Multiple differernt BSODS while gaming on multiple games

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    Okay previously I updated to the F5 update should I update the BIOS again to this F6 people have told me it can damage the computer. Also is there a way to get my computer to BSOD sooner if it's going to as I get little time during the week with work and all and sometimes it can take over 4 or 5 hours to get it to BSOD. Thanks again.
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    If a BIOS update goes wrong it can brick the motherboard. This is a reason why motherboards have 2 BIOS/UEFI's, if 1 of them has a problem after an update you can use the other to recover.
    I would suggest to set the BIOS settings at the optimal default settings (optimal = change if necessary for stability), this sometimes helps a bit.

    You can run driver verifier to let it crash sooner, but it won't catch the root cause, it only hides the root cause by letting you think the problem is a driver.

    If the BIOS update doesn't help, run below tests to attempt to find the cause.
    There are no tests for the motherboard, you can only test the motherboard by replacing it or using it on another system
    For the PSU there is a voltage test: PSU - Test DC Output Voltage - Windows 7 Help Forums
    For the cables it is the same as the motherboard, you need to test it by replacing it or using it on another system.

    STOP 0x124 Troubleshooting

    Read carefully before proceeding.

    warning   Warning
    If you're overclocking your system, revert back to stock clocks now.

    Note   Note
    Test the system once the overclock is removed before continuing with the steps outlined below.

    Part One: CPU Stress Test
    Part Two: Hard Drive Diagnostics
    Part Three: GPU Stress Test



    Run Prime95 and/or IntelBurnTest to stress test your CPU. Prime95 - Stress Test Your CPU - Windows 10 Forums & CPU - Stress Test Using IntelBurnTest - Windows 7 Help Forums

    warning   Warning
    Your CPU temperatures will rise quickly while under this stress test. Keep a keen eye on them and abort the test if overheating occurs.



    Run SeaTools to check the integrity of your HDD. SeaTools for DOS and Windows - How to Use - Windows 7 Help Forums
    Run following tests
    1. Short Drive Self Test
    2. Short generic
    3. Long generic

    If the short generic fails, no need for the long generic.

    Note   Note
    Do not run SeaTools on an SSD as the results will be invalid.

    Run chkdsk
    Disk Check - Windows 7 Help Forums

    Run HDTune to
    • scan for errors, no quick scan but full scan
    • check the health,
    • benchmark.

    It may take some time, but please take the time you need to perform it properly.
    Let me know what the results are
    • of the error scan,
    • make a screenshot of the health of every hard drive and post the screenshots,
    • post screenshots with the benchmark of the
      • transfer rate,
      • access time,
      • burst rate,
      • cpu usage.



    Run Furmark to stress test your GPU. FurMark - GPU Stress Test - Windows 10 Forums

    Note   Note
    Run Furmark for around 30 minutes.

    warning   Warning
    Your GPU temperatures will rise quickly while Furmark is running. Keep a keen eye on them and abort the test if overheating occurs.
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    Okay so I updated to BIOS version F6, I have tested the CPU with prime95 on all three different test options for three hours each, I have tested GPU with furmark for 1 hour, I have ran all of the test you gave me for the ssd and hdd and all passed, did not get to check PSU voltages with a multimeter, only got to check them with HWinfo64. Still getting BSODs figured I would show you one more time and then if theres nothing obvious with the report I will manually check voltages at PSU and if that is fine I guess I will replace the mobo.
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    Is the firmware of the SSD up to date?
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    Okay I looked all over for drivers for my SSD and cannot find one. It's a Samsung 850 evo 120 GB.
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    You need to download the Samsung Magician program, with the program you can check for updates and update the firmware.
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    Downloaded the magician software, there was an update for my SSD, updated it to the latest version. Played for a few and got another BSOD.
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