Windows 10: My Norton AV tells me: "dm_log_collector.exe is not safe and has been Solved

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  1.    16 May 2016 #91

    Device Managers show no warning. Sending all expanded in 3 .jpg files.

    X10nets were deleted by me as shown in 4th attachment.
    X-10, Active Home Install files still exist on secondary Hard Drive:
    D:\z Install Files Win7 & 10\ActiveHome Pro 3.318 New 160321
    See 5th attachement

    X-10 Data File ... see next post
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       16 May 2016 #92

    WDF_VIOLATION is generally a memory related issue. In most of the cases the BSOD causes if any device driver is passing bad codes to the system memory. Sometimes it is the failur from the part of the physical RAM.

    I would ask three information from @jdUnionngarden.

    First .... Test your RAM modules for possible errors. Run memtest86+ for at least 8 consecutive passes.

    If it start showing errors/red lines, stop testing. A single error is enough to determine that something is going bad there.
    Take a camera snap of the memtest86+ window before closing the program. Let us see it.
    Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Ten Forums - Windows 10 Forums

    Second .... Upload the list of all the third party drivers Using NirSoft DriverView :

    • Download and execute Driverview
    • View > Hide Microsoft Drivers
    • Edit > Select all
    • File > Save Selected Items
    • In the Save dialog, Set the path to desktop, Put "Driverview" in the name field, and save.
    • Zip the .txt file and upload it.

    Third .... a question. Why your windows installation is Legacy one within the disk partition of UEFI system?? Why and how it happened?
    The proper answer to this question will be the most important and most critical info, IMHO.
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  3.    16 May 2016 #93

    In C:\Program Files (x86)
    One folder with one xml data file* exists; attached. No program file exist to run it.
    *<_MyHome-5-Day Week, 160227-Win10.ahx> In .zip file to be able to attach

    Snippet: (Renamed to *.txt to read and copy):
    <ahp> <rooms>
    <room t="Kitchen" id="1000001" header="0" ts="128114421968750000" origid="1000001" >
    <mod id="2000001" type="LM465" cat="oldlamp" t="Kitchen Lights" code="D3" lifestyle="0" room="Kitchen" origid="2000001" ts="129768473025437849" />
    <mod id="2000012" type="MACRO" cat="macro" macroid="4000006" t="DIM Kitchen 10%" code="A3" lifestyle="0" room="Kitchen" origid="2000012" ts="128114535450937500" />
    <mod id="2000013" type="MACRO" cat="macro" macroid="4000007" t="Bright Kitchen 10%" code="A4" lifestyle="0" room="Kitchen" origid="2000013" ts="128114535948125000" />
    <mod id="2000022" type="MACRO" cat="macro" macroid="4000014" t="Kitchen 70%" code="D10" lifestyle="0" room="Kitchen" origid="2000022" ts="128706276509687500" />
    <mod id="2000011" type="MACRO" cat="macro" macroid="4000005" t="DIM Kitchen 20%" code="A2" lifestyle="0" room="Kitchen" origid="2000011" ts="128114534819062500" />
    <mod id="2000033" type="MACRO" cat="macro" macroid="4000020" t="Bright Kitchen 20%" code="A4" lifestyle="0" room="Kitchen" origid="2000033" ts="130913884563676417" />
    <mod id="2000020" type="MACRO" cat="macro" macroid="4000013" t="Kitchen 60%" code="D11" lifestyle="0" room="Kitchen" origid="2000020" ts="130005359615002926" />
    <mod id="2000019" type="MACRO" cat="macro" macroid="4000012" t="Kitchen 40%" code="D11" lifestyle="0" room="Kitchen" origid="2000019" ts="129439103016718750" />
    <mod id="2000002" type="AM486" cat="appliance" t="Kitchen Fan" code="D1" lifestyle="0" room="Kitchen" origid="2000002" ts="129992259734949827" />
    <mod id="2000010" type="MACRO" cat="macro" macroid="4000004" t="DIM Livingroom 50%" code="A5" lifestyle="0" room="Kitchen" origid="2000010" ts="128114529700781250" />
    <mod id="2000027" type="LM465" cat="oldlamp" t="Living Room" code="D2" lifestyle="0" room="Kitchen" origid="2000027" ts="129768473880389074" />
    <mod id="2000006" type="AM466" cat="appliance" t="Big Fan" code="D8" lifestyle="0" room="Kitchen" origid="2000006" ts="129768573070152888" />
    <mod id="2000030" type="AM486" cat="appliance" t="Small Fan" code="D9" lifestyle="0" room="Kitchen" origid="2000030" ts="131035850402012073" />
    <room t="Living Room" id="1000002" header="5" ts="128114422170468750" origid="1000002" >
    <mod id="2000003" type="LM465" cat="oldlamp" t="Living Room Lights" code="D2" lifestyle="0" room="Living Room" origid="2000003" ts="129768474160339477" />
    <room t="Bedroom" id="1000003" header="8" ts="128114422433281250" origid="1000003" >
    <mod id="2000004" type="Lev-6381" cat="lamp" t="Bedroom Lights" code="D4" lifestyle="0" room="Bedroom" origid="2000004" ts="129770631910034237" />
    <mod id="2000005" type="LM15A" cat="lamp" t="Closet Light" code="D5" lifestyle="0" room="Bedroom" origid="2000005" ts="129768474798390409" />
    <mod id="2000026" type="AM466" cat="appliance" t="Big Fan BR" code="D8" lifestyle="0" room="Bedroom" origid="2000026" ts="129268929047500000" />
    <mod id="2000021" type="AM486" cat="appliance" t="Small Fan" code="D9" lifestyle="0" room="Bedroom" origid="2000021" ts="129768573193153061" />
    <room t="Macros" id="1000004" header="6" ts="128114422624375000" origid="1000004" >
    <mod id="2000007" type="MACRO" cat="macro" macroid="4000001" t="GU2P" code="D12" lifestyle="0" room="Macros" origid="2000007" ts="128114523629843750" />
    <mod id="2000008" type="MACRO" cat="macro" macroid="4000002" t="Bedroom Lights On" code="D6" lifestyle="0" room="Macros" origid="2000008" ts="128114527324843750" />
    <mod id="2000009" type="MACRO" cat="macro" macroid="4000003" t="Bedroom Lights Off" code="D6" lifestyle="0" room="Macros" origid="2000009" ts="128114528417500000" />
    <mod id="2000015" type="MACRO" cat="macro" macroid="4000009" t="Living Room On" code="D7" lifestyle="0" room="Macros" origid="2000015" ts="128114539434843750" />
    <mod id="2000016" type="MACRO" cat="macro" macroid="4000010" t="Living Room Off" code="D7" lifestyle="0" room="Macros" origid="2000016" ts="128114539991250000" />
    <mod id="2000014" type="MACRO" cat="macro" macroid="4000008" t="Shower" code="D16" lifestyle="0" room="Macros" origid="2000014" ts="128114537091406250" />
    <mod id="2000031" type="MACRO" cat="macro" macroid="4000018" t="Big Fan ON" code="D13" lifestyle="0" room="Macros" origid="2000031" ts="130824030760685869" />
    <mod id="2000032" type="MACRO" cat="macro" macroid="4000019" t="Big Fan OFF" code="D13" lifestyle="0" room="Macros" origid="2000032" ts="130824033518039746" />
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       16 May 2016 #94

    @Arc, he is installed in Legacy mode. his IT guy did the transfer from the old hard drive to the SSD. it somehow got messed up and the 100MB System Reserved partition is just there but not used at all. All of the boot files were moved to the C drive. See this post My Norton AV tells me: dm_log_collector.exe is not safe and has been - Page 8 - Windows 10 Forums
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  5.    16 May 2016 #95

    Maybe this will help. I copied Q: to another drive and zipped its contents; attached
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  6.    16 May 2016 #96

    Bed for me; back in the morning.
    Thanks for staying with this.
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  7. essenbe's Avatar
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       17 May 2016 #97

    See you then
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  8. Arc's Avatar
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       17 May 2016 #98

    essenbe said: View Post
    @Arc, he is installed in Legacy mode. his IT guy did the transfer from the old hard drive to the SSD. it somehow got messed up and the 100MB System Reserved partition is just there but not used at all. All of the boot files were moved to the C drive. See this post My Norton AV tells me: dm_log_collector.exe is not safe and has been - Page 8 - Windows 10 Forums
    In the presence of a 450 MB Recovery partition, that 100 MB partition looks more like the EFI System partition than the system reserved. But the C drive is marked as active which is a legacy feature. That is why I asked.
    Whatever is there in the 100MB partition should not matter as C is the Active one. Isn't it?

    Apparently it was not a very successful attempt to move the windows installation to another disk. A clean installation would have been much better. I think that 'not very successful' attempt is the main reason behind the permission related issue; though still now it is not clear to me what may be the relationship between the permission issue and the 0x10D BSOD issue.

    I have asked two questions regarding the generic causes of the WDF_VIOLATION (0x10D) BSOD. I think we will get the reply to those questions from the OP. Let us see what we get there.
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  9. essenbe's Avatar
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       17 May 2016 #99

    Sounds fine to me.
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  10.    17 May 2016 #100

    Good morning all, @Arc, I have attached the Driverview .zip file for your examination.
    I will run the Memtest86+ tonight; I have 16GB RAM ... can you estimate the number of hours it may need to run for 8 passes (min) ? I could start it before bedtime if possibly necessary.
    *I don't see mention of the minimum size of the the USB Stick. I will use an available 16 GB one; please advise if it needs to be larger.
    *FWIW: 2 of the 4 DIMM cards are new; the original 2 came with the computer 4 years ago (Win7).

    I'll stay tuned for additional comments ...

    My thanks go out to all of you working on solving my issues.
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