Multiple BSODs. IQL less or equal, PFN list corrupt, memory corruption

  1.    21 Dec 2016 #1

    Multiple BSODs. IQL less or equal, PFN list corrupt, memory corruption

    Hey Guys. So I recently started getting some BSODs. Quite frequently. I've done the following:

    Reinstalled Windows
    Attempted to repair Windows
    Run Memory test
    Run checks on my HDDs (WD REDs, used the bootable check by manufacturer)
    Updated drivers multiple times, both before and after reinstall of windows.

    I've tried to read through the minidump but I really only understand the basics. So I've run the log collector and attached the result to the post. Hope you guys can help.

    Thank you for you time.
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  2.    21 Dec 2016 #2

    All dumpfiles point to your memory. Memory corruption, memory management

    Your memory is:
      [Memory Device (Type 17) - Length 34 - Handle 005ah]
      Physical Memory Array Handle  005bh
      Memory Error Info Handle      005fh
      Total Width                   64 bits
      Data Width                    64 bits
      Size                          4096MB
      Form Factor                   09h - DIMM
      Device Set                    [None]
      Device Locator                ChannelA-DIMM0
      Bank Locator                  BANK 0
      Memory Type                   18h - Specification Reserved
      Type Detail                   0080h - Synchronous
      Speed                         1067MHz
      Manufacturer                  029E
      Serial Number                         
      Asset Tag Number                        
      Part Number                   CMX8GX3M2A2000C9
    You have 2000 mhz Memory modules but according to the dumpfile it is running at 1067 mhz.
    In your manual i could not find that your mobo SABERTOOTH Z77 supports 2000 mhz. modules.

    Could you check this in your BIOS.

    BTW your BIOS is still from 2012, update to the latest version Version*2104
    Improve system stability.
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  3.    21 Dec 2016 #3

    I can manually set my memory frequency in bios to 2000MHz. It was previously set to auto.

    I will look into updating my bios. Reporting back once done
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  4.    21 Dec 2016 #4

    Okay, I've updated my BIOS. Guess there is nothing to do now but wait and see if another BSOD happens :/

    Thank you for your reply Lifetec
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  5.    21 Dec 2016 #5

    Alrighty, new error.

    Dump files attached as well as full log done by the log collector. Had hoped the problem had been solved but sadly I was wrong.
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  6.    21 Dec 2016 #6


    If you have time tonight, boot into safe mode and see if it blue screens while you sleep.

    If it does not crash while in safe mode, it is likely a driver issue, run Driver Verifier and post the resulting crash dumps please.

    If it does crash in safe mode, it may be a hardware issue and we will want you to (re)run memtest86+, as well as unplug all non-essential devices, including PCI cards.
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  7.    23 Dec 2016 #7

    Okay. So I had a bluescreen, which resulted in my computer being unable to boot. Disk read errors. I removed the primary harddisk (64gb Corsair Force SSD) and installed windows on one of my HDDs (WD reds).
    I then didn't encounter a BSOD for a while.

    Booted windows into safemode and ran it for 12 hours, with no crashes.
    Then booted it up normally an attempted to install .net framework. This caused a BSOD. I've run the logger and attached the logs to this reply.
    I am currently running the driver verifier. Waiting for it to cause something. Will reply again when that happens.
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  8.    23 Dec 2016 #8

    The last dumpfile is again bugcheck A
      BugCheck A, {0, 2, 0, fffff8039fb14cd1}
    *** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for win32k.sys
    *** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for win32k.sys
    Probably caused by : memory_corruption
    Update these older drivers.
    rzendpt Tue Aug 11 13:13:46 2015 (55C9D8EA)
    rzmpos Tue Aug 11 13:14:16 2015 (55C9D908)
    rzpmgrk Thu Sep 17 20:42:44 2015 (55FB09A4)
    rzpnk Thu Sep 17 02:16:35 2015 (55FA0663)
    rzudd Tue Aug 11 13:13:50 2015 (55C9D8EE)
    All these drivers are related to your Razer devices, update to the latest versions .
    Driver Update Site: Razer Support
    I know that in the past there were BSODs related to Razer devices/drivers.

    SiLib Fri Jul 16 00:08:26 2010 (4C3F86DA)
    SiUSBXp Fri Jul 16 00:27:13 2010
    Driver Description: USBXpress Development Kit
    Driver Update Site: Silicon Labs Technical Support | Silicon Labs
    This driver predates windows 10 might not be compatible. Look if there are windows 10 driver avaliable.
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  9.    23 Dec 2016 #9

    Alright new BSOD, log attached.

    I've tried to uninstall all razer related software, except the driver currently in use by the mouse. Will try to find a replacement mouse and remove that entire factor.
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  10.    23 Dec 2016 #10

    Had a few more crashes. 2 I believe to be driver related.
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