Rebooting after waking from sleep. Possibly GPU related

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    Windows 10 1909

    Rebooting after waking from sleep. Possibly GPU related

    Hi there

    The experts on this forum have been very helpful in the past in solving obscure Windows problems so I thought I'd ask another one:

    I used to sleep my Win10 machine every night, but a while ago it stopped being able to wake from sleep and would instead wake up to a blank screen, sit for a minute or two and then reboot. I've tried various methods to investigate and fix it, but a solution has evaded me so far. Logs seem to suggest it is related to the GPU so I have uninstalled, deleted drivers, tried different versions of drivers, etc but nothing works.

    In case anyone suggests it, changing GPU is currently not an option at the moment. So if this is the source of the problem and no other work around exists, I will have to live with it.

    I have attached the logs from the log collector tool as well as the minidump file that seems most relevant to it (not sure if this is a duplicate or not)

    Any advice would be appreciated.Attachment 262482Attachment 262483

    Many thanks in advance!
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    Windows 11 Pro X64 22H2 22621.1848

    Definitely GPU related. When did this start happening? I see you have 441.87 Nvidia driver which is the latest available. Do you always update when a new version is released? I suggest going back a few levels to early November or late October version and see if that makes a difference.

    Attachment 262490

    Remove and install latest Nvidia drivers:

    Get the latest driver for your Nvidia card here: NVIDIA Driver Downloads
    Completely uninstall the current Nvidia display drivers using Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU) from WagnardMobile here: Official Download Here. Do this in Safe Mode.

    Then do a custom install of only the Nvidia Graphics and PhysX driver.

    See if that gets rid of the problem.

    Alternative is to power off the system at night or use a screen saver and power settings instead of sleep.
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    Windows 10 1909
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    Thanks for the quick reply!

    It started happening...several months ago I think. It's been a while now.

    I do always update the drivers when there are new ones yeah.

    When it first started and I narrowed it down to the GPU, I did try rolling the drivers back a few versions like you suggested and that seemed to cure it. Temporarily.... But then it just started happening again without me having changed the driver version. And as I do a lot of gaming on this machine, keeping my drivers on an old version is sadly not really a long term solution.

    I believe I had already tried your total uninstall and reinstall idea but I will try it again and let you know the results!

    At the minute I am just shutting down every night but would prefer not to have to do this and keeping it on all night will ramp up the electricity bills too high even when on power saver.
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    Windows 11 Pro X64 22H2 22621.1848

    A PC running in reduced power state does not consume much power at all.

    If you backed out to an older driver level, it's been updated again to the latest which may be why you are having the problem again. Roll back to a previous level then tell Windows Update to stop updating drivers.

    How to Enable or Disable Including Driver Updates in Windows Update in Windows 10
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    Windows 11 Pro x64 Version 23H2

    Does this happen after short sleeps or only after long sleep (hibernation)?
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    Definitely after standby sleep (S3). Don't think I've ever tried hibernate....don't use it much on my desktop.
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    Windows 11 Pro x64 Version 23H2

    Windows uses hibernate and you mentioned having to shut down at night. Night time is when it would sleep and then, unless you defeated or changed, three hours later Windows falls into hibernate.

    So just confirming, if you sleep it for 10 minutes and then start this happens?
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    Windows 10 1909
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    I've tried it before with short sleeps and yeah it still does it.

    But I installed Nvidia's latest driver yesterday and hadn't tried sleeping it again since then until you suggested checking short sleeps.

    And now it resumes from sleep fine....

    I guess Nvidia fixed it....

    Sorry to waste your time, folks!
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    Windows 11 Pro x64 Version 23H2

    No time wasted... we all learned something.
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