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  1.    16 Jul 2016 #11

    No Memory.dmp as far as i can see!
    System has been stable for today though, I have just disabled windows log deletion from my CCleaner.
    Will upload more logs next freeze / BSOD!

    Until then, enjoy your weekend!
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  2. axe0's Avatar
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       16 Jul 2016 #12

    Per the last dump driver verifier was not enabled.
    The driver verifier settings are sometimes saved in the dump, but only when either of the flags (except for the automatic checks) is enabled driver verifier is enabled.
    7: kd> !verifier
    Verify Flags Level 0x00000000
        [X] (0x00000000) Automatic Checks
        [ ] (0x00000001) Special pool
        [ ] (0x00000002) Force IRQL checking
        [ ] (0x00000008) Pool tracking
        [ ] (0x00000010) I/O verification
        [ ] (0x00000020) Deadlock detection
        [ ] (0x00000080) DMA checking
        [ ] (0x00000100) Security checks
        [ ] (0x00000800) Miscellaneous checks
        [ ] (0x00020000) DDI compliance checking
        [ ] (0x00000004) Randomized low resources simulation
        [ ] (0x00000200) Force pending I/O requests
        [ ] (0x00000400) IRP logging
        [ ] (0x00002000) Invariant MDL checking for stack
        [ ] (0x00004000) Invariant MDL checking for driver
        [ ] (0x00008000) Power framework delay fuzzing
        [ ] (0x00010000) Port/miniport interface checking
        [ ] (0x00040000) Systematic low resources simulation
        [ ] (0x00080000) DDI compliance checking (additional)
        [ ] (0x00200000) NDIS/WIFI verification
        [ ] (0x00800000) Kernel synchronization delay fuzzing
        [ ] (0x01000000) VM switch verification
        [ ] (0x02000000) Code integrity checks
        [X] Indicates flag is enabled
    Summary of All Verifier Statistics
      RaiseIrqls           0x0
      AcquireSpinLocks     0x0
      Synch Executions     0x0
      Trims                0x0
      Pool Allocations Attempted             0x0
      Pool Allocations Succeeded             0x0
      Pool Allocations Succeeded SpecialPool 0x0
      Pool Allocations With NO TAG           0x0
      Pool Allocations Failed                0x0
      Current paged pool allocations         0x0 for 00000000 bytes
      Peak paged pool allocations            0x0 for 00000000 bytes
      Current nonpaged pool allocations      0x0 for 00000000 bytes
      Peak nonpaged pool allocations         0x0 for 00000000 bytes
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  3.    16 Jul 2016 #13

    Thanks for the help axe0!
    Twenty minutes after I say the computer has been stable... it freezes. No logs were dumped.
    I've just updated to the Radeon 16.7.2 drivers again.
    Will post back if any logs get dumped next crash!
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  4.    16 Jul 2016 #14

    Okay so update:

    Have installed latest drivers + ran verifier again only to get BSOD's every time windows loads.
    Reverted back to a previous system image just before running verifier (verifier is no longer running)
    Computer has just BSOD when watching a TV series.

    Attached DM Logs & a link to dropbox for the MEMORY.dmp file (I couldn't attach it to this post as the uploader kept getting to 5% then crashing for some reason, hope this isn't an issue)

    Dropbox - MEMORY.rar

    Thanks in advance!
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  5.    22 Jul 2016 #15

    Still getting the freezes
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  6. axe0's Avatar
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       22 Jul 2016 #16

    Apologies for the delay, I thought @Ztruker would continue so I didn't look back to this thread.

    Please update your BIOS to the latest stable version
    ASRock > 970 Pro3 R2.0

    Daemon tools, Alcohol 120% and Power Archiver Pro uses SCSI Pass Through Direct (SPTD), which is a well known cause for BSOD's.
    Please remove Daemon Tools and run the SPTD pass through remover.

    1. Uninstall Daemon Tools
    2. Download the SPTD standalone installer and follow these steps:
      • Double click the executable to open it
      • Click on the button shown below

    If the button is grayed out, like in the image, there is no more SPTD installation on your system, and you can close the window
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  7.    23 Jul 2016 #17

    Hi Axe0,
    Thanks for the support!

    I have Updated my bios to the latest firmware on the ASRock site (2.80)
    Uninstalled Deamon tools and ran and uninstalled any remaining SPTD pass through installation as you suggested!

    Will let you know if I experience any issues in the next few days!

    Thanks again!
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  8. axe0's Avatar
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       23 Jul 2016 #18

    You're welcome :)

    I sincerely hope the problem is resolved :)
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  9.    31 Jul 2016 #19

    Hello again guys!
    You're not going to believe this but I've just got back from a weekend away but last week the computer was totally stable. About ten minutes ago I logged into the site to thank you both for your support and tell you that it seems like the problem has been solved!
    I got about three words into the post and the computer froze again... without dumping any logs
    Seriously... what are the odds?

    Any more ideas / advice is appreciated

    Thanks in advance
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  10. axe0's Avatar
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       31 Jul 2016 #20

    That's the difficulty with freeze problems, they usually don't provide any logs.

    I've gone through some old logs, to see if I could find something that relates to the 0x5C crash you had.
    If you don't mind, I would like you to
    - provide a screenshot of your disk management,
    - scan the file system

    Disk Management - How to Post a Screenshot of - Windows 10 Forums

    BSOD or Total freeze, UNEXPECTED_KERNEL_MODE_TRAP Diagnostics Test BSOD or Total freeze, UNEXPECTED_KERNEL_MODE_TRAP
     System File Check

    Please try following:
    • Open an admin command prompt
    • Copy/paste "sfc /scannow" (without quotes) and press enter
    • When it is finished reboot your system
    • Open again an admin command prompt
    • Enter sfc/scannow again

    If sfc/scannow says "Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files but was unable to fix some of them" after the second SFC, please upload the cbs.log file located at %systemroot%\Logs\CBS\, if the file is too large try a 3rd party uploader like dropbox, onedrive, google drive, mediafire etc.
    System File Check(SFC a.k.a. Windows Resource Protection) needs to have your system rebooted in order for sfc to try to fix the problems that it finds.

    Make a photo of SFC and post it.

    A FYI, I would recommend to create a system backup. Within 2-3 days Microsoft is going to release the anniversary update, for many it likely will go as it should, but there are always some who experience problems for whatever reason you could think of. The best would be to get prepared for update failures or other problems by creating a system backup :)
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