Freeze Crash and Nvidia Driver Stopped Responding

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    How old is your hardware components including peripheral and when was the last time you updated their drivers?
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    My main components such as the intel i5-3570k, gtx 660ti, gigabyte z77x-3dh motherboard, 8 gb ram, 700w psu, and 1 TB hard drive are about 4 years old. I bought each of the parts and put it together myself. I only updated the graphics card.
    However, the compaq keyboard and speakers are like 10 years old. Finally, the logitech mouse is around 3-5 years old. I never updated the peripherals since I didn't even think that was possible xD
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    I would check for the older components for driver updates, I don't expect any but always check.
    Drivers may cause system freezes, especially peripheral drivers are often causing it.
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    I checked Compaq/HP's official site, and it looks like they don't even support my keyboard anymore lmao

    At least I haven't gotten a crash or problem in a few days now xD
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    =o Windows 10 froze up again. It's very infrequent; in fact, it was like 3-4 days since the last freeze.
    However, I did notice that it usually happens within 10-15 minutes of booting up the computer.
    And while Windows 10 is somewhat frozen, I can still continue watching videos on youtube, but eventually chrome stops responding to xD

    Edit: It just happened twice in a row, all within 10-15 minutes of booting up the computer.
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    Are you able to open taskmanager to see if anything heavily takes resources?
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    Nope. I can pretty much only move my mouse. The keyboard doesn't respond to anything.
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    Diagnostics Test


    Run SeaTools to check the integrity of your HDD. SeaTools for DOS and Windows - How to Use - Windows 7 Help Forums

    Note   Note
    Do not run SeaTools on an SSD as the results will be invalid.

    Run chkdsk
    Disk Check - Windows 7 Help Forums

    Run HDTune to
    • scan for errors, no quick scan but full scan
    • check the health,
    • benchmark.

    It may take some time, but please take the time you need to perform it properly.
    Let me know what the results are
    • of the error scan,
    • make a screenshot of the health of every hard drive and post the screenshots,
    • post screenshots with the benchmark of the
      • transfer rate,
      • access time,
      • burst rate,
      • cpu usage.

    Diagnostic Test


    Run Prime95 and Download IntelBurnTest - MajorGeeks to stress test your CPU. Prime95 - Stress Test Your CPU - Windows 10 Forums

    Note   Note
    If you're overclocking anything, please stop it and set everything back to default while troubleshooting

    warning   Warning
    Your CPU temperatures will rise quickly while under this stress test. Keep a keen eye on them and abort the test if overheating occurs.
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    Ok, so I have all the tests here. There is one problem that the health test detects. It's a Interface CRC Error Count, and it says that there might be communication errors possibly caused by a damaged cable, which I'm assuming is the SATA cable. I'm not sure if that's the cause of the problems, can you confirm?

    Edit: I ran the CPU stress test some more, and wow I've never seen my CPU at 100% load It usually barely goes past 40-50 celsius, but this time it reached 66 celsius at its highest point. In total, it passed 4 tests. I stopped it a bit early, because I wasn't sure when it would end.

    Attachment 57081Attachment 57082Attachment 57083Attachment 57084Attachment 57086
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    Keep an eye on the Interface CRC error, if it increases occasionally then you should worry about it.
    This error typically means a problem with the hard drive, cable or motherboard.
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