BSOD (Unexpected_Kernel_Mode_TRAP)

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    BSOD (Unexpected_Kernel_Mode_TRAP)

    Every time I get on league of legends or any thing that uses graphics, I get the BSOD UNEXEPECTED_KERNEL_MODE_TRAP. This is extremely annoying and also happens when I watch YouTube videos. This is a brand new computer I built myself and didn't have any problems until I downloaded drivers. I know it's a driver problem. I've ran driver verifier and I know it's supposed to crash when it runs into a bad driver, but it never does. I'd really like some help. I've done research but since I'm kinda new at computers, I don't know how to just clear all my drivers and start from scratch. I've tried system restore points but the same thing happens. I've also just tried a clean installation but that also didn't work. I can put my specs if they're needed. Any help is appreciated.

    Thank you!
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    BSOD Posting Instructions & How to upload files

    Please fill in your system specs
    Please follow this tutorial and download the tool. The tool will give you detailed information about your system specs, please fill in your system specs more completely including PSU, cooling and other used stuff like mouse, keyboard, monitor, case, etc.
    The PSU, cooling and other stuff are NOT mentioned in the tool.
    How to fill in your system specs:

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    Will do! I am currently in class and as soon as i get home around 12 pm EST, I will send you the specs.
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    Make sure that you upload the zip in a new post, editing a post won't notify whereas a new post does.
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    My system specs have been updated and are at the bottom of the post.

    Some of the items I have tossed the boxes out so I don't know the exact name (e.x. my keyboard).
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    Don't worry, I can find many things in the files but not stuff like cooling, PSU, case, etc.
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    Like I said, I tried just restoring it because I thought some of the drivers get uninstalled when you restore. But I kept getting the same error. I looked it up and it said it's either a bad driver or a bad harddrive. I'm really hoping it's not a bad harddrive when I had just built this computer about a month ago.
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    What sites did you look?

    Can't create a zip? Unbootable system?
    I cannot help without at least a dump. The 0x7F has many different causes, a bad driver or bad hard drive are not the only onces.
    There is also
    • bad motherboard,
    • anti-virus,
    • overclocking failure,
    • problematic hardware installation (faulty or mismatched),
    • 3rd party firewall,
    • BIOS,
    • cards improperly seated,
    • incompatible storage devices,
    • backup utility.

    Note   Note
    These are almost all usual causes, but it is possible that the cause is not a usual cause.
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    It was a forum kinda like this. It was just the first place I found. But I found you helping someone with the same problem and was hoping if you could help me too. I'm not an expert at computers so you'll have to lead me through on how to check all of my stuff to make sure it's working correctly. The thing is this never happened until I downloaded new drivers. That's why I assumed it was a bad driver.
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    A start would be providing me the required information, see post #2
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