the one stick. I, however, would recommend it to test the RAM individually at times that fits you best, i.e. each stick a night for a few nights.

    It frequently occurs that the test takes some time longer than I mentioned, 8-10h for 8GB and about a day for 16GB. Several posts show that it could take sometimes twice as long. The more RAM the longer it could take so 32GB could take 2-4 days. To reduce time a little I recommend to run it like described a few lines above.

    Did you see any light coming from the system, any signal that the system's online and running the test?
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  5.    04 Jun 2017 #5

    Yes. I mean, I have a case with a window and an RGB circus inside, so it's really hard not to notice. Even more so, the power button takes a few seconds to shut down while in windows, but while in bios, it shuts down instantly. That's what it did for me. Every time before the test, it would take few seconds. When it happened during the test, it shut down immediately, so... I guess computer was still running in every one of those cases.

    Edit: I just installed the standard version (not the N one), and as far as I can tell, the monitor works properly now. Tested it on the 2 minute sleep timer.
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       04 Jun 2017 #6

    This is something that doesn't have to be done immediately, but afterwards the test :)

    Please fill in your system specs
    Please follow this tutorial and download the tool. The tool will give you detailed information about your system specs, please fill in your system specs more completely including PSU, cooling and other used stuff like mouse, keyboard, monitor, case, etc.
    The PSU, cooling and other stuff are NOT mentioned in the tool.

    In the left corner below in your post you find 'My System Specs'. After clicking it you can find a link a little below that says 'Update your System Spec', click on this link to get to the page where you can fill in your system specs.

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  7.    04 Jun 2017 #7

    So I started the MemTest again, and as soon as I turn off the monitor and turn it on again, the signal is gone. Is there any way to check for results after reboot or should I first do something about the monitor before running any tests?
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       04 Jun 2017 #8

    There are no logs saved after exiting the test.

    Where is your computer located?
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  9.    04 Jun 2017 #9

    My bedroom. Why?

    I'm just concerned about image retention, 'tis all. I lowered the brightness and contrast.
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       04 Jun 2017 #10

    Don't worry about it :)
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