Windows 10: Random BSOD Erorr Messages Solved

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       30 Dec 2015 #31

    essenbe said: View Post
    Hello HappyMan, axe0 asked if I would take a look and see if I could find anything. I hope you don't mind. Is the San Disk the only hard drive you have installed, and would you mind putting your keyboard and mouse as well as anything else you have connected to the computer in your system specs.

    If you don't alreadt have it, please download and install CPUz ( and post screenshots ( of the CPU, Mainboard, Memory and SPD tabs? On the SPD tabs, you can select each Dimm Slot from a dropdown list in the upper left of the SPD screen. Just post screenshots of the slots populated with ram.

    Please right click the start flag and select Disk Management. Post a screenshot of the Window where we can see both the upper and lower parts of the screen. Please Right click the start flag, select device manager and see if there are any yellow triangles. If there are, please expand that section as well as the Display Adapter section and Network Adapter section. I would also like to see what is under IDE ATA/ATAPI Adapters and Storage controllers if that is there.

    I have a couple more things I would like to see, but I don't want to ask to much of you all at once. Let's just take a look at those things first and see if we can see anything. When you get the time, please right click the start flag, select command prompt (Admin) and in the window that opens copy/paste this into the window sfc /scannow . If it finds errors it can't fix, reboot and run it again. It may take at least 3 times for it to repair any corrupted or missing system files. We want it to say, No Integrity Violations were found. If it says that, there is no need to run it again.

    If you are overclocking anything, please set everything back to default levels. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. I don't mind at all. I noticed you and axe0 discussing memtest86 and memtest86+. I always rely on 86+ and it has always been a far superior test, to me. I have a Haswell- E CPU with DDR4 memory and have used it with no errors. You also mentioned Display Adapters. You should not need/use any graphics drivers for the intel GPU. Motherboards disable the on board graphics any time they detect a PCIe X16 graphics card.

    Hi essenbe,

    Yes, the Sandisk SSD is the only harddrive I have installed.

    My keyboard is a super old Logitech and my mouse is a Logitech MX Master, nothing else is connected via USB except some external HDD however those aren't powered up / turned on.

    Please see attached for the two screenshots.

    I have previously ran sfc /scannow to try and fix any errors, I believe it found errors however it was unable to fix them so I did an "upgrade" of windows (basically put the installation media in and have it download updates and install). I will run sfc /scannow again

    I'm not doing any overclocking so everything is set to default.

    I thought with DirextX12 it can use both the onboard and dedicated GPU for improved performance. In either case good to know.

    As mentioned before the issue started basically from the start... I installed windows 10, shut it down for the night woke up the next morning to finish installing drivers and such and it blue screened. Later that day I reinstalled windows in hopes that it would fix the issue (apparently not) and well were here.

    EDIT: SFC Finished... Please see attached.
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       30 Dec 2015 #32

    Please go to this page ( and download the newer BIOS p1.70 try that and see if it makes a difference. If you get another BSOD, please upload the zip file again. I don't see anything out of the ordinary in your screenshots.
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       31 Dec 2015 #33

    It crashed today so the Fast boot option wasn't it... I actually have the H170M Pro4S not the H170 Pro4S which you posted (and I have the latest BIOS version)

    ASRock > H170M Pro4S

    Attached is the latest minidump crash logs... 123015-5359-01.dmp occurred after I hibernated the computer the rest should be from booting up the machine.
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       31 Dec 2015 #34

    OK, my apologies about the board.
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       31 Dec 2015 #35

    No worries, let me know if you figure anything out from the Dump logs.
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       31 Dec 2015 #36

    HappyMan, for some reason I can't open your .rar file you uploaded. The first one was in a .zip format and it opened fine. I'l not sure what the problem is, I never have problems opening rar files. Could I persuade you to upload another one or maybe @axe0 could see if he can open it.
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       31 Dec 2015 #37

    Upped as a zip
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       31 Dec 2015 #38

    many thanks. Opened just fine.
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       31 Dec 2015 #39

    HappyMan, I have looked at your dump files. from everything I am seeing, I think it is either bad memory or a hard drive related issue. The possibility still exists that it is a software error. Do you have or could you borrow another hard drive just for testing? Most of what I see are either memory errors or NTFS errors which is the file system windows uses. I know you have run memtest86+ already. Trust me, I know what a pain it is to run it.

    Am I correct that your BSODs are usually on a cold boot? We can test for driver issues, but if it is a hardware issue, we still wouldn't know for sure what was causing the BSOD. If I understand you correctly and BSOD only occurs on a cold boot, leads me to believe it is a hardware problem. Most of your dump files are different error codes which is usually indicitave of a memory issue.

    What I would prefer to do, if you have an extra hard drive is do a clean install on a known good hard drive. Everything does not have to be set up and installed. Just a bare install and try that for a short while and see if you have the same problems. That should eliminate a hard drive problem if that is the cause.
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       02 Jan 2016 #40

    essenbe, first off Happy New Year!

    I used another HDD and attached the Minidump files. This is a from a fresh windows 10 install (meaning no drivers, no data, nothing installed) shutdown and crashed. I also made sure to use a different SATA port and different power / SATA cable in case something was wrong with the one I was using. The second crash happened a min or so after the desktop loaded. The first crash I didn't see but I would assume it was on the initial booting of windows.

    Yes you would be correct, all the BSOD happen after a cold boot and the odd time when I shutdown (I think that's only happened once or twice) where as a cold boot crashes almost every time.
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