Clock Watch Dog Timeout 0x00000101: 0x010; 0x00; 0x00b; and more Solved

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  1.    04 Jun 2017 #11

    Finally! A day off!! Sorry for the lag in reply. Mandatory overtime is not fun.

    Attached is today's log.

    I did perform everything in BSODHunter's post. Also uninstalled AI suit that was an older program for the Asus motherboard. Only kept Corsair Link to monitor water flow for CPU and EVGA precision to keep an eye on my video card. Everything seemed good for a bit, but the BSOD's are back. Experienced a few with normal web surfing and more so during gaming.

    So unless any of you see anything in these logs, I will start looking at my OC'ing. Maybe windows 10 just isn't happy with older components and OC'ing? Starting to miss my windows 7 days hah.

    Attachment 138040
    Attachment 138039
    Attachment 138041
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  2.    04 Jun 2017 #12

    So your CPU is overclcocked?
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  3.    04 Jun 2017 #13

    BSODHunter said: View Post
    So your CPU is overclcocked?
    Yes. It's a standard overclock profile in the bios of the Asus rampge IV extreme mobo.

    Memory is running at 2400 and processor is overclocked to 4.7. I have it water cooled and temps stay low even under load.

    Maybe windows 10 does not like the voltage or just the fact it's overclocked in general.

    Other possibility is the cpu is getting weak or unstable from being overclocked for so long. Always have had it water cooled and low temps. No issues before windows 10.

    I'll try stepping it down toknight and see what happens over the next few days.

    If it's the cpu, might just be a good enough excuse to update to the new Intel I9 or try out AMD'S Threadripper CPU
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  4.    05 Jun 2017 #14

    So after some tinkering with my cpu settings, I think I figured out what the issue was.

    Reset cpu back to stock and everything seemed ok. I slowly tried to increase clock speed, voltage etc until I ran into the same BSOD'S.

    I eventually realized that at my highest and normally stable clock speed of 4.7Ghz was causing the BSOD'S. What I had not take into account was cpu degradation. I have been running this cpu overclocked at it 4.7Ghz for a while now. I didn't think I would need to increase the voltage in order to keep the cpu stable / get the same amount of work I was getting at a lower voltage before.

    CPU is obviously showing signs of age. I for see a INTEL I-9 or the Threadripper with its 64 PCIE express lanes.

    Thank you all for your time and help in narrowing my problem down.

    Wish windows 10 had a better way / description of cpu stability issues than clock watch dog.
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  5. axe0's Avatar
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       05 Jun 2017 #15

    Something for in the future
    • 0x101 = increase vcore
    • 0x124 = increase/decrease QPI/VTT first, if not increase/decrease vcore...have to test to see which one it is on i7 45nm, usually means too little VVT/QPI for the speed of Uncore on i7 32nm SB, usually means too little vCore
    • 0x0A = unstable RAM/IMC, increase QPI first, if that doesn't work increase vcore
    • 0x1A = Memory management error. It usually means a bad stick of Ram. Test with Memtest or whatever you prefer. Try raising your Ram voltage
    • 0x1E = increase vcore
    • 0x3B = increase vcore
    • 0x3D = increase vcore
    • 0xD1 = QPI/VTT, increase/decrease as necessary, can also be unstable Ram, raise Ram voltage
    • 0x9C = QPI/VTT most likely, but increasing vcore has helped in some instances
    • 0x50 = RAM timings/Frequency or uncore multi unstable, increase RAM voltage or adjust QPI/VTT, or lower uncore if you're higher than 2x
    • 0x109 = Not enough or too Much memory voltage
    • 0x116 = Low IOH (NB) voltage, GPU issue (most common when running multi-GPU/overclocking GPU)
    • 0x7E = Corrupted OS file, possibly from overclocking. Run sfc /scannow and chkdsk /r

    From Common BSOD Error Code List for Overclocking - Community
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  6.    28 Aug 2017 #16

    Can you provide us with the kernel memory dump please? Its located in C:\Windows\MEMORY.DMP.
    You can upload it to an cloud service like dropbox or onedrive.
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       28 Aug 2017 #17

    Windows error reporting displayed these as either or both faulting applications and problem signatures.

    Please uninstall all of these during the troubleshooting process.

    For any that you must have please reinstall.

    Please indicate in the thread which ones you were able to completely uninstall and which ones were reinstalled.

    1) PrecisionX_x64.exe
    EVGA - Software - EVGA PrecisionX 16

    2) SaitekMagicBus\SaitekKeyboard

    3) USBPRINT\EPSONWF-3640_Series37C4

    4) CorsairLink4.Service
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