Only able to boot in safe mode; constant blue screens/restarting Solved

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  1.    07 Dec 2016 #11

    I reset Windows 10, deleting all data from all drives. The first thing I did was install Firefox, download the latest Nvidia driver and get that installing. Then Windows sent a notification that it had installed the necessary display driver and that I needed to restart to restore full functionality. I cancelled the installation of the Nvidia driver (it had extracted and begun the system compatibility check). It cancelled without a problem and I restarted the computer. The crash log is attached.
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  2.    08 Dec 2016 #12

    So, I went ahead and checked that crash dump myself, and saw that it looked like whatever partial installation of Nvidia occurred was enough to cause problems (or, it's possible that was just the Windows 10 display driver that was installed via the windows update system.), Regardless, I restarted in safe mode to get DDU; then I used DDU to uninstall all the graphics drivers. Now, my system appears even less stable than before I reset--counter-intuitively.

    Now my system is only stable in safe mode; before the reset, it was able to boot up normally (but only without graphics drivers). Now, the only way it will start is in safe mode. The latest dump log is attached.

    EDIT: I'm bamboozled; I've read the latest dump logs and they seem to still be indicating the display driver (e.g. "nvlddmkm.sys"), even though I used DDU to uninstall any display drivers. Could this work?: How To Fix an Nvlddmkm.sys Error Message I generally don't like monkeying around with my system 32 folder unless I know what I'm doing. Or maybe use a more advanced setting on DDU? Any guidance would be much appreciated.
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  3.    09 Dec 2016 #13

    What me bothers is the nvdia drivers that windows update installed and interfered with the install of your nvdia driver as you mentioned in one of your earlier post.
    What version did you installed the last time.
    This is the date 9/16/2016 version that is installed.

    I have the feeling that windows reinstalls a nvdia driver windows update driver each time.
    As you probably know windows 10 pushes automatic updates/installs of (hardware) drivers .

    Windows has a program called showandhideupdates that prevents a driver to reinstall see info and download

    Could you again remove the nvdia drivers and shutdown your pc (do not restart) and remove your GPUcard and see if you can get in normal windows mode. Then check in your Windows Update History if there is a nvdia drivers update.
    Use the showandhide to prevent this driver from reinstalling.
    additional you can disable windows to download thirdparty drivers for hardware devices .
    Go to Control Panel>system>advanced system settings>hardware>settings device installation>No>save changes. (nb. this will apply to all your hardware device)
    I have windows 10 pro i hope this will also works on windows 10 home.

    Ofcourse it could still be that your GPUcard is faulty/broken as i mentioned in one of my earlier post.
    The easiest way to check this is to install another nvdia GPUcard and if your system is stable you know that it is not driver related.

    Also could you update your Realtek wireless and Intel lan drivers are outdated after your last reset.
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  4.    09 Dec 2016 #14

    During that Nvidia/windows mixup, I was trying to install the most recent (like 12/5/16) drivers from Nvidia; I'm not sure what type of driver Windows was trying to install at the same time. I'm working on the other steps you've recommended now: 1) update Realtek and Intel drivers 2) download/install showandhide 3) use DDU, but not the uninstall and restart option, just the uninstall option 4) shut down 5) remove GPU (unfortunately, I still do not have an extra graphics card lying around to test with) 6) attempt to boot normally 7) assuming I am able to, use showandhide to see what's been installing and prevent further display driver reinstalls.

    Sorry; just kinda reformatted it to make it a little easier for me to follow; if there's anything I'm missing, please let me know. I will update you with the results as soon as possible.
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  5.    09 Dec 2016 #15

    First i made a few edits and a addition to my post.

    To see what driverversion you have in Device Manager dubbelclick on your Geforce look under driver.

    Looks like a good plan. Because i expect that with the geforcecard removed windows not autmatically wants to install the nvdiadrivers.

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  6.    09 Dec 2016 #16

    Alright, so I'm working on installing updated Realtek, wireless, and Intel LAN drivers now. I was able to boot normally after using DDU, shutting down, and removing the graphics card. I am now in a normal-resolution version of normal windows 10. I used both options you recommended for preventing updates, just to be sure. I changed the settings through my control panel so no new drivers should be installed and I also used show and hide, which confirmed that "There are no hidden updates to show."

    So, I guess I'm wondering what this proves? Or what the next steps to troubleshoot are?

    EDIT: Intel LAN and Realtek audio drivers were installed successfully. Per your most recent reply, I checked device manager. The only display adapter listed is "Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000". I'm testing the stability by running 1080p streams in a couple tabs and it's been running without any hiccups for a while now.
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  7.    09 Dec 2016 #17

    I understand that you under Hide Updates checked the nvdia driver and applied next.
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  8.    09 Dec 2016 #18

    Actually, the first time I ran it, I picked the option that said "show hidden updates" and it said there were none to show. Now I'm doing what you recommend, but when I click "Hide Updates," I can't find any Nvidia drivers. They're all different intel/mobo drivers except for a couple that are a definition update for windows defender and a "cumulative update for Windows 10 Version 1607...".
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  9.    09 Dec 2016 #19

    I suspect that means that windows does not see the nvdia driver as a problematic driver.
    This could eventually point to that your gpucard is faulty/broken.

    To be sure that there is a nvdia driver through windows update could you check your downloaded/installed windows update history.
    Through settings>security>windows update>history.
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  10.    09 Dec 2016 #20

    I attached a screenshot of my update history window. Notice that all the Nvidia drivers are from 12/7/16, when I reset the system. I'm guessing DDU removed those, and due to my removing the Nvidia card, they're not appearing in Windows Update anymore.

    Honestly, it's hard for me to imagine what the problem could be other than a failing graphics card; even the way it gradually crashed more and more often (with less and less intensive graphics demands) seems to suggest that. Is there a way to maybe solicit a second opinion to confirm there aren't any other troubleshooting options? (I'd hate to drop the money on a new graphics card and have nothing change.)
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