Daily BSOD need help please

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    Daily BSOD need help please

    Hi im looking for help to fix this almost daily BSOD. This happens at random times whilst either gaming or simply watching youtube or any other random activity. It has previously caused multiple crashes one after another for 3-5 in a row within 5 minutes but more recently it has been 1 crash atleast once everyday or every other day, or so it feels that way.

    I have attached logs as required.

    If you guys need anymore info please let me know, I want to get this fixed as I am starting to constantly worry when the next Bsod will happen.

    This may be a random though and probably wrong but my RAM is not the same size/brand and wonder if this can cause issues?
    I also do leave my pc on for long period of times as I need to run some software constantly for the most part, this being rdp wrapper and obs to record the screen.
    I have tested running without obs and without rdr wrapper and the problem still occurs.

    Thank for your help

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    RAM does matter, if you use multiple sticks they need to be matched, not just in terms of voltages but in their timings. Mismatched RAM causes all sorts of problems.

    From the dumps RAM is almost certainly the cause of all three BSODs. Although they are different bugchecks and fail for different reasons, they all have the same exception code in common; 0xC0000005. This indicates a memory (RAM) access violation, meaning they tried to access invalid memory locations - that memory that was paged out, had not been properly allocated, or was bad...
    fffff804`6d2a3157 483902          cmp     qword ptr [rdx],rax ds:002b:fbffb78b`a7a0fe48=????????????????
    fffff803`6aedf7be 8a4028          mov     al,byte ptr [rax+28h] ds:002b:00000000`00000028=??
    ffff990c`5e40a728 8b8a10040000    mov     ecx,dword ptr [rdx+410h] ds:002b:00000000`00000410=????????
    These are the failing modules and instructions. The modules are all different and are all Microsoft drivers, so they are not at fault. On the right hand side of each failing instruction you can see a number of question marks (????????) these indicate that the target address that the instruction was intending to operate on is invalid.

    Typically these sorts of problems are down to a third party driver malfunction, but all of the drivers are Microsoft drivers and they just don't make these kinds of mistake. It's most likely that your mixed RAM is at fault, so I took a look at the RAM specs: The 4GB sticks (F3-14900CL9-4GBSR) are 1600MHz sticks, yet you're running them at 1867Hz. There's a problem right there! The 8GB sticks (KHX1866C10D3/8G ) are 1866MHz sticks so this is why your 4GB sticks are being overclocked. The timings and latency of the 8GB sticks are very different to those of your 4GB sticks. The two sets are not matched in any way, so this mismatch, and the overclocking of your 4GB sticks, will cause problems.

    I would first remove the 8GB sticks and run on the original(?) 4GB sticks for a while, ensuring of course that they're clocked at 1600MHz. See whether it's stable.

    I would then remove the 4GB sticks and insert the 8GB sticks, still clocked at 1600MHz (which that RAM can do) and see whether it's stable then.

    Finally, if both sets are stable at 1600MHz you can try mixing them again and see whether it remains stable.
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