I found a thread that said that Windows will not cleanly reinstall on an SSD unless you first boot to advanced options > command prompt, then run diskpart > list disk > select disk # > clean > convert GPT > exit. Did that, and everything was looking good, but then got a BSOD, and freezing. Decided to try one last time before chucking this thing, and the disk was initially available, but then disappeared. Got me to wondering if it was a bad disk, so I decided to open it up and install the OEM NMVe drive (I had upgraded to a larger one).

When I got it open, the disk seemed fine, but when I took out the retaining screw, the drive basically popped out of the slot. I thought, hmmm... re-seated it, and tried to install Windows again. Disk was recognized, and Windows loaded. Has been running fine all day with no BSOD or freezing. It ran for a year or more just fine, so apparently it got knocked loose sometime in the last six months, or at least that is what I am hoping, as I was otherwise giving up.