Sorry folks for not responding so long so I owe you some additional information. I was fighting with this d@@n think for almost last 20 hours. And I haven't won yet but, I think, I see some light in tunnel.

First: I found that Realtek RTL8187 wireless controller comes in a few versions containing letters "B, L and SE" at the end. Fortunately it was also driver provided for Win 7 for my version. Reinstalling driver hasn't changed anything - the same Realtek driver was installed. So after restart I've experienced a few of my "lovely and so familiar" BSOD's with DPC Watchdog stuff and then I decided to re-install Win10 again using "GetWindows10-sds" file. Unfortunately it felt twice with two different errors codes. So now I have to leave this forum, move to "installers" and then bother them. Thanks again and I will let you know how my horror story has ended.


PS. This think can cause my problems: " There is a simple cause for this issue: Some main boards are using SATA controllers that doesn’t support AHCI mode – which is required during setup. In this case exchanging the SATA driver is a show stopper." - this is taken from "Born's Tech and Windows World" forum and I have to examine this issue as I have several drives hooked.