BSOD Driver IRQL Not less or equal on Windows 10 Bootup

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    Are you sing bitlocker or other encryption software?
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    7malligk, just jumping in to ask you to help members help you by filling in the system specifications for the machine with the issue you're trying to solve.

    This will take you right there: The full model number is important.

    essenbee: Might the locked drive be due to Secure Boot?
    Secure Boot - Enable or Disable in UEFI

    Not sure if the machine is UEFI or BIOS, so the system specs will help.
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    This is from post #1. I believe it is UEFI.

    'Your PC/Device needs to be repaired.
    The Boot Configuration Data for your PC is missing or contains errors.
    File: EFI\Microsoft\Boot\BCD
    Error Code: 0xc000000f'
    I don't know about secure boot. The EFI partition has to be selected as the boot partition, I believe and should be the active partition.
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    essenbe said:
    This is from post #1. I believe it is UEFI.

    I don't know about secure boot. The EFI partition has to be selected as the boot partition, I believe and should be the active partition.
    Thanks, I'm really going blind - I've been missing a lot of things on a lot of threads.

    I mentioned Secure boot because of the 'locked' drive, but it could very well be, as you asked, BitLocker or even TrueCrypt

    If it hasn't already been done, resetting Firmware might work - but then the settings would have to be checked and confirmed.
    If that was also in post# 1 (or any other post), please excuse my 2nd strike ... one more strike and I'm back on the bench
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    You'll never be put on the bench and you know it. I've tried everything I know and googled the heck out of it. The only thing I know to do is nuke the drive and clean install, but I would think there would be a better way. That's why I called you. Master of all things.
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    Okay guys, I'm going to mention a couple things here, but I may not be of much help.

    I think the rollback failed mid-stream and he now has improper "flags" on his partitions, which would explain why it sees multiple devices, can't determine which to boot from, and has therefore locked the drive because of it. And, yes, EFI must be flagged as boot.

    (If the HDD is GPT, then UEFI ONLY must be used.)

    This would involve identifying the existing flags, correcting them, and then repairing the boot, and that's a bit over my head.

    Another option would be to give this a try:

    Windows 10 Recovery CD Free Download

    But I have no idea if it gets that complicated in its repair. Could be that the flags would need to be corrected before this would work.

    If the OP has all important files backed up now, probably the easiest solution is a clean install, nuking all partitions first.

    Sorry I can't be of more help.
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    Welcome aboard simrick. Simrick also suggested a Macrium WinPE rescue disk to fix the boot sector. It could be a good option as well. But, I also agree, it may be a quicker fix to reinstall the OS.
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    I already convened this information to essenbe, but it belongs out where members can see it.

    Horizon DataSys Support Portal

    ATTENTION ALL USERS: The Road Map for Windows 10 and Horizon DataSys Software
    Posted by Samuel Smith on 06 Aug 2015

    Microsoftís newest operating system (OS) Windows 10 is out.

    On July 29, 2015 the new OS has been made available to the public and Microsoft has promised all Windows 7 and 8 owners the option to upgrade for free within one year of its release. Thatís an enticing offer, and we anticipate many of our users will want to upgrade in that time.

    However, itís important to note officially RollBack Rx Professional and Home versions 10.3, Drive Vaccine version 10.4, Drive Cloner Rx 5.1, and Reboot Restore Rx are not compatible with Windows 10. A new update is needed for all our programs which we are planning to release as our next major upgrade to bring us up to RollBack Rx version 11, Drive Vaccine version 11, and with Drive Cloner Rxís upgrade to be announced soon after those are complete.

    Our developers, after looking into the Windows 10 Preview and anticipating the necessary changes to make RollBack Rx compatible, are predicting a six-month period after Windows 10′s release to have it up and running. Therefore the goal for us is to have our software fully functional with a redesigned GUI by January, 2016.

    While we understand many of our users will want to use our software on Windows 10 as soon as possible, this timeline is necessary when dealing with a program such as ours as it functions not just on the Windows file level, but the sector level as well. This allows our programs to have tighter security and integral failsafes, but it also means a deeper overhaul when dealing with a new OS to ensure the quality of the product stays intact.

    Until then our users should not install any of our instant recovery software such as RollBack Rx, Drive Vaccine, Drive Cloner Rx, or the Microsoft steadystate alternative Reboot Restore Rx on any Windows 10 machine. While internally initial tests have shown the OS to successfully allow an install, the subsequent use (i.e. taking/loading of snapshots, restoring the LGK in Drive Vaccine, etc.) has varied results.

    If you do plan on upgrading to Windows 10 prior to the release of version 11, you must uninstall our software first.

    (Original article: A Road Map for Windows 10 and RollBack Rx)
    That being said ... is there any help TF members can give to 7malligk? Or is this Thread Starter at the mercy of Horizon, the software publisher.
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    Sorry essenbe, we got caught in a cross post .. I don't have any problem taking my post down.
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    No, leave your post there. It may help others. I'll remove mine.
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