BSOD on Windows 7 and currently Windows 10 while playing Dota2

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    There is no physical or BIOS-Switch like some laptops with Optimus have. My only Option is to do it in NVidia settings. If i do it there (set that the preferred card is NVidia) then it will just switch to NVidia while launching any or most applications. But the switching still occurs im pretty sure. There seems to be no way with this laptop to tell it to use NVidia for everything.

    My progress with the testing is very weird. Now the game crashes with -dx11 too. I cant explain it... i did use Professional last time though, this time its Home Premium. But other than that it should be all the same, since i dont actually install much, only the drivers and the game...
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    Try to disable 1 and see how it goes, please be aware that sometimes weird things may occur when trying this.
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    So i previously already tried to disable the Intel GPU, but then the screen goes dark and i need to restart the laptop with the power switch. Back in windows, the GPU is activated again. So i tried that again but was using only the laptop screen (usually i use external hdmi display) and this time it also turned black and i had to restart, but after restarting the Intel GPU was still inactive. But: i cant start NVidia settings because "i use a display wich is not connected to a NVidia GPU".

    Then i restarted and plugged the display at the hdmi port, got the same message. Plugged the display at VGA-Port, still the same. It seems that everything on this laptop, even the stuff rendered by NVidia card, is still in some way processed through the Intel card and sent to the display.

    Dont know if that changes anything here. As i said, the Intel card alone (when i start the game without the NVidia switch) works fine and i never had a crash there (although i never played that long because the performance is so bad).

    Back to testing topic: I dont get BSOD every time the game crashes with dx11. The system sometimes just hangs and i need to hard reset it, with no dumps created. But here is one dump which was created with dx11. I think most/all of the previous dumps were dx9.
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    Okay something weird is going on here. I just wanted to test the game with the integrated graphics, but it crashed after the start too. This is the dump, could you take a look? I got the feeling that something is very wrong with this setup now...

    After this BSOD it restarted and said it installed the driver for Intel again and i should restart. I did, and started the game again (with intel) and this time no crash. Wtf.....

    So i opened this one myself in WinDbg, it seems that although i did set it to use Intel, it did use NVidia after all and thats why it crashed.
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    Ok, so i kinda sorted this out now:
    It seems that when i start the game in fullscreen mode, those BSODs appear. But, if i start the game in borderless window mode, then i can start with dx9 and dx11 without problems.

    Ill test this tomorrow when i have time to play a few games. Also i will install Windows 10 on a separate partition to check if its like this there too.

    Drawback is that i get slightly better performance in fullscreen mode.

    Ill report again tomorrow. Maybe someone knows how this can happen only in fullscreen mode. I think ill post this in the valve forums as well.
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    I was just posting on the valve forums because i was certain the in borderless window mode it doesnt crash, but yes it does.

    So it seems like in fullscren mode there is something which causes immediate crash after start and in borderless the crash comes some time later...

    As far as i can see, the dump file is similar to the others, right?
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    Run furmark on both the GPU's, you may need to stop it earlier because of the temps.

    Diagnostic test


    Run Furmark to test your GPU. Furmark tutorial

    Note   Note
    Run Furmark for around 30 minutes

    warning   Warning
    Your GPU temperatures will rise quickly while Furmark is running. Keep a keen eye on them and abort the test if temperatures rise too high
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    The test ran for like 12 minutes, then the temperature was at 99 and i aborted it. I had no crash while testing. When playing the game, i rarely go over 80.

    I've also stress-tested with heaven (there i think its direct x and not opengl like in furmark) and had no crash too.
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    Please monitor the temps when idle and under load.
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    Under load (playing dota2) max of gpu is 80 and cpu too.

    idle they are both around 50-60.

    For the crashing which occurs in fullscreen mode i have posted a thread in other board:
    Dota2 Reborn BSOD in main menu in fullscreen (Win7/Win10), Dumps included

    Since that seems an isolated issue for me, because it happens all the time right after the start of the game. So i started with the start option -nod3d9ex and it doesnt crash at start while in fullscreen mode...

    Ill test this and play and see if it crashes while i play.
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