This may seem wierd but in my case it is urgent!

Recently I was notified by Windows that I need to run a CheckDisk for C: drive. I dont knw y but this happened! Scanning and repairing C drive: 54% and got stuck there. So i did a force restart and this came "Preparing Automatic Repair" and then "Repairing disk errors. This may take over an hour" but after around 50mins nothing happened and the HDD light was dead. So force restarted it. And the scanning and repairing came again. But this time it finished to 100% booted up and mouse pointer came up. But if I move it, it stays for sometimes and then disappears. And if do this again the same thing happens. If i press Caps Lock or Num Lock it stays on for sometime and then turns off. HDD light blinks. But a black screen. I tried to boot into Advanced Repair *and correct it. But unfortunately no system restore points or anything. I tried restarting the ChkDsk but it corrected some parameters but no use. Booting into Safe Mode also failed because of the mouse pointer automatically hiding

Please help me




Windows 10 enterprise N

Intel corei7