From BSOD to Windows Crash

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  1.    03 Jul 2016 #161

    Just got a Critical Structure Corruption BSOD.
    Here is the link to the dump file:
    MEMORY4.DMP - Google Drive
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  2. essenbe's Avatar
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       03 Jul 2016 #162

    Raygon, maybe @axe0 can read the file for us.

    Did you reinstall the graphics drivers or tried them the way you were? If you left it, try to reinstall and just install the Graphics Driver and PhysX, nothing else. Also, is there any way you can verify the game files? Can you tell me the temps of your CPU and GPU at the time of the crash?
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  3. axe0's Avatar
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       04 Jul 2016 #163

    I haven't looked properly into the dump, I do not know what a possible cause is for the !chkimg corruption containing 5 errors, it could be a driver or the memory itself. Momentarily my suggestion is to borrow memory, if another BSOD occurs with the borrowed memory seat it in different slots and see if another BSOD occurs, this can tell if we're dealing with a possible faulty slot if the memory indeed is the cause in the 0x109 crash.
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  4.    04 Jul 2016 #164

    @essenbe I reinstalled the drivers via control panel (graphics, physx and geforce experience) per the instructions. If I am missing things causing the crash (symbols or whatever it needs) perhaps I should install more drivers and not less? Maybe I should try to reinstall via control panel remove everything like before, leaving the graphics driver for last, then remove that, then when my computer reboots I can reinstall my driver from my desktop and do a clean install and install graphics, physx, geforce exp, and the 3D drivers but not the audio driver?

    I have sent an email to the game support staff asking if there is a way to verify the game files, have not heard back from them on it.

    I can't tell you the temps of CPU or GPU at the time of the crash.
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  5. essenbe's Avatar
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       04 Jul 2016 #165

    If you will look at the instructions again, I had wanted to try just the graphics driver and PhysX. Nothing else. The full driver package include, audio drivers, 3D drivers, which almost nobody uses, HDMI drivers and several things like that. Your motherboard drivers contain all of those drivers. So, you are basically installing 2 drivers for the same piece of hardware, thus increasing the possibility for a driver conflict. GeForce experience has caused a lot of people a lot of problems, myself included. Those are the reasons I had asked for only the Graphics Driver and the PhysX driver. Nothing else. The overwhelming majority of us need nothing else., and you are just injecting unneeded drivers and services into the system increasing the possibility for conflicts. So, please try just the Graphics Driver and the PhysX driver and nothing else.

    You also list a Sandisk SSD. I am not familiar with Sandisk, but am very familiar with SSDs. If your SSD comes with a 'Toolbox' Utility, please look at it and see the health of the drive. Also, please make sure your firmware is current.

    Knowing the temps is important. Excessive heat can and will cause a BSOD. You have an EVGA card. If you have an account with EVGA (which you should to register your card) they have a utility called Precision X which is basically an overclocking utility. But, it is an excellent utility for reading temps, FPS in games Graphics usage and many other things. All of those things can be put in an on screen display during the games. If you would rather, you can also use MSI Afterburner which does the same thing. You will also need a CPU temp Monitoring utility. I use Core Temp or you can use Real Temp. Both are excellent programs. Realize in gaming you are stressing many components much more than normal and temps will rise. That is why it is really necessary to use programs such as these while gaming. I game and never game without them running. I never overclock my GPU while gaming but I do monitor several things during the game.

    As I understand it, your BSOD issue is always while gaming. Are your games through Steam, Origin or are they Stand alone games?
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  6. axe0's Avatar
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       04 Jul 2016 #166

    Please be aware with MSI Afterburner, certain MSI Afterburner drivers are known for being a bit unstable with Windows. I haven't personally seen many having BSOD problems with it but better prevent than cure.

    The drivers specific:
    Driver Reference Table - NTIOLib.sys
    Driver Reference Table - NTIOLib_X64.sys
    Driver Reference Table - RTCore32.sys
    Driver Reference Table - RTCore64.sys
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  7.    04 Jul 2016 #167

    I didn't know that about Geforce experience, I will uninstall and reinstall and leave out Geforce Experience.
    My Sandisk SSD doesn't have a toolbox utility installed that I am aware of.
    The health of my drive looks good (see attached), not sure how to check the firmware and if its current.

    I don't have an account with EVGA but I will make one since MSI doesn't play well with Windows.

    My games are standalone.
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  8.    04 Jul 2016 #168

    evga clock installed
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  9.    04 Jul 2016 #169

    graphics drivers reinstalled with only graphics driver and PhysX, no geforce exp.
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  10.    04 Jul 2016 #170

    Just got another Critical Structure Corruption with Geforce Experience removed. Here is link to the dump file:
    MEMORY5.DMP - Google Drive
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