Hello TenForums,

I've been battling a troublesome BSOD issue over the course of months now, and really getting frustrated. During gaming, I've been getting a BSOD saying Thread Stuck in Device Driver at strange times. It doesn't always seem to be consistant. Here are a few details that may help:

1 - It happens generally after gaming for 10+ minutes. Sometimes 30 minutes or an hour.
2 - Down-clocking my crossfire seems to delay the BSOD, but it will eventually happen.
3 - GPU temps rarely go above 83 Degrees
4 - Earlier today, I ran Heaven Benchmark for 30 mins straight with no problem on a down-clock, then as soon as I opened 3DMark Firestrike, BSOD.
5 - I have switched Motherboard, Video Cards, RAM, HDD, Case... everything!
6 - Using Whocrashed, I found that "atikmdag+0x44703" shows up all over the place, which seems to think it's driver related
7 - Same issue occurs with AMD Driver Crimson 15.12 and 16.1 (have not tested with older, but would assume the same would happen?)
8 - Windows 10 has been re-installed.... a few times

This is all I can think of off hand, but please ask for more details and I'll find out right away.

Dump file is uploaded as per instructions

Thanks so much in advance for any help!