Grom0X said:
Yes, copy BIOS on the usb flash without folder.
Ok, I put the file in the flash drive outside of the folder. I even deleted everything else in the USB drive. It seems it's still not being detected though? I took a picture of what the EZ Flash 2 menu looks like, so maybe I'm just missing something? Unfortunately the site isn't letting me upload the picture for some reason. I uploaded it to imgbb, so hopefully this site will let me post the link there: EZ-Flash-2 — ImgBB

- - - Updated - - -

Update: I managed to get in touch with my friend who built my computer for me to see if he could give any insight onto the issues. He said the heat readings from Speccy were high, and that I probably needed to re-do the thermal paste and thoroughly dust the fan on the motherboard. I dusted out the motherboard fan with compressed air (turns out I did miss some dust there somehow), and the system seems to be running fine now; no more crashing. So I think the issue was just overheating the whole time after all =x.

Anyway, thanks for all the help guys! =)