Volmgr 161 + WHEA

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    Iím on a flight to Arizona right now, so unfortunately wonít be able to send those logs until Tuesday once Iím back.

    I have not changed the PSU cables. This could definitely lead to something, just seems odd that shortly after I purchased the PC that this became an issue if soÖ but s#%t happens I guess. I

    ďWhat about other cables, are all of those new?Ē

    Iím not sure which other cables youíre referring to, other than perhaps the power supply cord itself as well as displayport cables (which I have swapped countless times).

    I have not changed the case either, but I assumed it was just a metal case and wouldnít have anything to do with the system itself. Are the ďcase cablesĒ like the ones connected to the physical power button?

    The right standoffs are installed, perhaps another thought would be the tightness screwed down on the CPU, but Iíve adjusted it looser, tighter, and just right and it seems to make no difference- just throwing this out there.

    The PC has been connected directly into the wall, as well as its current setup of going through a couple strings of surge protectors, and has been tried on different rings around the house. Iím not currently in a position to bring it to someone elseís place to try, but I think changing the circuit circle pretty much accomplishes that already.

    Looking forward to following thru on this next week- thanks as always!

    Anyway recommendations on cables? I have a Corsair AX860 PSU, which needs to feed an RTX 3080 that has three different 8 socket connectors (Aorus Master RTX3080 Rev. 2) if this helps. Rev. 1 only had two 8 socket connections
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    I definitely think it's worthwhile replacing the PSU cables, a minor issue with one of those could well be the cause. As for the other cables, I was thinking of SATA cables, USB cables etc. and the extra USB power cable to the graphics card if you have one. You've replaced all components so I think it necessary to replace all cables inside the case.

    Hardware is not my thing so it would be better if someone more hardware knowledgeable advised on cables. TBH I though new cables came with either the PSU and/or the motherboard?

    Regarding the case, I was thinking of disconnecting cables to USB ports mounted in the case, just to ensure that they're not having any impact. I would have a real good look around the case to for anything that looks out of place.

    I have seen in the past a problem that was caused by the house power supply. They had a faulty appliance (I think it was a fridge) which was on the same ring as the socket the PC was plugged into, so it is worth trying a different ring in your house.

    It's generally not recommended to daisy chain surge protectors; for one thing it creates a longer path to ground (surge protectors channel spikes to ground) and in some cases it can be a fire risk. It's also important to take care what you plug into the same surge protector, you don't want anything that might cause power spikes on there. It's also unwise to overload a surge protector, so it's best to avoid plugging multi-socket outlet extenders like this picture...
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Volmgr 161 + WHEA-daisy-chain-surge-protector-bad.jpg  
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    Just got back. The last thing we experienced was the system WHEA BSOD'ing on basically idle, something I haven't experienced since RMA'ing the old RTX 3080.

    Not seeing any extra PSU cables included, although a bunch of SATA cables and 2x6 cables, whatever those are. I could just order another PSU again at this point and test it out. I was talking to a couple PC electricians over on reddit about this as well (they looked through this thread), and said it would be pointless to try swapping the cables as they believe it to definitely not be the issue. They haven't responded back with what COULD be the issue, so again still looking into a PSU to order, solely to test out the different power cables). Honestly, I'll do that right now. Can always send it back.

    My electronics are not daisy chained like that monstrosity, but it does have two outlet strips daisy chained. However, I've plugged it directly into the wall which also suffered the BSOD still, as well as plugging it into a different ring in the house :/

    As far as the housed USBs + Power button goes, it looks to be really neatly plugged in and screwed down, so I don't really want to mess with that if I don't have to (again, maybe I'll have to). I don't think any signs, albeit basically lack thereof, point to these being the issue as the only thing I really touch on that front panel is the power button.

    Attaching the new application+system and V2 logs just in case


    - - - Updated - - -

    Just so all the info's out there- I have a Corsair 220T RGB Case with an H100i Elite Capellix Cooler

    - - - Updated - - -

    Another one today- happened while watching a video via chrome and booting up rocket league, could be an interesting one.SysApps2.zipDESKTOP-31HHLHG-(2023-05-09_20-21-32).zip

    - - - Updated - - -

    Was just reading around- check out this discussion:


    Kieran seems to have the same exact issue I've been facing, and perhaps not coincidentally, she states her PSU is the corsair AX860i, virtually the same part as my AX860. Not sure if this helps, as she says clearing her CMOS apparently fixed her issue, which obviously hasn't for mine.
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    I'm surprised you're not getting parameters displayed on the BSOD display. Can you double check that the registry entry for the DisplayParameters edit looks like the attached screenshot?

    Volmgr 161 + WHEA-2023-05-09.png
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    @cwsink, I know I was receiving the parameters in the top left at one point, but I guess not anymore. my regedit does not have the display parameters
    Volmgr 161 + WHEA-screenshot-2023-05-09-220319.png

    Lemme know if you know how to get this added and I'll do so, and hopefully that helps get us closer!

    As Kieran mentioned in her post in the site I recently linked above, she was told that if the BSOD does not reach 100%, there won't be a dump file generated. IDK how true this is, but certainly for my case this makes sense, as mine never goes past 0% after the WHEA BSOD.
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    The top reply from Moab here gives the details on how to add that registry key. It was in my original reply but maybe was overlooked because of the way links look like normal text unless you hover the mouse cursor over the word? Or did you try it before but it didn't work?
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    I'm not sure, but I've got that set up correctly now - thank you! This still won't enable me to receive a memory dmp, but it'll throw the parameters back in the top left, correct? We get those, we get closer to the treasure?
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    My suspicion is the system drive is intermittently going AWOL and that's why you're not getting dump files. If the first parameter of a 0x124 bugcheck ends in hex 10, that would make me even more confident that's what's happening.
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    But all said connecting parts have been swapped out and continued to produce the same error
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    Hmmm... that makes me not so confident but let's see what parameters show up - assuming they do.
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