Windows 10: New PC Build, Many Different BSOD Errors @ Random, Cannot Diagnose

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  1.    07 Dec 2016 #11

    The memtest was done recently (week to 10 days ago). It was during the midst of all of this crashing. The system is now near brand-new. I believe I have done it before and after reinstalling windows on the machine. For diagnostic purposes, will it be worth it to run the test again?
    @axe0 just to clear up some confusion, I did understand initially that this was an audio driver, not a graphics one. I referenced the most recent installments of Nvidia's drivers, and saw that my driver version matched the second latest release. My bad if I worded that incorrectly. I will be uninstalling this tonight to see if it improves my system. A good question here is, was the driver actually the cause, or did something else cause the driver to be flagged? In other words, is the dump very accurate at blaming drivers? I might try enabling verifier again....

    And both of you two are correct about the memory settings. I did try to enable XMP settings to see if the stability of my system would change, and from what I recall, it didn't improve anything, so I decided to revert it back to the "auto" settings.

    A good question here is,what memory settings should I be using during this diagnosis? I have read on numerous occasions to turn off all overclocks, so should I NOT use XMP settings? If so, how should I set the ram timings/voltage/speed? Shall I leave them on "auto" (I recall them being ever so slightly faster than my ram's specs), or should I set them per my ram's specifications? Shall I leave it at 2133Mhz/1.2V?

    Lastly, I will update my BIOS version tonight in hopes of improving the stability.

    This just seems so odd to me. Why cant this stuff just work right out of the box?

    Sorry for all of the questions, but I do have one more good one. What are the chances that I might have a a faulty piece of hardware? If the tests indicate that my memory and SSD are "good," could they still be defective? What about my other components?

    Thanks in advance! I am looking forward to another reply.
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       07 Dec 2016 #12

    @lifetec, my bad. Didn't read properly

    A good question here is, was the driver actually the cause, or did something else cause the driver to be flagged? In other words, is the dump very accurate at blaming drivers?
    We can never with 100% accuracy tell if a driver is truly the cause, reason being that hardware problems can be difficult to find out from time to time. IME from the past year, in the cases where hardware was the root cause lots of drivers were blamed as the cause.

    what memory settings should I be using during this diagnosis?
    Stock settings. Meaning the memory uses its default settings that is compatible with the CPU and mobo.

    What are the chances that I might have a a faulty piece of hardware? If the tests indicate that my memory and SSD are "good," could they still be defective? What about my other components?
    Difficult to tell, I've seen plenty users who have lots of outdated drivers as the cause but also quite some who have hardware problems.
    If the tests indicate that the RAM and SSD are fine, there is still a (small) chance that they are defective. This is because no test is 100%.
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  3.    07 Dec 2016 #13

    The fact that results are not 100% makes this quite a difficult diagnosis.

    Like i mentioned previously, I am going to do this tonight:
    • Update Bios on motherboard
    • Use stock settings for ram (includes tweaking auto timings of mobo to match ram's)
    • uninstall the NVIDIA audio driver

    If I continue to get crashes, then I will play around with the memory sticks. If the memory is faulty, I will make the assumption that it is only one stick, and use one stick at a time in different slots in an attempt to find the bad stick or slot.

    If none of this works, then I will be completely dead in the water.

    I will reply back with my results.

    Thanks for the help and advice!
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  4.    07 Dec 2016 #14

    Tried uninstalling the audio driver through device manager, but it is still in my system32->drivers. My device manager no longer shows it though, but I have a different item, that being "high definition audio device" I still have sound (through my graphics card displayport to my monitor's speakers). What is up with this?

    I also updated my bios, and adjusted my ram settings. I am still getting "memory management" BSODS.

    It is time to pull a memory stick and play around with it.
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  5.    08 Dec 2016 #15

    Just a quick update.

    I pulled a single ram stick from my rig, and I have not blue screened yet. I only have about 2.5-3 hours on it though, so this is not conclusive by any means.

    Also, as a side note, I keep my tower plugged into a APC surge protector. I happened to discover that the "overload" light was on the unit, meaning that it the load was around 7 amps (per the manual). Having played around with the surge protector, the overload light comes on whenever ANYTHING is plugged into it. If I only plug my ps4 into it, then it will turn on.

    I bought 2 of these surge protectors brand new about 2 months ago, and BOTH of them are doing it. I called APC, and they said that, since I ordered it from amazon, that they might be defective because they were "off the shelf" and "old". It seemed very odd that this person tried to convey that these units have a shelf life. He could not give me a reason as to why these units were doing this, other than the fact that they were "old". He set me up for 2 replacements that will be "brand new."

    Could this "defective" surge protector be causing this? Everything worked fine off of it (PS4, monitor, tower except BSOD's)....

    After grabbing an older surge protector from my basement, I am now back to playing games to put the system under stress. I will make sure to post any noteworthy updates.

    Thanks for reading!
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       09 Dec 2016 #16

    Power issues can cause various of problems.
    If it could be the cause? Yes, but remember, 'could'.
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  7.    26 Dec 2016 #17

    Long-term update here, I think I have found out my problem.

    It turns out that I was running two sticks of memory in the two recommend slots from the motherboard's manual. After playing around with the stick configurations, I was able to confirm that both of my sticks, one at a time, in the same slot works. I used it for about a week on each stick, and I experienced no crashing.

    Now, for the other slot that I was using....

    Today I tried switching to the other slot I was using when I was experiencing all of this crashing. I moved a stick into this slot, booted my pc, and I got a BSOD in about 10 seconds after logging in. Booted a couple more times, and constant BSOD's. I tried the other stick, thinking that the one stick might be faulty. The other stick caused the pc to crash in the same slot.

    After playing around with LOTS of configurations, I cannot even get the pc to boot on the faulty slot. Whether it is being used with a "good" slot, or by itself, there are two slots that work just fine, and two slots that, when I insert a stick into, the computer will not boot.

    I find it odd that what used to kind of work and cause BSOD's, is no longer working at all. Two slots, when used, will not allow the pc to boot. the DRAM led stays on, and doesn't shut off. In summary, any configuration, whether one or two sticks, when using a "bad" slot, will not boot.

    It looks like I am going to have to RMA this board. Good luck me!
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       26 Dec 2016 #18

    Good to hear you found the cause :)
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