Just a suggestion for users here who need to perform RAM tests to rule out hardware issues: Memtest86+ 5.01 has a bug with CPU multicore support (Parallel), as it hangs after some time testing and the only safe way to perform the tests is in single core mode, which is extremely low. This usually happens with test #7:

Memtest86+ is freezing while running test #7

The original proprietary version, Memtest86 6.2.0 Free, does not have this bug, which it means it performs the passes much, much faster than Memtest86+. Apparently, older builds of Memtest86+ do not hang with multicore support enabled as well.

Another advantage of Memtest86 over 86+ is that it supports EFI+GPT, so you don't need to disable Secure Boot on UEFI menu to boot the USB drive with Memtest86 installed like you do with 86+, as it's installed only in MBR. The tests are the same, it perform 4 passes and it can even save a report in HTML format after ending the test. You can download the free version here:

MemTest86 - Download now!

Here is the report in PDF so you can have an idea: