Windows 10: BSOD Driver Overran Stack Buffer, comes at random times.

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  1.    26 Nov 2016 #1

    BSOD Driver Overran Stack Buffer, comes at random times.

    so, my system has been BSOD for the past few months now, i tried the microsoft tech support forums, and that has been no help, they kept telling me the problem was an old driver, which i now no longer have installed but still getting blue screens, appears to happen at random, system idling, watching a movie, and very rarely while gaming, i'm starting to get really frustrated because i have run every test the microsoft help have asked of me, memtest, checkdisk/scandisk, HDD tests, CPU tests, all of it comes back fine, and the system will run pefectly fine for a few months then start blue screening all over again... i am at a loss and could really use some help, i have attached the file required as well, hopefully someone here can help.

    also it is a fresh new install of windows 10 pro 64, only around a month or 2 old.
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  2. philc43's Avatar
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       26 Nov 2016 #2

    Hello and welcome to the TenForums :)

    The first thing I have noticed is that you have your memory inserted into the wrong slots. It looks to me as if you have used slots 3 and 4 but according to the manual you should be using slots 2 and 4. I would like you to change to this and see if it makes any difference.

    Attachment 111444
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  3.    26 Nov 2016 #3

    ok, will do, will see if anything changes, and thanks for the welcome.
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  4.    26 Nov 2016 #4

    well it blue screened again, i'll attach the logs, really hope i can find the issue, makes it hard to get much of anything done...

    i was gaming at the time it happened this time.
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       26 Nov 2016 #5

    All the latest dumps indicate memory_corruption. Suggest running memtest86+ for a minimum of 8 passes to see if there are any problems with your memory. 16GB will take around 12 hours to run, maybe a little more.

    Follow this tutorial: MemTest86+ - Test RAM - Windows 10 Forums

    MemTest86+ is a diagnostic tool designed to test Random Access Memory (RAM) for faults. MemTest86+ will verify that:

    • RAM will accept and keep random patterns of data sent to it
    • There are no errors when different parts of memory try to interact
    • There are no conflicts between memory addresses

    Memtest86+ runs from bootable media to isolate the RAM from the system, no other components are taken into account during the test.

    warning   Warning
    MemTest86+ needs to run for at least 8 passes to be anywhere near conclusive, anything less will not give a complete analysis of the RAM.

    If you are asked to run MemTest86+ by a Ten Forums member make sure you run the full 8 passes for conclusive results. If you run less than 8 passes you will be asked to run it again.

    Note   Note
    MemTest86+ has been known to discover errors in RAM in later passes than the eighth pass. This is for information only; if you feel there is a definite problem with the RAM and 8 passes have shown no errors feel free to continue for longer.

    Running 8 passes of MemTest86+ is a long and drawn out exercise and the more RAM you have the longer it will take. It's recommended to run MemTest86+ just before you go to bed and leave it overnight.
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  6.    26 Nov 2016 #6

    i know it says to run for 8 passes, but i just came back from running memtest for 5 hours and it found errors, i've pull some 1 of my 2 ram sticks and will run a test to see how it goes, i will run for the full 12 hours if you need me to, just currently it is midday, and i'm not a well person either so sleep comes and goes, gotta love insomnia..

    5hr memtest file attached.
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  7.    26 Nov 2016 #7

    so now i'm really confused, i ran windows memory diagnosis on my ram indivivdually and both tested fine, i ran the test in DIMM solt 4 for both sticks, so either my ram is fine and my motherboard is shot, or something else is wrong here, either way, i'll run the 12hr test, with both sticks, see how that goes.
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  8.    27 Nov 2016 #8

    finally back, here is the 8 pass Memtest86, i have no idea how to read this, but i'm going to guess there is a problem with one or both of my sticks of ram... course this is just me guessing lol, i could be totally wrong, and it could be much much worse...
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       28 Nov 2016 #9

    Windows memory diagnostic is not as reliable as Memtest86. I would agree with the memtest86 results and if it has found errors then your RAM is faulty. Repeat the Memtest86 on one stick at a time to find which one is faulty.
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  10.    28 Nov 2016 #10

    so 8 passes again? i'm currently running on ones stick in slot 4 and so far i haven't blue screened, but when i next feel the urge to sleep i will run memtest then.
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