achov said:


for the Bios, i dont think there is a problem there because i have been running windows 10 for the past 2 years on this motherboard without any problems. They started recently, like 5 days ago. I will proceed with the programs you've listed and let you know the result.
If this was the case, then you wouldn't be here now. Just because the system didn't have problems in the past doesn't mean that that will hold true for the rest of it's life.

In short, it's either:
- the updates/additions reveal incompatibilities that weren't a problem previously, or,
- a specific set of circumstances (that cause the incompatibility to surface) haven't been reached yet.

As you update and add things to your system, the system changes. This includes new devices, new programs, program updates, Windows Updates, etc. Any one of these can cause problems.

In particular, with a BIOS update/non-update, they system may work just fine until a critical point is reached - at which time all heck can break loose and the problem may not even be fixable. As the system is no longer supported by the manufacturer, they can't/won't issue any patches to fix the incompatibility. So, at some point in it's life, the system will not be fixable simply because the manufacturer chooses not to update the BIOS any longer.

We may be able to fix this problem (I don't have a crystal ball to determine if this is a BIOS compatibility issue or not). But I do caution you that it's probably time to get a newer, Windows 10 compatible system. At some point in time the problems won't be fixable - and you'll be stuck without a decently working system at that point

Good luck!