BSOD On this computer but did not receive response on Acer post

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  1.    19 Feb 2017 #11

    The message for ESET says "Other security software is present on the system or hasn't been removed completely. Running two security solutions at the same time may cause instability."
    It shows that Kaspersky Internet Security is the program that is causing the conflict and says I can try again, ignore or close. Try again results in the same window, close of course stops the installation of ESET so I just wanted to make sure ignore will not be a problem.
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       19 Feb 2017 #12

    That sounds like you're trying to install ESET rather than running the online scan.
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  3.    19 Feb 2017 #13

    Yes, you are correct and I did that with all of the other antivirus programs -- so I was not supposed to download and install? If that is correct, then I am going to uninstall them immediately, especially Kaspersky because it always tries to make you renew a license -- it will not sit dormant on a computer after the trial expires.

    If I uninstall the Kaspersky without removing the items it identified will I have a problem with the external drive that was attached to the computer? I ask because as I stated it is not mine so I did not want to remove something from someone else's drive but I do not want to cause a problem with it for the owner.

    Also, will the online scan produce a report that can be attached? Should I attach the Kaspersky report before I uninstall that program?
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       19 Feb 2017 #14

    All suggested scans, except Malwarebytes and SuperAntiSpyware, don't require the AV to be installed.

    If I uninstall the Kaspersky without removing the items it identified will I have a problem with the external drive that was attached to the computer?
    Depends on what the files are used for.

    All scans create a log that can be attached.
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  5.    19 Feb 2017 #15

    OK. ESET online scan still running and I will run Super Antispyware next. Will attach all reports when done.
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  6.    20 Feb 2017 #16

    I am attaching all of the log files that I have -- the ES ET online scan did not produce a log file -- I looked for it in the location it should have been stored but the location did not exist. ES ET did not find any threats or viruses so it did not produce a quarantine log. I went to their website and looked at the FAQs -- it stated that for the online scan you must have enabled view of hidden files/folders to see the log -- the log is stored in a temp folder that was not there. I looked for it in the appdata folder under my user name but there was no file created there since 2014.

    All of the other logs are attached -- Super Antispyware removed a large number of cookies. The only other program that found anything was the Kaspersky IS but they were all on the external drive that I did not want to touch so I did not remove those items. I do not believe they were active threats but only possible items that could affect performance -- if I need to remove them let me know since I have uninstalled that program. As I mentioned earlier Kaspersky tries to force an license renewal in my experience when it is loaded on a computer and it is not one of my favorite programs. If Windows Defender is not adequate I will take your recommendation on an antivirus program to better protect the computer.

    Let me know how I should proceed and I truly appreciate your assistance with this problem.
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       20 Feb 2017 #17

    Please remove all pirated programs and such from your system before we can continue troubleshooting.
    The Forum Rules is meant for everything regarding piracy
    • Discussing it,
    • Asking for guidance,
    • Asking for a crack,
    • The use of it,
    • Etc.

    4) No piracy or discussion of piracy allowed at all. Such as software, music, videos and other intellectual property violations (e.g. downloading youtube videos locally etc).
    19.02.2017 09.26.59	Object (file) detected	C:\Windows\AutoKMS\AutoKMS.exe	Application: ESET Online Scanner	File: C:\Windows\AutoKMS\AutoKMS.exe	Time: 2/19/2017 9:26 AM	Object name: HackTool.MSIL.KMSAuto.d
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  8.    20 Feb 2017 #18

    OK. I'm not sure what that means but is there some file, folder or app that I need to remove? Is it at the location that you have identified as "C:\Windows\AutoKMS\AutoKMS.exe"? Do I just need to delete that folder?

    I'm at the local library working on another computer because I'm having internet problems so I am not on the problem computer -- what is pirated about the computer? I do not understand what you mean -- I bought the computer from someone on eBay and everything on it is what it came with as far as I know so I am confused.
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       21 Feb 2017 #19

    There is stuff on the system with which software can be illegally activated.
    If you didn't perform a total clean install, it may be remainders of the previous owner.
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  10.    21 Feb 2017 #20

    OK. I have deleted that folder and I am running the scans again to make sure there is no other problem. I did not know what all the programs were on the computer and I was afraid to remove anything from it when I got it so I left everything as it was. I didn't even change the user name -- mbessio must have been the name of the previous owner -- I remember there are pics from the previous owner still on the computer.

    I am very old school and somewhat of a pack rat by nature so I tend to not change things plus I keep everything especially if I do not know what it is -- I'm sure that is a bad habit that I need to break. When all of the scans have completed I will post them for your review so you can advise me on the next steps.
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