Windows 10: Random BSOD particularly when idling - Kernel Power Event 41

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    Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 64-bit 14393 Multiprocessor Free
       19 Jan 2017 #1

    Random BSOD particularly when idling - Kernel Power Event 41

    I could not find the thread I created for my original post (I looked under "My Posts" and was replied I had none. So, I did read the the post you told me to read about BSODs and I have attached the ZIP folder witht he results of the download. If you need anything else, please notify me.
    I built this machine in 2013 and ran Windows 7 Pro until last year when I was given the use it or lose it choice for Windows 10. At first the system ran fine, no problems, however after the last big update, it started freezing up.
    At first I thought Chrome was at fault, then I found out ANY browser would freeze it.
    later, I found some people had the problem because for Memory, I bought new memory, this was not my problem
    I have applied every fix available on the web. Reloaded Windows 10; Power management, SFC, DISM, none have fixed my freezing problem.
    Then I got a BSOD from my Graphic card (below). I read an article on how to fix this, even though I followed t step by step there were steps that I did not see in my system, therefore I could not perform that fix.
    My BSOD occurs mostly when the machine is idled and freezes within minutes. It gave me the BSOD shown in the word doc once, most of the time, it freezes with a black screen. I have to Power-off the desktop because no soft reboot works. The I get a Kernel 41 event. Let me know if you need a mini-dump , I was able to get one.
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    Windows 10 Pro X64 16299.192
       19 Jan 2017 #2

    The only dump is from 1/15. It shows a problem with your video card/driver:
    BugCheck D1, {ffffed002ae3e200, 2, 1, fffff8054f21dfe6}
    *** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for nvlddmkm.sys
    *** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for nvlddmkm.sys
    Probably caused by : nvlddmkm.sys ( nvlddmkm+19dfe6 )
    You have version 376.33 dated 12/10/2016.

    You can give the 376.48 hotfix a try, see if that helps: GeForce Hot Fix driver version 376.48 | NVIDIA
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    Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 64-bit 14393 Multiprocessor Free
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       20 Jan 2017 #3

    I downloaded and installed the driver you suggested and restarted the computer(doc file); left it idle for a bit and it froze again. I tried to attach a minidump but the system gave me the message in the word doc. I am the Admin in this machine, so I am not sure what the system is thinking. Any suggestions?

    Any other ideas?
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    Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 64-bit 14393 Multiprocessor Free
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       20 Jan 2017 #4

    I collected another set of data. I hope the dump that I moved to the table top is in there. It is called 012017- 7468-02.dmp
    AttAttachment 117849Attachment 117849ached.
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    Windows 10 Pro X64 16299.192
       20 Jan 2017 #5

    Don't understand what you mean about doc file????

    No new dump, still just the one from 1/15.
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    Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 64-bit 14393 Multiprocessor Free
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       21 Jan 2017 #6

    On what doc? it was the word file that was attached. It is not important any more.

    From this experience I have deduced that the dm_log_collector goes through several folders within windows "collecting" data, one of them is the minidump file. You made it easy for user to transfer information to you. Thanks.

    I put the .dmp file back in the minidump folder and did another collection. I hope it is in this one.

    Thanks again.
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    Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 64-bit 14393 Multiprocessor Free
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       22 Jan 2017 #7

    My machine froze up twice yesterday, before I turned it off for the day. I checked the minidump folder and neither failure created a minidump.
    I have attached another collection of data just in case.
    Thanks for the help.
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    Windows 10 Pro X64 16299.192
       22 Jan 2017 #8

    No dumps in the new zip file. I don't see anything in the event viewer log either.

    I see you are running two NVIDIA GeForce GT 630 cards. Maybe try them one at a time (remove the other) for testing, see if that helps.

    What else is plugged into the computer?
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    Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 64-bit 14393 Multiprocessor Free
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       23 Jan 2017 #9

    May be you don't read my posts. I did say neither failure created a minidump.
    On your question as to what else is connected: I have,
    1. 4, 24 inch, E2414H, 1920 by 1080, Dell Monitors plugged via DVI into 2 GeForce GT630 Graphic cards.
    2. a 7 port "Plugable USB" hub
    3. Creative speakers

    That is about it. I just noticed some of the items in "My System Specs" are wrong and I will figure out how to correct them.
    This machine was not designed for speed but for reliability. I have a second machine built in 2008, also designed for reliability that started with XP, moved to Windows 7 then, Windows 10 that runs 24/7 and it is ok.
    Somewhere else I read that Memory could cause the problem although I ran the memory check and the machine passed. I replaced the memory and it still froze. I also "re-loaded" Windows 10, no change.
    I will try what you suggest.
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       24 Jan 2017 #10

    Attached please find the results of the Graphic Card Test. I ran the test with each card installed in each slot by itself, each time 2 monitors were connected. the single test for the cards were successful. This tells me the cards are good and the MOBO is good. When I ran both cards installed with one of them connected to monitors and the other not, the tests were not successful.
    I think here is a software problem.
    The details are in the Word Document attached.
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