BSOD on start up/wake from sleep/playing games/idling

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    BSOD on start up/wake from sleep/playing games/idling

    Custom built PC. System specs are as follows:
    MOBO: Asus P7P55D PRO
    CPU: intel i5 750 2.66 ghz (minor OC to 2.88)
    GPU: nvidia gtx 660
    PSU: cooler master 700w silent pro
    RAM: 8gb Corsair vengeance 1600mhz ddr3
    Samsung 850 evo 250gb (C:/)
    WD green 500gb 5400rpm

    I recently upgraded from Windows 7 Home Premium to Windows 10 (not a clean install). Very rarely would BSOD in 7, but I seem to BSOD a lot in 10. I normally BSOD after waking the computer from sleep with VIDEO_SCHEDULER_ERROR. I have gotten the BSOD MEMORY_MANAGEMENT_ERROR while both idling and playing games or browsing the web, etc. Just recently encountered an error (too quick to catch what it was) on restart, windows login never loading.

    I wish I had more information to give you guys. Except for the occasional wake from sleep BSOD, they seem to be pretty random. I thought video scheduler BSOD was from my GPU, but I have played many games for hours without an issue. I stress tested it with benchmarking software, still no problem. In fact, I have stress tested the entire computer for a couple hours, but no problem. My RAM and SSD are new, installed before upgrading to 10. I thought they were the culprit, but checking them doesn't return any errors? Also half the time my computer hangs on start up, other times it gets to the login screen in 3 secs. Never had a problem in 7 with start up.

    Not sure if it's worth noting, but sometimes when putting the computer sleep or booting up the picture in my monitor will shake. It'll do this until I turn it off and back on or restart the computer (I think this could be hardware related, I'm not sure. it's a nearly 7 year old HP w1907). Also sometimes my keyboard will be very latent to turn on once the windows login screen is reached, with noticeable lag.

    I'm not sure where to look, software or hardware related... my symptoms seem to be a blend of both. I just don't know where to look to even really begin troubleshooting. But my lack of problems in 7 to my persistent problems in 10 leads me to believe its a windows issue.

    EDIT: here is the log Attachment 29788
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    Hello regalheroine Welcome to the "FUN" as well as the Ten Forums!

    You upgraded and things are not going like you would prefer to see them do so! Welcome to the club! With every upgrade over an existing whatever you can often expect it to turn out "BUGGY"! Upon getting 10 Pro on over a "Clean Install" note of 7 Ultimate guess what? Buggy wasn't quite the word for it! Before planning a clean install which will still be coming a second upgrade over the upgrade over the clean install of 7 so far has ended up seeing much better success!

    Unfortunately I think a good number of others are going to be running into the same types of problems the initial upgrade will tend to see. Many already expected to see clean installs until 10 arrived and the upgrade over was what is required to see 10 activated and the activation remembered having transferred the 7 product key onto the 10 install! Now to see if the second upgrade here will hold up for more then a week or will I be forced into the clean install I will be tending to anyways?

    Now if you did opt to save the iso image for 10 Home to your drive if not seeing a USB Installation Key made up you should run the Media Creation Tool once again to grab 10 in ISO form as well as look over the guide for making up a " Recovery Drive " which can be a big help in troubleshooting problems before the need to go further at the PC Refresh option also available in the Advanced options of the 10 boot tools. If you are not able to get in there by pressing F8 at startup you will want to see the recovery stick made up.
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    Thank you for the welcome; I wish it were under better cirumstancss haha.

    Are you suggesting I do a clean install of 7 and then reupgrade to 10? admittedly that's something I thought would be a last ditch option... And I don't have a usb drive big enough to create a recovery drive for 10. And I can't burn a CD because my CD drive is "broken" as it screws with my boot device order in BIOS.

    Is this something best to wait out? For updates? Should I bother troubleshooting all my hardware?
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    W10 Pro x64/W7 Ultimate x64 dual boot main - W10 Pro Insider Preview/W7 Pro x64 - remote pc

    The Recovery Drive will take an 8gb flash drive so you know ahead of time since the usb installation keys for both the 32bit and 64bit W10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista all fit on 4gb drives. The reason for that upon examining the one made up here (actually a few times but one drive? aaahhh not good!) is that the total drive space taken exceeds the 4gb drive's capacity by being just over 4gb total. But you can get flash drives even 16gb cheap these days by a quick buy online if you are on a tight budget. In fact I just ordered several 8gb and 16gb in prep for any friends that decide they want to give the free newbie a look!

    As for troubleshooting things as to why they didn't work right away I started on that immediately once I saw 10 go on the first time but found the upgrade apparently didn't go on fully like it should have! The second time around I was impressed at how most of the old stuff was found to work "Except" after getting the tuner card going the picture is all greyed out from a live input while playback of previously captured on 7 mpeg II files all play nicely. I still haven't captured anything yet however to see how that goes and WMPlayer still squashes the picture down to a vertical line across the screen as always!

    Now for things in the bios each boot listing is either disabled or you select the type of drive or device for that boot number. If an optical drive is bugging things up on it's own I find a little hard to believe removing it from the system would make sense if the drive was found to be faulty. Generally here only the first boot number is set for "hard drive" and the listing of hard drives when opening that where you see the plus "+" sign next to it allows you to highlight the drive you select and press either the Page Up or Page Down button to see it moved up or down in the list. You see the drive to be set as the default hard drive or USB HDD as seen there at the top. Once that is tended to you simply use the key indicated to exit the bios setup and save the new setting at the same time.
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