Longtime irregular BSODs

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       30 Nov 2016 #1

    Longtime irregular BSODs


    so I've been having 3-4 BSODs a month since an upgrade from Win7 to Win10 over year, year and a half ago. Error names were changing - it was not always the same ones. I updated drivers to newest ones, checked RAM in MemTest86+ for 6,5 hours - no error. Then I did clean installation of Win10 and BSOD still occured. Can you help me? I've included my data from log collector tool in FAQ.

    Thank you beforehand for your time.

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    EDIT: I forgot to say that most of BSOD happened in Chrome(regular browsing or youtube) and few times in KMPlayer.
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  2.    30 Nov 2016 #2

    I analyzed the latest 4 dumpfiles.
    Two dumpfiles blame Probably caused by : nvlddmkm.sys ( nvlddmkm+9c7864 ).Timestamp: Thu Nov 17 01:26:04 2016 (582CF91C)

    This is the driver for your geforce card., you have the latest driver, it could be corrupted or other programs could trigger it to BSOd.

    You have a few older programs/driver. . Update ito the latest windows 10 versions
    droidcam Sun May 24 07:01:14 2015 (55615B1A)
    droidcamvideo Sun May 24 07:01:12 2015

    semav6msr64 Fri Jan 24 20:22:40 2014 Sema software

    one dumpfile is a BugCheck A, {a4f05ec0, 2, 1, fffff803f82f1cd2}

    Probably caused by : ntkrnlmp.exe
    This is a window driver and gives no real clue.
    Usual causes:* Kernel mode driver, System Service, BIOS, Windows, Virus scanner, Backup tool, compatibility
    Your ESET is from 2015 see if you can update it.

    Other one is BugCheck 1E, {ffffffffc0000005, fffff80380ee11a5, ffffc7011af5d828, ffffc7011af5d050}

    *** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for win32k.sys
    *** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for win32k.sys
    Probably caused by : memory_corruption

    In the stacktext i found a few NTFS mentioned.
    Your Acronis program is from 2014 and predates windows 10 could not be compatible , update it to windows 10 compatible version.

    See if this helps to stop the BSODs.
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       01 Dec 2016 #3

    Thanks for reply. Ok, so I did following steps:

    1) droidcam drivers: I uninstalled the program. I was using it scarcely.
    2) semav6msr64 driver: Google search revealed that it was installed by Intel Driver Update utility so I uninstalled it.
    3) Acronis backup program: I did uninstall it as I wanted to try some alternative (installed AOMEI Backupper Standard).
    4) ESET AV: Updated to latest version(v10).

    After these steps I used DDU to uninstall GPU drivers and installed latest drivers(v376.09). So now I just have to wait to see if BSOD comes back which can last a few weeks to month. If BSOD comes back, I'll write again to this thread.

    Again, thanks for your help.
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       03 Dec 2016 #4

    OK, so I got another BSOD. It happened while I was watching twitch stream in chrome. Here's a minidump.
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  5.    03 Dec 2016 #5

    The dumpfile is another bugcheck A but this time it mentioned memory corruption.
     BugCheck A, {ffffe50000000000, 2, 0, fffff800d7e5455a}
    Probably caused by : memory_corruption
    Followup: memory_corruption
    When did you install Aomei Backup, the drivers are from 2012, is this version compatible with windows 10.

    Could you upload another DM.zip. maybe the eventviewer will give any clues.

    Did you already trest your memory?
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       04 Dec 2016 #6

    Aomei site says that it is supported in Windows 10 but I'll uninstall it for now to be sure. I've checked memory a few months ago in Memtest86 5.01 for 6,5 hours and without errors. Here's new DM.zip.
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  7.    04 Dec 2016 #7

    Also the eventviewer is no help for me.
    Only found this
    NVIDIA High Definition Audio HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_10DE&DEV_0083&SUBSYS_38426286&REV_1001\5&2762A550&0&0001 This device is disabled.
    Did you disabled it by yourself? Why?

    My suggestion would be.
    Test your memory again to be sure, you said they had no faults but this was months ago.
    Please start with diagnosing the system RAM first. You can use the free tool "Memtest86+" to stress test the RAM.

    How to run "Memtest" - RAM - Test with Memtest86+ - Windows 7 Help Forums
    MemTest86+ - Test RAM - Windows 10 Forums
    Make sure you are using the latest version 5.01 - Memtest86+ - Advanced Memory Diagnostic Tool

    You can stop the test even if a single error is found during the test. Otherwise continue the test for 8-10 passes and post a screenshot with next reply. 8 passes is the recommended bare minimum but more passes will give better result.

    Run driver verifier.
    You can enable "Driver Verifier" according to instructions from the below link.
    Driver Verifier - Enable and Disable in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums
    "Verifier" is a Microsoft's own tool to stress test third party drivers and find the buggy one. If it detects a violation, a blue screen will be created immediately and the dump will give us the name of offending driver straight forward. After enabling "Verifier" , system will be a bit slow and laggy during to the background verification process. After you got two or more blue screens, please upload the new crash dumps and we will know whether the issue is caused by third party drivers or low level hardware (a verifier enabled dump which blames Windows system files is a clear confirmation of hardware problem).
    "Verifier" should be only used to monitor third party drivers. Selecting Microsoft system drivers is totally unnecessary and doing so may make the system non bootable.
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       05 Dec 2016 #8

    Okay so Memtest showed no errors. I'll try Verifier later today.
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       20 Dec 2016 #9

    So after 2 weeks with verifier enabled I had BSOD while watching twitch stream in Chrome. Here's a log collector zip.
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  10.    21 Dec 2016 #10

    The last dumpfile is
      BugCheck 1000007E, {ffffffffc0000005, fffff80e197a1153, ffff8301cd9e22b8, ffff8301cd9e1ae0}
    Probably caused by : dxgmms2.sys ( dxgmms2!VidSchQueryDmaData+3f )
    ffff8301`cd9e24f0 fffff80e`19792267 : ffffc480`012740b0 64726147`64726147 64726147`64726147 ffff8301`cd9e2611 : dxgmms2!VidSchQueryDmaData+0x3f
    ffff8301`cd9e2520 fffff80e`1978a4e9 : ffffc480`012740b0 ffffae08`d3a706ce ffffae08`d3a73416 00000000`001e9be6 : dxgmms2!VIDMM_DMA_POOL::WriteDmaHistoryToMinidump+0x67
    ffff8301`cd9e2660 fffff80e`1757a6a7 : 00000000`001ec92e ffff8301`cd9e27d0 ffffae08`d3a706ce 00000000`00000000 : dxgmms2!VIDMM_GLOBAL::LogInformationToMinidump+0x1a9
    ffff8301`cd9e26d0 fffff80e`1757b136 : ffffc480`00000000 ffffc480`02275010 00000000`00000000 00000000`00000000 : dxgkrnl!TdrCollectDbgInfoStage1+0x8b7
    ffff8301`cd9e2810 fffff80e`197277b5 : ffffc480`02275010 00000000`0032aa01 00000000`0000000a fffff801`e7ee91ec : dxgkrnl!TdrIsRecoveryRequired+0x136
    ffff8301`cd9e2840 fffff80e`19783842 : 00000000`00000000 00000017`d3b1e573 ffffc480`01226000 fffff80e`1970ba1b : dxgmms2!VidSchiReportHwHang+0x4c1
    ffff8301`cd9e2940 fffff80e`19762b87 : 00000000`00000002 64726147`64726147 00000000`0032aa01 ffffc48f`00000000 : dxgmms2!VidSchiCheckHwProgress+0x20772
    ffff8301`cd9e29b0 fffff80e`1970a4b4 : 00000000`00000000 ffffc48f`ff8c9000 00000000`0000000f 00000000`00000000 : dxgmms2!VidSchiWaitForSchedulerEvents+0x337
    ffff8301`cd9e2a70 fffff80e`1976ec1f : ffffc480`02021a00 ffff8301`cd9e2bd0 ffffc480`02021a40 ffffc48f`00000000 : dxgmms2!VidSchiScheduleCommandToRun+0x3d4
    ffff8301`cd9e2b80 fffff80e`1976ebe0 : ffffc48f`ff8c9500 ffffc48f`ff8c9000 00000000`00000080 fffff80e`1976eb60 : dxgmms2!VidSchiRun_PriorityTable+0x2f
    ffff8301`cd9e2bd0 fffff801`e7e8a729 : fffff801`e81ca180 fffff801`e7fd7adf 00000000`0137e311 ffffc48f`ff8d6800 : dxgmms2!VidSchiWorkerThread+0x80
    ffff8301`cd9e2c10 fffff801`e7fd7bb6 : fffff801`e81ca180 ffffc48f`ff8d6800 fffff801`e7e8a6e8 00000000`00000000 : nt!PspSystemThreadStartup+0x41
    ffff8301`cd9e2c60 00000000`00000000 : ffff8301`cd9e3000 ffff8301`cd9dd000 00000000`00000000 00000000`00000000 : nt!KiStartSystemThread+0x16
    Now you stopped Driver Verifier is your system still BSODing?

    Running driver verifier has a very heavy load on your system and it is adviced to never run driver verifier longer than 48 hours.

    But you could test your GPU card if you wish.
    Videotest Furmark
    To test your GPU you can use Furmark see this tutorial FurMark - GPU Stress Test - Windows 10 Tutorials
    FurMark download site: FurMark: VGA Stress Test, Graphics Card and GPU Stability Test, Burn-in Test, OpenGL Benchmark and GPU Temperature | oZone3D.Net
    FurMark Setup:
    - If you have more than one GPU, select Multi-GPU during setup
    - In the Run mode box, select "Stability Test" and "Log GPU Temperature"
    Click "Go" to start the test (Looks like it's "BURN-IN test" now)
    - Run the test until the GPU temperature maxes out - or until you start having problems (whichever comes first).
    NOTE: Set the alarm to go off at 90șC. Then watch the system from that point on. If the system doesn't display a temperature, watch it constantly and turn it off at the first sign of video problems. DO NOT leave it it unmonitored, it can DAMAGE your video card!!!
    If the temperature gets above 100șC, quit the test - the video card is overheating.
    - Click "Quit" to exit

    What you are looking for:
    - excessive heat from the GPU (report back with anything over 90șC)
    - problems with the video display (picture is distorted or jumbled, picture turns black, etc)
    - problems reported by the program (I haven't seen this, but "just in case")
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