Windows 10: Random BSODs (wdf01000.sys, ntoskrnl.exe) caused by DAC / Foobar2000?

  1.    10 May 2017 #1

    Random BSODs (wdf01000.sys, ntoskrnl.exe) caused by DAC / Foobar2000?

    Warmest greetings to any who might be able to provide me a bit of insight.

    I have a 2016 HP Envy that has given me no problems in the last 14 months that I've owned it. In March I added a new audio DAC (external hardware, USB) to my system and installed and configured Foobar2000 for FLAC file playback and whatnot. Well, I've been experiencing problems ever since so I thought I'd get a second opinion from the brilliant minds here to see if this is more likely (a) a Foobar2000 stability issue, (b) a DAC driver issue, or (c) a DAC hardware issue. At this point I'm ruling out the pre-existing hardware in my setup because it hadn't BSOD's in the year I've owned it. The only change in my system has been this DAC and accompanying software.

    For the record, I've tried different USB ports, fresh installs of the DAC software and Foobar2000. I even did a fresh install of Windows 10 Pro (now on the Creator's update). All drivers are the most recent available from the manufacturers of the computer and the DAC.

    To my best recollection, issues with the DAC started fairly early on (day 1) with the hardware randomly not being recognized by the system (it would literally just disappear from the list of available Playback devices) forcing me to disconnect the USB cable and reconnect it regardless of USB plug used. A few times, playback would freeze (looking at the available playback devices in the Sound menu would show the sound as stuck) and unplugging the USB cable resulted in immediate BSOD. Other times I would just come back to the computer and find it had crashed and restarted. I am running no overclocks or odd software; everything here is stock. I've run memory integrity checks, system file verification checks, anti-virus and malware scans. Everything checks out.Log is attached as per usual. Please ignore the CH driver crashes (chdrvr01.sys). Those are unrelated from some other hardware testing I was doing.

    Any insight will help me here, as my return/exchange window is closing. If you guys think this is more related to Foobar2000 rather than the DAC or its drivers, I'll probably keep the DAC and go without Foobar2000. If it sounds like it's the DAC itself, I'll have to decide if I'm going to RMA or just get my money back. Unfortunately I don't have enough time in my return window to experiment with using the DAC without Foobar as crashes are too random to predict when the next might happen. I didn't even think it might be Foobar related because the application has never given me stability issues in the several years I've used it...but I should have considered it sooner.

    For what it's worth, I haven't run into anyone that has mentioned having driver or DAC issues of the kind I'm describing on any forums.

    DAC: DAC80 A class leading DAC for your home system :: Optoma NuForce

    Drivers/Software are linked at the bottom of the product page if anyone wants to peek at them.

    Thank you in advance.
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    Rule 4
    No piracy or discussion of piracy allowed at all. Such as software, music, videos and other intellectual property violations (e.g. downloading youtube videos locally etc) - it is forum policy that no help shall be given to people who knowingly steal software or services.

    One of the main reasons for this is that the act of pirating the software will inevitably change the working of the software and make investigation and repair impossible. Please install a legitimate copy of the software and if you are still experiencing the issue we will be please to assist - No further assistance will be provided until we are satisfied that the software is genuine.
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    I'm sorry, piracy discussion? Foobar2000 a free audio player like iTunes or Winamp.

    Download foobar2000

    A DAC is a digital audio converter. A physical piece of hardware.

    Windows came from the manufacturer of the computer.

    So...did you post in the wrong thread? Or are you confused about something? If this is the quality of support this forum offers, I'm already disappointed.
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    There are entries in the hosts.txt to bypass the activation of Adobe products.

    There is also other Software which is not correctly licensed

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