DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE caused by ntoskrnl.exe during sleep Solved

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  1. essenbe's Avatar
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       02 Oct 2015 #11

    I appreciate your patience with me. This seems to not be an easy one. When you say the computer is not being used, do you mean it is in Sleep or Hibernation? It is naming you graphics card/or drivers. The device is a pcie device. Do you have any other pci/pcie devices installed?

    !devobj ffffe000632ca060Device object (ffffe000632ca060) is for:
     Cannot read info offset from nt!ObpInfoMaskToOffset
     \Driver\pci DriverObject ffffe0006328a060
    Current Irp 00000000 RefCount 0 Type 00000023 Flags 00001040
    DevExt ffffe000632ca1b0 DevObjExt ffffe000632ca7a8 DevNode ffffe000632cb4f0 
    ExtensionFlags (0000000000)  
    Characteristics (0x00000100)  FILE_DEVICE_SECURE_OPEN
    AttachedDevice (Upper) ffffe000632cc3b0 \Driver\ACPI
    If you would, please run Furmark, but make sure you watch the temps closely and stop the test if they get too high. Temps will rise rapidly and very high. After a few minutes they will level off. Let it run, if temps are not too high, until the temps level off. Watch for artifacts while the test is running.

    After that I would like you to remove all wireless devices and any cards or dongles you use and see if that improves things any.
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  2. essenbe's Avatar
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       02 Oct 2015 #12

    Also, are you running Nvidia driver 355.98? if not download it here. . Then, uninstall all Nvidia graphics drivers, making sure that you uninstall the Graphics driver last. Yes, Windows Update will give you a hard time. But, when you install, select custom install and install only the Graphics driver and PhysX driver. Nothing else. Make sure you have the clean install box checked.
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  3.    03 Oct 2015 #13

    Yes - the computer is either asleep or idle (ie - it may still be running), but its usually several hours after it was last used. One thing you said about the video drivers may be relevant - I had already done a clean, "minimal" install of 355.98, but had ONLY installed the graphic drivers, but had NOT installed the physx drivers. I used DDU to remove everything and did a clean install of 355.98, but this time included the physx...

    The only pci/pcie card I have is the graphics card

    I can run frurmark, but the system is not running "hot" when it fails - ie - the fans are either off or running slowing.

    Dhanks again for your persistance

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  4. essenbe's Avatar
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       03 Oct 2015 #14

    Try running it anyway. It is not only to check the heat. It stresses the card out and will tell us if there is a problem with the card/Motherboard pcie slot. If that proves OK, we can try a few other things. But, one thing I would like to try if the card tests out OK is doing another clean install on a known good hard drive, instead of your SSD. You don't need to install programs or anything like that. Just the install, Windows Updates and test how it runs.
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  5. Geneo's Avatar
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       03 Oct 2015 #15

    The NVidia drivers / Windows 10 combo have been quite buggy. I have had least problems with 353.62. I have never had crashes with later versions, but lots of TDR (graphics driver timeout and recovery) especially after coming back from sleep. I have zero problems with 353.62. I would suggest you try that version
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  6.    03 Oct 2015 #16

    I reinstalled the 355.98 graphics drivers, along with physx this morning, and so far, no crashes, but the real test will be tonight. I ran furmark until the gpu temp curve was flat (only about 5 minutes) , and will run it longer tomorrow. There was no problem. I will check in tomorrow

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  7. essenbe's Avatar
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       04 Oct 2015 #17

    OK, great. You shouldn't need to run it longer unless you just want to. It could be a problem waking from sleep or Hibernation.
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  8.    04 Oct 2015 #18


    No crashes last night or today. I think it was pilot error - IE I tried to not install the fluff with the video drivers and left off the physx driver 'cause I did not know what it was. Installing with physx seemed t o fix it. I will wait one more night before declaring victory, but so far so good. Big huge THANK YOU!

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  9. essenbe's Avatar
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       04 Oct 2015 #19

    That's great news, so far. I'm glad it is better now and I hope you have it fixed for good. Please let us know and good luck.
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  10.    05 Oct 2015 #20

    OK - OI declare this problem solved - no crashes in 2 days, wheras is was 2 to 3 times per day before


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