After installing the free Win10 on my 8yr old pc and updating all the drivers I could find, it seemed to be stable for a couple of weeks. Then I started to get BSOD's, about 4-5 a week, for no apparent reason, other than browsing the internet or watch videos, and often doing nothing but sit there or just refreshing emails in my email client. I've changed video cards, and reseated memory sticks, tested memory, refreshed drivers, etc. Here is the list of BSOD's that have incurred (some on more than one occasion):


I rarely, if ever, had a BSOD in Win7 that I recall. I saw this forum and the number of threads addressing fixing BSOD's were just way too many to peruse. So, I decided Win10 wasn't worth it on my older pc, despite it meeting requirements. Since, it was past 30 days, I could no longer just click and revert back, so I had to reinstall Win7 from scratch (no good image backup). I'm sure there are plenty of happy Win10 folks, but I'm not one, at least with my current desktop setup. I'm not a gamer nor do I do anything cpu intensive with my pc. For me, resolving BSOD's is not something that I should have to even worry about. I doubt Apple users have to worry about these type of things. So, I'm back to Win7 and after 2 weeks, no BSOD's. Can Microsoft improve Win10 to reduce or even eliminate BSOD's? I doubt it? Maybe on a new pc with newer hardware it would be more stable, but from what I glanced at in this forum, it even happens to new pc's and laptops. Cortana and the newer interface is nice, but not at the expense of an almost daily reboot from a BSOD. I reiterate .. so, what's the point, at this time? I know I'm not the only one.