Windows 10: BSOD random restarts on new hardware, error 0x00000124 Solved

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       21 May 2017 #21

    Yes, that's right. My PC went to sleep mode and woke up updated. I have no idea how did that happen. Didn't know that it wipes out the dump files... I managed to restore 4 minidumps that were saved here and there (attached). In the previous post I mentioned that the Log Collector gathered information after the system was updated.

    I did In/place large FFT (on the screenshot in the previous post) for three hours and blend test for around two hours.

    Isn't 30 MHz just a normal deviation? I could try disabling turbo though.
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  2.    21 May 2017 #22

    Yes it's normal, but disabling the turbo would only allow the CPU to go to 4.2 GHz Max. It's worth a try.

    I know AMD and Intel Architectures are way different, but AMD had issues with the Turbo Core Technology on FX CPUs, causing BSODs and hard freezing. Not sure if Intel works the same in terms of "Boost" frequencies, but it's always worth a try. Any troubleshooting will be helpful at this point
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       21 May 2017 #23

    I will give it a try.
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       22 May 2017 #24

    Don't start a new thread on different forums, chance that suggestions collide is high.

    I tried posting on other forums but nothing helped yet.
    We await your reponse.........
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       23 May 2017 #25

    @axe0 Sorry, I did not think it might be a problem. I will not touch that forum and apply their suggestions until we are done here. Already replied there accordingly.

    Can we proceed?
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       23 May 2017 #26

    Different people think in different ways, with some bad luck it results in your system becoming more unstable.

    We await the results of @lmaneke suggestion to disable the turbo for your CPU
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       23 May 2017 #27

    Okay, I see. Sure it makes sense.

    I was not at home these two days. Will disable turbo today evening and report results asap.
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       24 May 2017 #28


    Disabled turbo. Immediately after booting into the system I ran Prime95 blend test and opened Youtube. After like 40 min of browsing with the test running Windows terminated with CLOCK_WHATCHDOG_TIMEOUT BSOD.

    Unfortunately, Windows stuck while trying to collect the information about this error during BSOD. No mini dump files were generated and the full dump is corrupt... I will try to repeat this scenario to generate dumps.

    Could this post be relevant for my case?
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  9.    24 May 2017 #29

    I've never seen that BSOD before. I've seen the Watchdog_Violation but not this one.

    It's a big possibility, but looking at Toms Hardware forums, you definitely aren't alone. Without having the dumps from that BSOD, I can't tell if it's a CPU internal clock issue as stated on the other site.

    Looks like many others are having these issues on ASUS motherboards, with the 2500k, 4770, 6700k, so the problem is across many platforms.

    Some indicated that the AI suite software was the cause. I think you said you got all of that uninstalled. Plus some said updating the BIOS helps, but yours is up to date.

    RAM isn't throwing any errors, no errors with SSD.

    You get the WHEA_Uncorrectable_error with Turbo on and Clock_watchdog_timeout with turbo off. Hmmm

    I'm suspecting PSU, CPU, or Motherboard to be the cause at this moment. But not sure which one
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       24 May 2017 #30

    Man, we were suspecting these from the very beginning. But seriously, you're right. More and more facts for faulty hardware.

    I definitely need a .dmp file for this stupid CLOCK_WHATCHDOG_TIMEOUT. I suppose it should help identifying which one of three it is.

    Not sure about the PSU though. First, it is new and expensive (I know it is a stupid argument but still). There is no complex 14nm technology inside and basically should be nothing that can fail. Second, as I said before, voltages are stable with and without load, at least HWMonitor reports so. In BIOS too (though I cannot possibly check voltages under load from BIOS). Also, if it would be the PSU, I would expect it to fail after equal periods of time under load, not randomly.

    Indeed, it is strange that these issues mostly occur on Asus motherboards... This is really suspicious.
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