Random Restarts

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    Windows 10 home

    Random Restarts

    Been fighting this for weeks. Found your forum today. will see if you can help.
    Microsoft Windows 10 Home (X64) 1909
    Model: 90GU0006US Manufacturer: LENOVO
    Boot Mode: Normal
    SWISSHOME-(2020-05-22_16-11-12).zip - Google Drive
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    Windows 8.1 Enterprise x64

    Have you replaced your laptop adapter or battery with another one?
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    Windows 10 home
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    MrPepka said:
    Have you replaced your laptop adapter or battery with another one?
    It is a Desktop,
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    Have you blown the dust out

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    Yes it is clean, fans running normal, temps are in range
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    Please do this immediately after the next random restart (that'll make it easier to pin down the events around the time of the error):

    This will provide us with a sortable summary of all Warnings, Errors, Critical Events saved in Event Viewer.
    Please do the following (
    It's best if you do this immediately after the error occurs - that way the errors are at the top of the logfile.):
    - wait until another problem occurs
    - reboot (if necessary)
    - open Event Viewer (press Win and R keys to open the Run dialog, type in "eventvwr.msc" (without the quotes) and press Enter
    - expand the Custom Views category in the left hand pane, and left click once on "Administrative Events"
    - select the Action menu item in the top menu bar
    - select "Save All Events in Custom View As..."
    - name the saved file "Admin.evtx" (without the quotes) on your Desktop
    - ZIP up the file and upload/attach it to your next post (using the more options reply)

    - - - Updated - - -

    Please manually check Windows Update to ensure that you have ALL available updates installed

    Your BIOS/UEFI version M14KT40A is dated from 3/27/2019
    Please check the Lenovo support website for your model to see if a more current stable version is available. If so, please install it.
    Also, as long as you're at the Lenovo site, please ensure that your chipset drivers are updated.
    You can also update any other drivers/utilities that may be available from there.
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    Yes Windows is updated.
    Yes M14KT40A is the latest BIOS on Lenovo website.
    Latest chipset installed.
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    Note the first Critical event - it's telling you that the system was shutdown.
    So, this is after the restart.

    The error right below it tells us that the system shut down at 9:22
    IMO the times in Event Viewer are sometimes off due to time zone adjustments, etc

    Scroll further down to the next Critical Event.
    It happened AFTER 9:22 - it sorta shows that the times aren't accurate.

    This "pattern" repeats itself.
    There's a lot of DCOM errors (which I usually ignore as they're user-level events, not kernel-level events).
    There's also repeated Brother errors - so I suggest uninstalling the Brother software and unplugging any Brother device that may be connected to your system (this is just a guess).

    Beyond that, there's not much to see in the log.
    So, if it's not the Brother device/software - then it's most likely a hardware issue.

    I suggest starting with these free diagnostics:

    First step is to ensure that you can monitor your temps. I suggest one of these free tools:
    HWMONITOR | Softwares | CPUID
    SpeedFan - Access temperature sensor in your computer

    - MemTest86 (4 passes): MemTest86 - Official Site of the x86 Memory Testing Tool

    - Seagate Seatools for Windows (long/extended test on ALL drive): SeaTools for Windows |

    - OCCT (all tests): OCBASE / OCCT Run until the temps level out.
    Each test is different, so you'll have to keep an eye on the temps while running each test.

    - Furmark (run until temp's level out or there are problems - whichever comes first): FurMark > Home

    - Prime95 Stress Testing (run for at least an hour - or until the temp's level out. If you get errors you can stop the testing): GIMPS - Free Prime95 software downloads - PrimeNet

    - Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool (if equipped w/Intel CPU): The Intel(R) Processor Diagnostic Tool

    Finally, troubleshoot by hardware stripdown (this is an older post and some of the links are broken - but it's still relevant to your situation): Hardware Stripdown Troubleshooting
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    Windows 10 home
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    Over the past few weeks I have completed numerous diagnostics test using Lenovo diagnostic tools, memtest, and seatools. No hardware issues are ever found.

    Brother MFC software uninstalled. It is a network computer, not directly attached.

    I have completed some of these suggestions. Ran memtest again, no errors, ran OCCT, 3d, memtest and power . did not run linpack since it said it was for intel and I have AMD.
    No errors found in OCCT, 3d, memtest. but Power will not run, immediatley restarts the computer.

    I ran furmark no errors reported

    I was running prime95 and it restarted during that test. I have attached a new Eventvwr file.
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    Same basic pattern in the logfile - without the Brother stuff, and with an error in dump file creation (but no note of the BSOD error or it's code).

    What were the temps when it restarted during the Prime95 test?
    If you didn't get them, try it again and see what temps you get.
    If you don't catch them before the restart, IMMEDIATELY check the temps after the restart (before it has a chance to cool down) and let us know what you've seen.
    Also, check the results.txt file (in the Prime95 directory) to see if there were any errors generated before the restart.

    I think that there's a hardware problem either with your RAM or CPU (that's basically what Prime95 tests for).
    Run the OCCT tests to see if that spits out anything interesting.
    You may also want to try MemTest86 again for 4 passes, or (preferably)
    if you're able - run MemTest86+ overnight (it'll require disabling Secure Boot and enabling Legacy support in the BIOS/UEFI)
    It's free from here: Memtest86+ - Advanced Memory Diagnostic Tool

    Beyond that, you can run Prime95 trying the Small FFTs test and the Large FFTs test
    If either crash faster than the Blend test did - then we have to wonder about the CPU.

    Blend test tests mostly RAM
    Small FFT's tests mostly the CPU cache
    Large FFT's tests mostly the memory controller (onboard the CPU in your processor)
    Note the use of "mostly" in my description. This is by no means a 100% certain test, but it does give us an idea of where we're going. Unfortunately, AMD doesn't have a processor test (and I don't think the Lenovo tests are very reliable either (having had issues with the Lenovo tests on my laptop).

    - - - Updated - - -

    In short, after this we'll try to stress the CPU further and stress the RAM further - until we get a reproducible crash.
    You can also try different RAM to see if that stops the problems. If you don't have RAM to try with, you can purchase it from a shop that'll let you return it if it's not needed (for your money back). In the US, I've seen this at BestBuy, WalMart, and Target (but check BEFORE buying!)
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