I built this PC at the end of the school year to be my primary PC for film color correction. A couple of months after the build, I was updating a driver and during reboot, the fans went to 100% and there was no video. KB + Mouse would light up though and I was even able to login (as confirmed by KB lights going from a wave to static) and then shut down the computer with a quick press of the power button (not a forced shutdown).

I removed the card and put it in an old build, and took my GTX 970 and put it in this PC. The 2080 worked in the old build just fine. I reinstall the card, and I get video again. A few weeks later, it happens again. I re-seat the card and get video back. I DDU the graphics drivers and reinstall them. Now I am getting BSOD errors randomly, and different errors every time. I have tried to save event logs whenever I encounter a BSOD.

A friend suggested I update the BIOS and make sure my chipset drivers are up to date. I install the chipset drivers again, and I notice when I check the BIOS that the update lists "Compatibility for i9-9920X". I flash the BIOS. Today I just got another BSOD and will be re-installing windows once I finish up a couple of projects I am on right now.

I have attached a log gathered with the V2 log collector. Due to work, I was not able to post at the latest BSOD date. Known BSOD dates are 9/21, 9/26, and 10/08. Attachment 251673
Windows Version 1903 (OS Build 18362.418)

I am at my wit's end with this computer and desperate for any assistance or ideas you might have. Any and all help is appreciated.