Windows 10: "newly" built PC freezes, bluescreens.......sometimes

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    "newly" built PC freezes, bluescreens.......sometimes


    I recently refurbished my PC a bit, to accomodate a new graphics card, and speed it up. The only parts remainig from the old pc which ran for 6 years very stable is the RAM, and a mass storage 2TB Hitachi HDD, the case, DVD player and the PSU.
    The OS (Windows 10 Pro, student license) is installed on a SSD: Samsung 850 Pro.

    During the installation process I got several bluescreens and crashes, but at the third try windows installed nicely - though it continued to give bluescreens.
    So I started to troubleshoot myself:
    I updated the BIOS with software from the website from MSI, I updated the Chipset drivers with the MSI update-tool, I cleanly installed the Nvidia graphics driver (with beforehand removing everything with driver cleanup in safe mode). The Nvidia driver was a bit quirky, initially it just presented "failer, could not install myself", and canceled the installation, but cleaning up made it possible to install it afterwards, just nicely.
    I tested every RAM part each with memtest86 about 10-20 passes each without any errors (all in the same slot on the motherboard).
    Samsungs SSD wizard claims that the SSD is fully functioning and healthy.

    I ran the Driver verifier for a small amount of time, and it didn't show anything, but I guess I should give it more time.

    The system sometimes freezes after about 1 minute, and sometimes continues quite long behaving just normal, enabling me to install windows updates, do online searches and even gaming.

    here are the .zip-files generated after two crashes: the earlier one is a freez after a few minutes of running, the second a (new) bluescreen during gaming
    Attachment 54631Attachment 54632

    the most commong bluescreens (but maybe not exclusive all I got) are:

      • Memory Management
      • (Driver) IRQL not less or equal
      • Page Fault in unpaged area
      • Dpc watchdog violation
      • Kmode exception not handled

    I hope anyone will be able to help a bit, I don't know what to do anymore (except that I will start the driver verifier now, and let it run a few hours, leaving my apartment in a few minutes, so I will report what it did later on).

    Kind regards,

    what I forgot to mention:

    the errorcode of the last bluescreen while gaming: 0x0000361a
    I did a system restore once (or I tried) after something crashed. In the process, it claimed not to have worked, giving this error-code: 0x80070002
    Nevertheless, after restarting, it claimed to have successfully restored my system - so I don't know what happened.

    Additionally, don't know if that's any helpful, the fast access option in the explorer, showing last and most looked at things, as well as presenting the "bibliographies" (Documents, Downloads, Music,...) did work correctly. After I changed the Firefox Download-Folder and changed the automatic saving options of Documents and stuff to my mass storage HDD, there is nothing listed anymore, and if I try adding a Folder to the fast access list, it fails, prompting a message like "E:\ I can not do this" (E is the HDDs Name)
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    yehea, new problems...


    I was copying files (trying to get the backed up data again on the HDD - I copy from a NAS, which is connected via iSCSI), when the RAM was filling up (seen at the Task Manager). It seemed as if the copyied files were not deleted from the RAM after moving on my HDD. I have to admit, it maybe was not the best idea to wait what will happen when the RAM is absolutely full, if it would throw a bluescreen related to RAM (I thought, maybe that could have been the case before, as I did this sometimes, but it became obvious it was not).

    I ended with a screen turning black, with a visible cursor. I tried to shut it down blindly, but failed, and could not do it by short-cuts. So I pressed the reset button on the case, and boom, ran into a boot-loop with a bluescreen:
    IRQL not less or equal

    This appeared twice, and then went into "Windows could not be loaded correctly, do sth" screen. There I wanted to do a system restore, but it could not find any restore-point (which should have been there).

    So now I went to system reset, while keeping personal files. It worked fine, though I deem I'll be obliged to go through the Nvidia graphics driver installation with beforehand uninstalling everything from it in safe mode.....I'll try to install it just like that beforehand....

    EDIT: graphic driver installation worked without any disturbances

    EDIT (29.12.2015):

    After the system reset, the system ran quite good (compared to the mess beforehand), with an occasional freezing. Now, a few new Bluescreens are appearing:

    • 0x000361a
    • system service exception (dxgmms2.sys) (only spotify was running in firefox, apart from that idle)
    • Faulty Hardware Corrupted Page
    • pfn list corrupt
    • Attempted write to readonly memory

    apart from that, sometimes the computer freezes, and the audio player (the realtek device, just normal audio out at the mainboard) gives a very loud, strange sound, just random crazyness.
    I deactivated the NVIDIA Sound device for HDMI support, but it occured again.

    Some of the recent crashes occured when I tried to start "Assassins Creed Syndicate", without first starting Uplay - when I started out of Uplay, it went nicely to the point where the ingame world should be displayed, upon that it froze and gave the jizzling crazy sound.

    So again, I don't have any idea what to do next, what to check, to update to.....

    I attach the zip-file generated just now, after the last crash
    Attachment 55948

    I'd be glad to have someone looking over it, I'm on the edge to take the computer to some shop, and probably waste some money on someone who will just only try what I tried already....
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