BSODs 0-2 per day while browsing/gaming, new PC

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    Apparently it starts now in the other slots. It just shows the "memory modules were found on non-optimized memory slot" message.

    I guess we are waiting for another BSOD now?
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    Although there's a preference where the memory should be seated, it shouldn't prevent you from changing where the sticks are seated.

    By the way, since you've mentioned a few things you did I wonder if there are other things with the hardware you have also tried.
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    With the hardware nothing else tbh. Only swapped the Sticks on Monday (but in the same two slots). I've tried updating drivers and flashing my bios software-wise, but it seems like that didn't help at all.
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    Ok, if you've forgotten something just let me know.

    With the setting change in the BIOS let's wait and see if another BSOD happens, I hope not!
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    I'll make sure to let you know in case i missed anything.

    Eh. Changed the Setting already, i'll revert it real quick and then i'll wait.

    Thanks for you help so far, you are my saviour!
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    Took a while, but we have another one :)

    - - - Updated - - -

    I noticed some things which are not normal the more i think about it.

    I sometime have some small audio issues where it seems like the audio is just stuttering for a few seconds, but it fixes itselfs after a few seconds (sometimes the screen is stuttering as well).

    Today i ran into some kind of Graphic failure where my one screen just appeared to be partly green for a few seconds. Fixed itself after a few seconds as well.

    And the last thing thats not normal is when i startup my PC, the first 5 seconds its stuttering as hell. Like the stutters i mentioned above, but on every startup for a few seconds. Shouldn't be normal as well, right?

    - - - Updated - - -


    Got another one :) Uploading the Log.

    - - - Updated - - -


    Two in 5mins. Thats a new record. Both of them while switching tabs in Chrome (from E-Mail to Uploading the log again.
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    I posted before in post 12 about the crashes, although they vary a lot, many of them are a result of pool corruption. That includes the latest ones which I just had a look at.

    Thanks to @cwsink for the suggestion, I would like you to run driver verifier using only special pool just to see if it gives any result.

    Please run driver verifier using the following setting for 48 hours.
    • Special Pool

    Warning: driver verifier could cause boot issues and/or performance issues.

    Resetting driver verifier options (recommended in this order)
    1. In normal mode open an administrator command prompt and enter the below command
    2. In safe mode open an administrator command prompt and enter the below command
    3. On 3 boot failures, you'll boot automatically to the recovery options,
      • click Troubleshoot
      • go to the advanced options
      • choose command prompt
      • enter the below command

    4. Boot with the recovery media, see above 4 steps in option 3.
    5. Via the recovery options or recovery media, select a restore point prior enabling driver verifier

    verifier /reset

    Crashed when running driver verifier
    1. Reset driver verifier
    2. Boot in normal mode if necessary
    3. Follow Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions to provide the requested logs

    Extra information about driver verifier
    When you run driver verifier, there are two things you're looking out for
    1. Driver verifier won't find any driver violating something and thus in the time you need to run it there won't be a crash
    2. Driver verifier will find a driver violating something and thus the system will crash.

    The end result of driver verifier is either of the two, but when driver verifier finds something your system will BSOD.

    Driver verifier essentially validates selected drivers on selected actions, this validation adds some delay to actions performed in the background which results in a performance decrease that many people notice. This is called stress testing drivers and depending on quite a few factors this performance decrease is worse for some than for others, and some won't even notice a difference.

    Depending on the drivers selected, it is possible that some of the selected drivers are so-called 'boot' drivers, meaning they load when your system is booting. If these drivers don't pass a validation check, your system will crash, but since the drivers are loading at boot, your system will basically be in a boot loop. That is one of the risks involved and the most important one. Of course, there are various methods to recover from it.

    If you want visual confirmation that driver verifier is actually running, copy/paste the following command in powershell or command prompt

    verifier /query
    If the command gives a result similar to this, it means driver verifier is running.

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    Thanks to @cwsink as well for looking into my problem and helping me out! And for @axe0 obviously as well. You rock!

    I'll run driver verifier over the weekend and will let you know whenever i have something.

    Btw. I just had a BSOD with a different Bug Check String and Bug Check Code (according to BlueScreenView). Ill post the Log, just in case its something interesting.
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    Keep me posted.
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