Windows 10: New machine - Numerous Freezes & 1 BSOD Solved

  1.    12 Apr 2016 #1

    New machine - Numerous Freezes & 1 BSOD

    Hi All,

    I have just built a new machine with the following specs:

    i7 5930k cooled by a corsair h105
    Asus X99 Deluxe/u3.1
    32gb of kingston HyperX 2666 ddr4
    2x Gigabyte GTX Titan X Xtreme
    samsung 850 pro 1tb
    corsair ax1500i

    I am having issues with freezing and so far have had 1 proper BSOD. The freezes that are happening are a full lockup, unable to do anything except a hard reset. They have all happened while using one of two programs: Zbrush, so far with only basic low poly geometry, so not really hardware intensive - and also while rendering 3D images inside Daz Studio using iRay render engine (high GPU load).

    All i really have to go off is the 1 time it has actually hit BSOD, which was WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR. log attached for more detail

    I am using Afterburner to monitor temps via the LCD screen on my logitech g510 keyboard, and my temps have always been fine: nothing over 55'C on the CPU, and nothing over 70'C on the GPUs.

    Anyone able to tell me a bit more from the minidump? and offer any advice on the next steps to take to troubleshoot this?

    appreciate any help i can get
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       13 Apr 2016 #2

    Hi nubblet.

    I would suggest you to uninstall (not disable) AVG, because it is failing and adding up to the BSOD.
    ffffd000`2147df30  fffff800`b4562050Unable to load image avgidsdrivera.sys, Win32 error 0n2
    *** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for avgidsdrivera.sys
    *** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for avgidsdrivera.sys
    But that is not a sufficient cause of a stop 0x124 BSOD, which is mainly hardware related. And this is a new machine.

    Test your RAM modules for possible errors. Run memtest86+ for at least 8 consecutive passes.

    If it start showing errors/red lines, stop testing. A single error is enough to determine that something is going bad there.
    Take a camera snap of the memtest86+ window before closing the program. Let us see it.
    Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Ten Forums - Windows 10 Forums

    Stress test the Graphics Card using Furmark.Take a screenshot of the furmark window before closing it. Upload the screenshot for us. Also let us know if you have experienced any crash/BSOD and/or artifacts during the test.

    Stress test the CPU.It saves the result as a .txt file in the prime95's folder. Upload the file for us.

    And, let us see a snapshot using Speccy: Speccy - Publish Snapshot of your System Specs - Windows 7 Help Forums
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  3.    14 Apr 2016 #3

    Thanks for the response, Arc

    I have uninstalled AVG as suggested, and so far i have run Furmark and Prime95, with no freezes or BSOD throughout. Pictures and results from p95 are in the attached rar

    In Furmark i ran it twice, once for each GPU individually with 30 minute duration. Since building this machine, i have not enabled SLI and my freezes have been without SLI enabled. I looked closely for artifacts and closely watched the temperatures. I saw no artifacts, only a minor stutter or two. The temperatures varied by around 10 degrees on each card, but i would assume this is down to the location in the case. The one on top has less space below it for air flow for the fans, where as the one on the bottom has space below it. You can also see in the pictures that when running the test on the top card, the bottom card idles much lower than the top card idles when testing the bottom - assuming for the same reason. Max 68 degrees on the bottom card, and max 79 degrees on the top.

    i ran Prime95 for just over 3 hours, which also came up with no errors if i am reading it correctly. Temperature on the CPU maxed at 70 degrees.

    I will begin memtest86 shortly, expecting that to take quite some time.

    On a side note - my machine went through a windows update last night. I was sort of expecting the CPU or GPU test to be the ones to throw issues, given what i was doing when my freezes/BSOD was happening. Since they did not, would it be possible that the windows update that came through last night solved an issue that was causing my problems?

    edit1: added speccy snapshot -
    is it normal to show unknown RAM at very low frequency?

    edit2: having issues installing memtest on to a USB drive - following the guide in the link, and when running the installer, the usb drive does not show up in the drop down menu. why would that be? Its a 128gb corsair voyager GTX. tried formatting it, rebooting pc, and a few different usb ports.

    edit3: memtest now underway, used different usb stick
    Last edited by nubblet; 14 Apr 2016 at 03:44. Reason: adding speccy & memtest install issue
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       14 Apr 2016 #4

    All the tests went very nice.

    If you set the RAM clock to 2133 MHz, does it BSOD? Please try it and let us know.
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  5.    15 Apr 2016 #5

    after 40 hours, memtest is finally done. no errors (as attached)

    so all tests came with no errors, yet i have just tried to replicate the problem by loading daz studio to attempt a 3D render. Within 2-3 minutes of starting the render using iRay, the computer froze again.

    given that it always freezes, and i have only had the single BSOD so far (which happened early on, since then freezes only), what does that point to, now that all the stress testings have shown no errors?

    im no expert at reading event viewer, but i dont think the freezes even show up in that
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  6.    16 Apr 2016 #6

    This is very frustrating and doesnt make sense. After previous post stating that i had a freeze within a few minutes of starting a 3D render, after that i ended up rendering 4 or 5 different images, at around 40 minute duration each - using just one video card, then just the other, then both together, and had no issues.

    And then i opened Zbrush, and it froze within 5 seconds of loading some geometry onto the pallete.

    i have just now set the RAM clock to 2133 as suggested, will revert with results
    Last edited by nubblet; 16 Apr 2016 at 04:55.
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       16 Apr 2016 #7

    nubblet said: View Post

    i have just now set the RAM clock to 2133 as suggested, will revert with results
    Very nice! Will wait to see how it performs. :)
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  8.    18 Apr 2016 #8

    so far so freeze or BSOD since changing the RAM clock to 2133. Almost certain that has fixed it

    Would this be because the ram sticks i am using are not on the list of tested RAM for asus x99 boards? I am considering jumping to 64gig, so if i went with something that is on the list of tested ram like corsair vengeance LPX, would it be safe to say i wont run in to the same issue leaving them set to their default frequency?
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       19 Apr 2016 #9

    nubblet said: View Post
    so far so freeze or BSOD since changing the RAM clock to 2133. Almost certain that has fixed it

    Would this be because the ram sticks i am using are not on the list of tested RAM for asus x99 boards?
    Because of the following .....
    See what your motherboard says ....
    * Hyper DIMM support is subject to the physical characteristics of individual CPUs.
    So the support of RAM type is depending on the CPU. And the Processor says ...
    Memory Types DDR4 1333/1600/2133
    That is why a higher frequency is causing the issue.

    It it good to know that the system is running stable now. If it causes any further issue, let us know. :)
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       19 Apr 2016 #10

    Hello, Nublet. I hope Arc doesn't mind me intruding in his thread, but I just wanted to explain something to you. Your board/CPU have an extra divider that most other boards do not have. Your CPU frequency is set by your bus speed X the multiplier. So, at stock yours is somewhere around 3500 MHz, which is a multiplier of 35 X bus speed of 100 ( 35 X 100 = 3500). However, if you set the ram at 2666, your divider changes that by increasing to 125 instead of 100, which drastically overclocks your CPU. if your multiplier stays at 35 you will be a 35 X 125 = 4375. Unless you know your BIOS values and can adjust the right ones and know the procedure, your computer will be unstable. By Arc telling you to set your ram at 2133, which is the default ram speed for your board, it stabilized your board, by setting your divider back to 100, and your CPU at stock speed. I just thought you would like to understand what happened. You can run your ram at the higher frequency, but it is almost not worth it. You will see little to no performance gain but will have to adjust a lot of voltages and have a lot of problems getting it stable.
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