BSOD and can't use restore points I created

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    Windows 10

    BSOD and can't use restore points I created

    First post here, thx in advance for your patience.I am unable to use your log file tools (as far as I can tell)One day after installing, and then uninstalling Garmin GPS updating software (I set a restore point first), I started getting thisBSOD and can't use restore points I created-20210916_072759.jpg

    I have attempted several suggestions (some from threads here).
    The machine will not boot into safe mode
    I have created a Windows 10 recovery thumb drive (on another win 10 machine) and changed the boot priority in BIOS to USB
    Still unable to boot in safe mode or otherwise. I can get a command prompt (via the advanced options in the diagnostic screen that comes up after the reboot.
    I can see several restore points, and and get all the way to the last step but cannot check the box to select which drive I want to restore (I tried clicking, tab/space bar combinations, etc.) When I select the name of the restore point it is highlighted blue, but I cannot check the box, and so the next button remains greyed out.
    BSOD and can't use restore points I created-20210916_072911.jpg
    At one point I was able to run the restore process via the command prompt (I think that's how I got there) and was able to proceed, but after it finished, I got this (with sad trombone music playing in my head)
    BSOD and can't use restore points I created-20210916_073812.jpg

    Not sure if this adds much, but I ran chkdsk and some corrections were made (didn't change the above behavior).
    BSOD and can't use restore points I created-20210916_073939.jpg

    Before I do the big reset (my data is backed up, but there's some software I no longer have access to) I thought I'd see if people that actually know what they are doing have any suggestions.

    Thanks in advance
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    Try this

    1. Get into the Command Prompt from Advanced options when you cannot get into Windows environment.

    2. Type this command: net start vss and press Enter.

    3. Type this command: rstrui.exe /offline:C:\windows=active and press Enter.

    4. Restart your computer and try restoring again to see if you can get back to previous state.
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    I appreciate your time. I tried that command just now (rstrui.exe /offline:C:\windows=active) C: drive was selected and I was able to click next, but unfortunately after it ran for a minute or two, I got the message in the second screenshot above, "system restore did not complete successfully...". I think I may have seen that suggestion here in another thread and tried it yesterday.

    - - - Updated - - -

    My srttrail.txt log seems to indicate only that there is a pending package install. I tried to the dism.exe /image:C\ /cleanup-image /revertpendingactions /scratchdir:c:\scratch

    But it came back with, " an error occurred reverting the pending actions from the image" and referred me to a huge log file dism.log. I've also I looked around for a"pending.xml" file to rename or delete but could not find one.
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    windows 10 professional version 1607 build 14393.969 64 bit

    Find a flash drive that you can format.

    On a working computer create a bootable Sea Tools flash drive.

    Boot to the flash drive and run the long generic test.

    Take a picture and post an image into this thread.

    For any problem posting images please use share links.

    SeaTools | Seagate Support US

    After testing the internal drive use the same flash drive to create a bootable Ubuntu flash drive:
    Create a bootable USB stick on Windows | Ubuntu

    Boot to the Ubuntu flash drive and backup any important files to another disk drive or the cloud.

    Run the Lenovo diagnostics and take a picture of the tests performed with the results:

    Lenovo UEFI Bootable Diagnostics - Lenovo Support US
    Lenovo Diagnostics - Bootable USB (Create it on Windows OS) - Desktops, Notebooks, Workstations - Lenovo Support US
    Create Bootable USB with UEFI Diagnostics - Lenovo Support US
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    Thanks for the help.
    I ran the seatools. I was unable to find a "long generic test" option. I hope this is what you were looking for.
    BSOD and can't use restore points I created-seatools.jpg

    I was able to copy over all of my more recent (not yet backed up) files. Thanks for that.

    As for the Lenovo diagnostics software, the download generated an error when I tried to make the bootable drive. It said that the program could only be used on a Lenovo machine. The only working machine I have right now is a Win 8 Dell laptop.

    I was going to try to run their tools from a command prompt, or try to generate a bootable thumb using Rufus and the lenovo.iso file if I can find that. Are either of those good routes to take?
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    windows 10 professional version 1607 build 14393.969 64 bit

    The image appears to display USB drive problems.

    Sea Tools typically displays results in a different fashion.

    See if you can boot the computer to the onboard Lenovo diagnostics.
    (these may be old, non-updated tools, but there is often a test for drives.)

    Please backup any important files that were not recently backed up and replace the drive.

    Going forward you can use third party software to:
    a) monitor the drive(s)
    b) make free backup images
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    Zbook, (or other inclined to offer help). Going forward, I'm just looking for pay to not send a new, decent laptop to the landfill, because of what appears to be a purely software problem. I have backed up all my files.

    The seatools didn't give any long generic test option. It ran a test by default, with only the results shown above. I didn't see any other test options. I have several screen shots if you would like to see them. I'll try to run the built in lenovo diagnostics. Seems like there should be a process that evolves installing a new copy of windows as if this were a newly built laptop.
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    Nooooooooooo send it to me instead...

    If your files are secured...

    Go to bios. Load default.
    try Install a clean new Windows. Then Restore files.

    Lenovo's have Probably the hardest Security of them all. And might not wanna do it stock.

    This is a Very decent machine worthing the trouble. (for me) as I love'em
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    windows 10 professional version 1607 build 14393.969 64 bit

    An additional method for testing:

    Install Ubuntu on the computer and see whether there is stability / instability.

    If there is instability then it's highly likely to be an underling hardware problem (drive)
    Try to run Hard Disk Sentinel Linux:
    Hard Disk Sentinel - Free Linux version

    An additional method is to use Windows PE.
    For example Kyhi rescue or Bob Omb's or Hiren's etc.

    Toolkit Item: Kyhiís Rescue Disk Ė Win10.Guru

    Then test the drive using:
    HD Tune
    Sea Tools for Windows
    Hard Disk Sentinel
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    So I've used Rufus to create a bootable thumb drive, but I'm having a hard time finding the iso for kyhi's tools. The page you linked me to explains that all you need is the iso, h hit I can't seem to find the iso there. I'm probably being as stupid as my bricked Lenovo, but I can't find the iso download link.
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