Hi there,

I just created this account as I already read through a lot of good threads on this forum regarding similiar issues.

After having a BSOD on my second partition (running 2x Windows 10 Pro on a dual-boot system) only one is running as it should. The BSOD was caused by powering off one of my USB/MIDI controllers which are connected over a USB 3 hub to the USB port of my laptop. I believe it was stated that the BSOD occured because of a driver failure (something like IRQL_LESS..) und I'm suspecting the Intel eXtensible Host Controller. This crash has happened from time to time in the past, but this is the first time I'm not able to boot into Windows anymore.

When trying to boot into the partition where the initial BSOD occured, I'm getting another BSOD saying 'CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED'. Windows itself is suggesting to use the built-in recovery function which unfortunately doesn't work. While I'm pretty sure that there must be an existing restore point - because I just manually created one shortly before the initial BSOD occured - the recovery function states that there are no restore points avaible on this drive.

I already tried the following:
- Trying to enter safe mode
- Using the recovery options via advanced startup
- Starting rstrui.exe via the command line (checked the drive letter before by using diskpart)
- Run sfc /scannow, chkdsk /r
- Tried to run DISM /Online .. (which isn't working in the pre-boot environment)
- Manually deleted the suspected drivers using the file explorer on my other working partition (D:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository)

What I haven't tried but read about:
- Use DISM in a offline way (not quite sure how to do that)
- Unplug the RAM sticks by opening the laptop enclosure (can this be an issue if RAM is working just fine on the other partition?)
- Run something like Memtest86

As I use the corrupt partition for a lot stuff like sound and music production, visual coding and video editing it was quite a lot of effort to set everything up. That's why I'm not commited to do a clean install..

I feel already really desperate at this point. I was hoping that somebody here has more knowledge on this topic and could might help me out.

Thanks already for reading through.