Windows 10: Various BSODs during gaming, Computer fails to start and reach BIOS

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    Various BSODs during gaming, Computer fails to start and reach BIOS

    Hi I made a post on here a few months ago regarding my occasional BSODs. Thread is viewable:
    BSOD daily while gaming & watching videos

    I have copied and pasted the thread post as seen below:

    GPU - R9 380 4gb.
    CPU - i5 4460.
    RAM - 8gb balistix ram.
    PS - CS550 M corsair.
    Mobo - MSI b85 G41

    I have been crashing very frequently while running Overwatch (exists out of the program) as well as occasional 1-2 a day *BSODS usually during game. This is more rare when idle on the desktop screen. I ran Win10 verifier in order to investigate what could be causing this, it seems like an AMD driver.

    The reason I suspect it is AMD is because of the error message I received when trying to investigate what is causing all these issues (by running verifier to stress my drivers)

    ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for atikmpag.sys
    Probably caused by : atikmpag.sys ( atikmpag+105c )

    However, not all the BSODS that occur while gaming point to the GPU. The BSODS have been ranging in type such as irql_not_less_or_equal, various memory issue ones, paging file size, as well as a 'attempted to write to read only position' (or something).

    Various fixes and diagnosis I have tried:

    • Install a fresh copy of windows
    • Make sure all other drivers are updated (including bios)
    • Changed various graphical settings ingame (ranging from lowest to highest, all crashing, as well as various different screen rates)
    • Ran the *more* stable Crimson 15.11.1 beta driver, still crashes .Tried 16.3 crashes, now running 16.7, still crashes.
    • Set a longer TdrDelay value (now currently at 8)
    • Ran memtest86 overnight to check ram. Passed 6 full tests, no errors.
    • Used DDU and reinstalled only the AMD video driver(Crimson 15.11.1) (went to Realtek website for most recent audio driver . Didn't restart, used CMD and typed:
      'expand.exe atikmdag.sy_ atikmdag.sys' (found in AMD folder)
      'expand.exe atikmpag.sy_ atikmpag.sys' (found in AMD folder)
      **Moved these back into my System32->drivers folder, seemed to be a bit more stable at first, but then returned back to crashing. (This was a fix I found online that some reported would help).

    I uploaded the general zipfile that is instructed to be posted. But I also uploaded a folder containing four separate debugging reports I had during the bsods (just started collecting them and saving the crash reports).

    ** It should be noted that this has been frequently referenced as poor driver software from AMD, but I really would like you guys to take a look at it and see if there's anything else I can do other than wait.

    I eventually just resigned myself to thinking it was either an AMD driver, or faulty VRAM. I wound up RMA'ing my GPU over winterbreak hoping that it would fix my errors... Well I was wrong!

    To add on to onto the BSODS that I was having earlier, my computer now sometimes fails to properly turn on. Here is what happens:
    1. Turn on computer
    2. Mouse lighting fails to start
    3. Screen remains black
    4. Permanently idles here, unable to get to BIOS/ nor ever see windows logo even boot up

    I sometimes have to start my computer 2-3 times before it successfully gets to the windows login screen.

    I am starting to think it could be my mobo that is causing my computer issues. I have run the memtest86 8 times through since and came up clean, but I might try again based on what you think.
    Additional info:
    My most recent BSOD was actually an RSOD.
    My prior BSOD to that was a bugcheck 4e, (pfn_list_corrupt)

    Thank you for taking the time to read my post!
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       12 Mar 2017 #2

    You abandoned your previous thread and did not follow through on philc43's instructions.

    What is the current status of your RAM? Have you tested it as suggested? If not have you replaced it?
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  3.    13 Mar 2017 #3

    frebreez3 said: View Post
    I have run the memtest86 8 times through since and came up clean, but I might try again based on what you think.
    Yes I have tested it as suggested. I am wondering if the new issues with startup is more likely to be a mobo/ram issue. I dont want to buy more RAM if its the motherboard or vice versa. Yes I am likely to first buy RAM though before another mobo.
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       13 Mar 2017 #4

    What RAM do you currently have? You indicated one of the modules gave you errors. Did you replace it? If not, have you run without it, using only 8GB? I mean normal use, not memtest86+. See if you get any more BSODs.
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  5.    13 Mar 2017 #5

    I had two sticks of 8 GB ballistix RAM. One of the sticks was found to be corrupt but not the other. I am currently working with therefore only 1 stick of 8 GB RAM but am still experiecing the issues I listed. Overall, the clean ramstick has not fixed the issue.
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       14 Mar 2017 #6

    Okay, thanks. Now I know where you are at hardware wise. I don't see any dump files or zip files having been uploaded, yet @philc43 posted data from one or more dumps. Did I miss the uploaded zip file or ?????
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  7.    16 Mar 2017 #7

    Here is the .exe zip file for the crashes I have been having. Note: I sometimes power off the machine after a BSOD because I am trying to jump back into an Overwatch game as quickly as possible, but there should be a good amount of successfully collected BSOD crash reports. Attachment 125395
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       16 Mar 2017 #8

    According to the manual for your board, two memory modules should go in slots 2 and 4 (if numbered 1 2 3 4) so a single module should probably go in slot 2 though the manual doesn't specifically say that.

    Attachment 125418

    Can't do anything with the 3/16 dump. All it says is Symbol files not found. The 3/12 dump indicates memory_management. The 3/6 dump indicates a problem with your video card/driver:
    ffffc081`4fdb2938  fffff807`901e6034*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for atikmdag.sys
    *** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for atikmdag.sys
    ffffc081`4fdb2940  00000000`00000038
    ffffc081`4fdb2948  ffffc081`4cb94078
    ffffc081`4fdb2950  7fffffff`0000003c
    ffffc081`4fdb2958  0000003c`0000000f
    ffffc081`4fdb2960  ffffc081`00000038
    ffffc081`4fdb2968  ffffc081`00000178
    ffffc081`4fdb2970  0000005c`0000021d
    ffffc081`4fdb2978  fffff800`0000003c
    ffffc081`4fdb2980  00000000`00000000
    ffffc081`4fdb2988  fffff807`8d0c2680*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for atikmpag.sys
    *** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for atikmpag.sys
    Driver Description: ATI Video driver (remove the Catalyst Control Center and only install the Display Driver)
    Driver Update Site: Support & Drivers

    You have a AMD Radeon (TM) R9 380 Series.

    I suggest completely uninstalling the display drivers using Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU) from WagnardMobile (near bottom of page) then get the latest driver for you AMD Radeon (TM) R9 380 Series card.

    Then do a custom install of only the Display driver.

    See if that gets rid of the problem.
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  9.    17 Mar 2017 #9

    First of all, thank you for spending the time to thoroughly investigate my issue. Your research into my motherboard as well as my crash dumps is appreciated.

    I will use DDU and fresh install my display driver and hope that works (I've tried it before, but well see this time!). I already had my RAM in DIMM slot 2, but your post made me double check.

    Hopefully you won't hear back from me... haha
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