BSOD randomly stop code and Uncorrectable error

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    BSOD randomly stop code and Uncorrectable error

    v2 log collector
    DESKTOP-68T9P1U-(2019-09-13_04-20-34).zip - Google Drive

    link to thread on toms hardware forum not sure if this helps with a little back ground

    Question - stop code whea bsod | Tom's Hardware Forum

    any help is greatly appreciated
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    Colif, post: 21286504, member: 1839848 said:
    i don't know if missing all those tags in dump is a hindrance to understanding results. Thats at PC, raw dump files shows missing Flags?

    I don't know what this means - FAILURE_BUCKET_ID: 0x124_GenuineIntel_PROCESSOR_MAE_INTERNAL_UNCLASSIFIED

    mostly the MAE Internal Unclassified part. rest is error code and what type of CPU you have.

    Both blaming the system.

    Have I ever told you I hate WHEA errors? they can be anything...I wish axe was around.
    Seems they miss me.

    Regardless of any tests you may have done, I would like to inform you that no software test is 100% bulletproof. Meaning even if software can't find anything wrong, it doesn't mean the hardware isn't bad.

    From experience, 0x124 internal issues are commonly caused by a bad CPU and the best way to test is by replacing the CPU or testing the CPU in another system.
    I have yet to see a situation where software can actually detect the CPU as the cause.
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    MpKslc20e0438.sys is a dynamic driver generated by Windows Defender (actually a holdover from Microsoft Security Essentials).
    The file name will always start with MpKsl, then will have 8 alpha-numeric characters followed by .sys
    Managed to capture one in a large dump file years ago and was able to puzzle it out.

    I reviewed the Tom's Hardware thread quickly. If I ask for tests that you've already done, please let us know (and the results)
    Also, please upload the zipped reports to these forums - it's much easier to work with them than with the Google Drive versions.

    Did Prime95 give any errors when you were running it?
    I note that it passed the Intel Processor Diagnostic tool's tests.
    Older XBox controller used to cause BSOD's. I suggest uninstalling the software for this device and unplugging it from your system while testing.
    I note that the RAM passed MemTest

    BIOS from your Asus H97-D3H-CF motherboard dates from 2015.'
    Please visit the Asus support website for your system and download/install the latest, W10 compatible version of the BIOS
    If not comfortable with this, hold off until it's the last thing to do (Asus BIOS updates aren't the easiest).
    If this is the latest version, then I would start to wonder if this motherboard is compatible w/Windows 10.
    Check the Asus website for this model to see if it still supports W10.

    All of the memory dumps that were uploaded were STOP 0x124: WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR errors
    Most often this is due to hardware problems - although it can be due to compatibility issues or low-level driver problems.

    If the system still BSOD's w/the GPU installed, but not with the onboard graphics - then I suggest
    - trying this video card in another PC to see if it crashes there, or
    - borrowning another video card to see if it works in this system, or
    - purchasing a new video card from a shop that will let you return it for your money back if it's not needed (in the US, I believe Target, WalMart, KMart and BestBuy will do this - but check first!)

    Post back with your response/results and we'll move on from there.
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    thanks for your reply! Prime95 received 0 errors and ran for 8 hours. i have updated bios for my Gigabyte motherboard from f3 to f7 (latest). i have taken out the my 980ti and I still bsod. xbox controller is practically brand new and blue screens with or without it being plugged in.

    - - - Updated - - -

    v2 log
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    I agree with axe0 - diagnostics are merely screening tests that aren't always accurate.
    They help us to isolate problems - but don't always do the job.
    The only sure-fire method of hardware testing is:
    - to remove the part from the system and test without it, or
    - to use the suspected problem part on another system, or
    - to try another, known good, part in it's place on your system

    STOP 0x124: WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR errors are errors that are sent to Windows from other devices (those that are capable of reporting errors - not all are). Most common are those that the CPU send - although I have seen video card and PCI bus reports. It's relatively easy to tell which device the error came from - but not so easy to tell what the problem was. That being said, I believe that the errors from things like video cards are mostly indicative of a video card problem. BUT, the errors from lower level devices like the CPU or the PCI bus are more difficult to isolate.

    These errors are mostly hardware problems, but can be also caused by compatibility issues or low-level driver problems.
    I believe you can purchase a CPU from one of the stores I listed above (and can return it for your money back). BUT, the only one that I've actually seen CPU's in stock were at my local BestBuy (another option may be to purchase online and return to the local store for a refund - again I suggest checking before trying this :) ).
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    thanks for the response! ill see what i can come up with maybe buy cheaper cpu off ebay (not sure if that recommend) possibly check bestbuy and their return policy. ill report back when i have the funds to try one of these methods
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    Be careful when buying from unknown sources - you can easily get stuck with counterfeit devices that don't work as expected (or even work at all) - and then getting your money back is a chore!

    See PM I sent you.......
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    ok so i took my pc to the shop.. guy suggested installing ssd because my hdd was in pre failure... i install ssd, everything running great for like 4 days and then boom there she was again.. im gonna post dump just to see if there is any new information. also in my event veiwer im noticing event 10016 sure if this has anything to do with y blue screen

    092819-4046-01.dmp - Google Drive
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    The hard drive? Nothing was done with the CPU?
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    He said my cpu was flawless. But Iím planing on trying another shop soon! Seems this error isnít fit the average repair shop
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