Windows bsod boot loop

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    Windows bsod boot loop

    Hey guys hope someone here can help me before I go mad. I built my new gaming pc and she was running smoothly until windows did a automatic update (without my permission) now nothing works. I keep getting hit with this error 0xc0000034 message which tells me that there is an invalid object in the Boot Configuration Data store". I then get a blue screen stating i should try to reboot using my usb i installed windows from. So I tried to boot from my usb windows 10 stick drive and it only brings me to the boot manager. I get the normal messages to launch it in safe mode but when i try and do that it restarts the computer then blue srceen followed by error code and back to my original error message. And the cycle repeats with no other options. Restart, error code, crash, boot manager, safe mode, crash, blue screen, error code and repeat. Once and awhile it will say windows diagnosis problem but then it just crashes and restarts. I can access my bios but i dont know what I could do from there. I really dont care about losing any files or programs since its brand new and I really have nothing on there anyway. So if I could just wipe it all and start fresh I am all for it but I dont see how. I cant access system restore to do a factor reset or restore to a different time period. My OS is running off my ssd so is there a way to do a clean reinstall of Windows, if so how would I do it since there is no option for it. As I stated before I cant access anything other than my bios and my boot manager which gives me options to restart in safe mode ect, if I hit f8 it gives me other options all of which dont work. I tried a couple of them on suggestions from other people. I hate this feeling of looking at a 2,000 dollar paper weight. For the record I am running a msi Z170 M5 gaining mobo, intel i7-6700k 8g ddr4 2400 corsair, corsair h100igtx water cooler, nivida gtx 980,
    2 SSD 240g drives in a NZXT h440 case, and the problematic windows 10. I really hope there is a situation other then throwing this out a window.
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    It looks that your bootloader is corrupted.
    What is your system using UEFI(GPT) or Legacy/BIOS(MBR)

    How to repair your bootloader
    BSOD on Boot 0xc0000034

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    I believe I have the uefi, but neither of the fixes will work because I can't access my command prompt. I can only get into my mobo bios or boot manager thats it nothing else works.
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    How can I do anything if I cant get into my command prompt. Is there no way to just reset my whole system from my bios since windows wont work. How come I cant use my windows usb to just reinstall windows? I tried taking out my ssd where windows was installed in hope of installing a fresh copy on my othet ssd but it would not work it just repeats my original error message. I feel like im stuck in my own ground hog day.
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    You need to use the windows repair from the windows installation disc or usb.
    When in bootmanager change the bootorder to put USB first.
    Then boot into your USB windows 10 stick.

    If in Bios disable secure Boot.
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    Yeah I have tried that already I changed my bios to boot directly to the usb. I have even gone as far as to dissconect my ssd drive completely but it only gets me to the boot manager which gives me the options to do a restart in safe mode there is no other options. If I try to do a safe mode, or any other type of mode restart it crashes to blue screen. I cant get past this point its very frustrating.
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    When in your BIOS (mostly F2) did you already disabled Secure BOOT.

    Did you already try another USB port, if possible a USB2 port.

    Do you have not the Command prompt option (right upper corner)

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    I dont even get that screen at all i just turn on my pc for another go what pop up was a blue screen stating your pc is broken and needs to be repaired please use your windows recovery disk followed by a code. It gave me an option to go into my bios where I am at now.
    Under settings I have these choices
    System status
    Save and exit

    When I click on boot I have these choices
    Uefi hard disk drive nnd priorities
    Uefi hard disk drive bbs priorities
    Hard disk drive bbs priorities
    Usb key drive bbs priorities
    Full screen logo display enabled
    Go2bios disabled
    Boot up num lock state on
    Info block effect unlock
    System power fault protection disabled auto clear cons disabled
    Boot mode select legacy+uefi

    Fixed boot order priorities
    Boot option 1
    uefi usb key uefi
    kdi-msftwindows 10 pmap, partition 1

    Boot option 2
    Uefi hard disk windows boot manager (po: ScanDisk sdssda240g)

    Boot option 3
    Ueif hard disk ssd2sc240g1cs1754d117-82

    Then there's boot 4,5,6,7 8, ect.

    Now does any of that help, I really am a noob with all this stuff in bios so please remember that. I might have something set wrong, I hope.

    BTW THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR HELPING ME. You are the only person who has responded to me about my issues. Even if we cant get it solved thanks for trying.
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    Please try to pull the cmos battery, it is the same as resetting the BIOS to default values but resetting directly in the BIOS might not always work.
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    How would I do that sorry but remember im a noob.
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