BSOD daily

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    Windows 10

    BSOD daily

    Having BSOD's one or twice daily last few days. Yesterday I upgraded Window Home to Pro because it was on a special offer and never giving a though to the BSOD. However had another today. Have run What else can I try?
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    windows 10 professional version 1607 build 14393.969 64 bit

    When Windows is upgraded many logs used for troubleshooting are empty or cleaned.

    If possible use the computer so that when the V2 log collector is ran there will be several days or more with log entries.

    See posting instructions:
    BSOD - Posting Instructions
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    Attachment 288112[QUOTE=zbook;1966745]When Windows is upgraded many logs used for troubleshooting are empty or cleaned.

    Had the BSOD of the day so here's the V2 log.
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    64bit Win 10 Pro ver 21H2

    woldsweather said:
    Had the BSOD of the day so here's the V2 log.
    You have attached the wrong file. Please follow the posting instructions to submit the correct file.
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    OK hopefully right this time. Another BSOD today with Stopcode Driver_Power_State_Failure
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    64bit Win 10 Pro ver 21H2

    I think you will find the Driver Power State Failure errors are being caused by the FocusriteUSB drivers.

    A driver has failed to complete a power IRP within a specific time.
    Arg1: 0000000000000003, A device object has been blocking an Irp for too long a time
    Arg2: ffffd486e5daad90, Physical Device Object of the stack
    Arg3: fffff8014a660c00, nt!TRIAGE_9F_POWER on Win7 and higher, otherwise the Functional Device Object of the stack
    Arg4: ffffd486f69e55c0, The blocked IRP
    0: kd> !mirp ffffd486f69e55c0
    Irp Details: ffffd486f69e55c0 [ verbose | !ddt | !irp ]
        Frame Count
    Irp Stack Frame(s)
           # Driver               Major Minor Dispatch Routine                    Flg Ctrl Status  Completion Invoker(s)  Device           File   Context            Completion Routine                                                      Args                                               
        ==== ==================== ===== ===== =================================== === ==== ======= ====================== ================ ====== ================== ======================================================================= ===================================================================
          12\Driver\USBHUB3POWER     0 Wdf01000!FxDevice::DispatchWithLock   0    0 None    None                   ffffd486e5daad90 (null) ffffd486e42b50d0() UsbHub3!HUBPDO_WdmPnpPowerIrpCompletionRoutineForAsynchronousCompletion 0000000000000000 0000000000000000 0000000000000000 0000000000000002
          13\Driver\USBHUB3POWER     0 Wdf01000!FxDevice::DispatchWithLock   0    0 None    None                   ffffd486e5daad90 (null) ffffd486f3efa1d0() nt!IopUnloadSafeCompletion                                              0000000000000000 0000000000000000 0000000000000000 0000000000000002
        ->14\Driver\FocusriteUSBPOWER     2 Wdf01000!FxDevice::DispatchWithLock   0   e1 Pending Cancel, Success, Error ffffd486e80a9de0 (null) ffffd486fe2b1050() nt!PopRequestCompletion                                                 0000000000041100 0000000000000001 0000000000000001 0000000000000002
    0: kd> !mex.deviceobject ffffd486e80a9de0
    Device          : ffffd486e80a9de0           
    Driver          : ffffd486ecff6e10           
    Name            : \Driver\FocusriteUSB       
    Current Irp     :                            
    Ref             : 0                          
    Type            : 22: FILE_DEVICE_UNKNOWN    
    Flags           :                            
    Dacl            : ffffc181168493a0           
    Device Extension: ffffd486ecef6f10           
    DevObj Extension: ffffd486e80a9f58           
    Dope            :                            
    Device Node     :                            
    Ext Flags       : 800: DOE_DEFAULT_SD_PRESENT
    0: kd> !mex.ddt nt!_DEVOBJ_EXTENSION ffffd486e80a9f58
    dt nt!_DEVOBJ_EXTENSION ffffd486e80a9f58 () Recursive: [ -r1-r2-r ] VerboseNormaldt
       +0x000 Type                 : 0n13 (0xd)
       +0x002 Size                 : 0
       +0x008 DeviceObject         : 0xffffd486`e80a9de0 _DEVICE_OBJECT   !deviceobject!devstack
       +0x010 PowerFlags           : 0x41 (0n65)
       +0x018 Dope                 : (null)
       +0x020 ExtensionFlags       : 0x800 = DOE_DEFAULT_SD_PRESENT
       +0x028 DeviceNode           : (null)
       +0x030 AttachedTo           : 0xffffd486`e80ccde0 _DEVICE_OBJECT   !deviceobject!devstack
       +0x038 StartIoCount         : 0n0
       +0x03c StartIoKey           : 0n0
       +0x040 StartIoFlags         : 0
       +0x048 Vpb                  : (null)
       +0x050 DependencyNode       : (null)
       +0x058 InterruptContext     : (null)
       +0x060 VerifierContext      : (null)
    0: kd> !devstack 0xffffd486`e80ccde0
      !DevObj           !DrvObj            !DevExt           ObjectName
      ffffd486e80a9de0 Unable to load image \SystemRoot\System32\drivers\FocusriteUSB.sys, Win32 error 0n2
    *** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for FocusriteUSB.sys
     \Driver\FocusriteUSBffffd486ecef6f10  InfoMask field not found for _OBJECT_HEADER at ffffd486e80a9db0
    > ffffd486e80ccde0\Driver\ACPI       ffffd486dc57fbb0  InfoMask field not found for _OBJECT_HEADER at ffffd486e80ccdb0
      ffffd486e5daad90\Driver\USBHUB3    ffffd486e8d5f860  Cannot read info offset from nt!ObpInfoMaskToOffset
    !DevNode ffffd486e42b8950 :
      DeviceInst is "USB\VID_1235&PID_8016\5&2ae4f1d1&0&9"
      ServiceName is "FocusriteUSB"

    See if you can update the drivers or remove the device to see if the BSOD goes away.
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    Windows 10
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    OK thanks, I don't need that plugged in all the time but just forget to unho0ok it. Will give that a try.
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    64bit Win 10 Pro ver 21H2

    There was also a problem seen with the Trusteer Rapport driver in the other BSOD you had from the Bugcheck code 1000007E.

    There is very little free space left on your C:\ drive and so you are not getting any memory.dmp files being saved. Try to increase the free space on your C:drive in case we need to see to look at one of these in the future.
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    Windows 8.1 Enterprise x64

    What do you have connected to your computer via USB besides the FocusRite sound card?
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    Windows 10
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    Printer, mpouse webcam, charger cable to fitness band, mobile phone.
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