axe0 said:
From your edited reply I understood you think I am an expert or pro or something at this, I am a person with possible one of the least experience in BSOD debugging from the Windows 10 Help Forums, anyone from my level could be in the wrong direction sometimes.

If you don't appreciate what I said, you can formulate it in another way then calling it half ***** answers.
You were correct @axe0.

After I posted everything was well and marked the thread solved. My BSODs came back. After I tightened every screw and reseat every component. I still received BSODS. I went into a BSOD loop of deaths. The only way to fix this was removing a RAM stick.

That was when I discovered I did not BSOD with only one RAM stick. I could play games on the highest setting and lag like crazy without receiving a BSOD. I switched both RAM sticks and still no BSOD. It couldn't be a hardware problem.

Then I checked my Bios settings for my components. That is when I discovered the Bios was reading the RAM incorrectly.

My Bios/motherboard was reading them at only 1000Mhz. I ticked it to read the 1600Mhz immediately.

My computer is stable now. No more BSODs and everything runs smoothly and faster throughout the past 2 days.

My deepest apologies. I was frustrated and angry because of the situation. I became an idiot and created my own reality that you were half assing your answer. In fact, your answer was the most helpful.

I embarrassed myself and still am feeling embarrassed.


Thank you for all the help.

You did not deserve that.

Sorry. I was a ****ing dick.