BSOD "inaccessible boot device" 0xC1900101 0x30017 during 1909/1903  

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    zbook said:
    The concern for scannow was corruption.
    There was no corruption reported.
    If an in place upgrade repair is successful these will disappear.
    If in place upgrade repairs are not successful there should be backup plans.

    Backup plans options are:
    a) reset save files
    b) reset remove files
    c) custom install
    d) clean install
    All of the above require the reinstallation of drivers and applications.

    These are the next steps:
    a) chkdsk /r /v
    b) Fix any misbehaving drivers
    c) Run through a Windows upgrade checklist
    d) Perform an in place upgrade repair while in clean boot Windows 1909
    e) Run setupdiag > evaluate any new upgrade failure error codes
    sounds good, thank you.
    the inplace upgrade to 1909 or 1903 is what caused the drive error.

    i also use Macrium Reflect for partition or complete drive backups. i have the C: drive and complete ssd from a few days ago when i started.

    - - - Updated - - -

    excellent, sounds good, i will follow step by step the instructions

    start with the 3 tests, then add more "Increase the number of customized tests by 3 - 5 / hour up to the 19 in the Microsoft link." so just pick a few more per hour from the list, up till all the microsoft link shows ?? ok, then if bluescreen, get info and memory dumps, will the log amend itself if there are more than 1 crash or should i find and save it after each one ??

    the goal is 48 hrs if no bluescreens, or 36hrs after the last crash ??
    after a crash, if the system is rebooted, the testing continues, until manually shut down, correct ?? do hit display existing then add some more from the manager screen, or create custom settings again ??
    do i need to disable sleep or anything like that ??

    restore point made,here we go!!
    thank you again for your time and help.

    I still have all the other HDD connected, i will leave it this way for this test, until install options show it might help.
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    windows 10 professional version 1607 build 14393.969 64 bit

    The goal is 48 hours of testing with modifications followed by 36 hours of observation.
    If there are no BSOD or unexpected shutdowns or restarts this will conclude the use of the tool.

    Not all BSOD crashes produce dump files.
    For this computer settings were modified.
    An in place upgrade had failed.
    Using Windows driver verifier is the next step to see if dump files can be created for debugging.

    The computer will remain in Windows driver verifier loops until the tool is turned off.
    So one or more of the commands must be used to return to the desktop.
    On the desktop run V2 and look for C:\windows\memory.dmp.

    The misbehaving driver if seen in the debugging will be uninstalled or uninstalled and reinstalled.

    The tool is then restarted to find the next misbehaving driver or malfunctioning hardware.
    Each time the customized test settings must be selected.

    The memory dumps are set to be overwritten after each BSOD.
    So they must be saved and / or uploaded before the next BSOD.
    The mini dumps are not overwritten.

    The Ccleaner settings were modified earlier so there is no third party cleaning of dump files.
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    got ya, sounds good,
    not sure the 48 hr testing and modification vs 36 hours, not sure what the difference is, ??
    i have 9 running now,

    correct, the inplace failed with an inaccessible boot device error, after a reboot called by the updater
    i also have an entry i think in my bcd/efi that immediately crashes, file:\bcd or something
    there are 2, windows boot manager and microsoft windows, i think the microsoft windows crashes or gives a start up error, i can still troubleshoot and get around, its not a hard lock. the other gets in windows just fine
    this is why i was thinking it was possibly a pointer issue, or bcd/efi issue.

    is there an easy way to add the additional checks, or do i set it up like the first time, add some more, and add the services each time ??
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    windows 10 professional version 1607 build 14393.969 64 bit

    When windows driver verifier is modified the tool must be turned off.
    Then new customized settings are selected and the tool is restarted.
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